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ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS: The Appreciation You'll Feel When New Earth Is Brought Fully Into Manifestation Will Far Outweigh Joys You've Felt In Lower Realms

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My Collective Guides: Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

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Greetings to all dear souls, we are the collective guides of the soul who is bringing through our message. We wish to talk to you about the holiday that many know as Thanksgiving. This is a holiday that is being celebrated in the United States, and we wish you to know that yes, it does have a very dark history. Upon coming to the ‘New World’, those souls who were supposed to be ‘just visiting’ and working peacefully with the Native Americans instead betrayed them and destroyed their lands. Many of you have awoken to these truths and you know this and that is very good, and we are very happy to see this coming about, but too many on your world are still stuck in these mental boxes that keep them from (fully) knowing these things.

We do wish you to know that while your thanksgiving is a holiday marked with death, there is collective Joy that has been manifested from the souls of the United States who have not known the true intents of this holiday in making you all forget what truly happened. There has been an energy for the Light manifested from this holiday and that is good, because this Light is serving to trample the dark energy that has for so long been associated with this holiday.

Many are in anticipation; many are in immense appreciation, for that is what the ‘hollow’ theme of Thanksgiving was always about. We say hollow dear souls because it is a bit of a hollow holiday as we have told you. It was brought about for the purposes of letting you all forget what truly happened, but at the same time these hollow messages that were put into these holidays were actually taken and turned into real solid messages dear souls. Do you feel what we are saying here? The holiday that is Thanksgiving, though a dark one, has helped manifest much collective energy for the Light, much collective excitement, much collective anticipation, much collective happiness and coming together of families and dear soul(s) this is good! This is what is needed for the Light dear souls! And deep down we know that you all know this.

So as you go about your celebrations, we ask you to honor the spirits of those who had their lands forcefully taken away from them, and at the same time dear souls we ask you to honor, we ask you to appreciate the bounty that you are being blessed with on these holidays. Many of you will be eating a lot of food and though while much of this food is meat-based and thus (it can be) quite unhealthy for your spirit and body complexes, the appreciation and the coming together, and the happiness that comes off of these holidays is what is to be felt and recognized (in) these times.

We guide to you all now to appreciate every little thing, not just on the holidays but every single day. Dear souls treat every day as if it were a holiday, and let yourself feel the coming together and the appreciation of these holidays, let yourselves feel this dear souls, for it is great. As you will notice on many holidays, the energy is very much pumped-up, and this is collective energy that is manifested through the collective, and this collective energy even while filtered through souls who are stuck in the low vibration is still very powerful, because many of these very souls who are stuck in the low vibrations have a say in what is manifested through your collective consciousness, what is manifested on the surface of Earth. So as these unawakened souls feel this Joy and this excitement, as they feel this it is manifested in very strong and powerful ways dear souls for you see, those unawakened have the biggest say-so in what manifests on surface Earth because the majority have been unawakened so very long and now it warms our hearts to see so many of you awakening. This is wonderful and we knew this would be happening but it is still so great to see unfolding nonetheless. We are so happy to see this coming about dear souls and as you realize just what is happening on your world, as you what a victory for the Light is truly underway, you too will be happy, you too will be in immense appreciation of this dear souls, and this appreciation will far outweigh any appreciation you have experienced on these holidays, even when you take a step back and realize these holidays for what they are.

The appreciation you will be feeling when the New Earth is brought fully into manifestation will far outweigh any Joys you have felt in the low vibrations, for the source of the Joy that you feel in the low vibrations, are these very high vibrations that you are returning to and that your surface Earth is also turning into. Do you see dear souls what is occurring? The Joys you have felt while in the low dimensions of Earth are unexplainably more dense than the Joys you will begin to feel once you ascend and once your planet ascends in meaningful and noticeable ways. Of course dear souls, the changes pervading your Earth are in fact very noticeable now but you have no idea dear souls as to what is to transpire.

For now, we ask you to be in appreciation, we ask you to be in thanks of the bounties that are being placed before you, and this thanks will be the foundation, will be the template for further thanks-giving, and for further receiving of bounties by you, and from us. Do you see dear souls, this will be the foundation for you to experience many more miracles, for you to enjoy many more bounties, do you see?

This is all for now, we Love you all so very dearly and as we give you these words of encouragement and as we give you this guidance, we hope fully with our hearts and we know fully with our hearts that at least a part of you will understand what we are saying, will take our advice, will integrate our presence fully unto your being, as we are looking to communicate with so many of you personally and directly at this time.

Thank you to my Collective Guides.
Channel Wes Annac

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