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See This As a Test Of Patience-Trust the Light Sees All & Always Wins: Earth Is a Tough School. Learn From This Training the dark Has Offered You

Thank you Commander and Laura for his most powerful and uplifting update.

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Private Message Ashtar Sheran: Disclosure White House Response
(emphasis added)

You Tube offers this article in spoken form. If you want to instead listen and read along, then click below:

We wish you well on this glorious day. Although it has come to our attention, the White House response to your petition has been a serious disappointment to many of you. This matter will need to be pursued until you get satisfaction to your enquiry. The fact Earth had contact with many extraterrestrial civilisations is almost common knowledge on your planet now. The disappointment is due to the fact the cabal still holds the reins in all that concerns us. There is nothing for the cabal to gain by admitting our existence, and at the same time admitting their perpetual lies and covered secret projects. All of which has taken place without your knowledge, although you have financed these entire secret projects yourselves.

Have you ever wondered where did the billions missing from the Federal Reserve Bank go? Where did the billions from the Pentagon, and from other banking institutions go? Have you ever wondered how can your government afford so many costly projects? They claim to have lost track of billions over the years, however, as you can expect this money has been used for the development of secret spacecrafts and space exploration, in order to retrieve alien technology from advanced alien civilisations and in order to make bases for their operations on the Moon, on Mars, but also in other solar systems. These projects require more and more money, and this is why they always come to you looking for more taxes.

I hope this explains the reason why the White House would not divulge anything in relation to intelligent Alien life. They have contact with us and other alien races, including the negative alien beings, since the 40s. How could they suddenly open up to you with this information and expect to be forgiven? This would open the door for many questions directed to the White House and to those in power. An entire compartment of secrecy around the world would have to be made public, and the secrets would be shocking to many of you when you find out how much they have been given from us, and from other races, and how they have used our gifts in order to satisfy their selfish needs for greed and power.

The cabal has no desire for making these confessions. They want to gather more money, and keep an illusion of control over the masses for as long as possible. Their pyramid of power and control is collapsing at a certain rate, and they are very well aware of this. It is collapsing because it was never built on legitimate grounds. They will try to continue their policies of control over your mind, but know sooner or later they will have to give you the reins for your own planet. Keep in mind they intend to cover up their tracks for fear of reprisals from you. Before they leave their power seats, they intend to destroy all they have gathered with your money rather than handing it over to you.

My beloved friends, our role here is to ensure the dark ones will leave your planet into the hands of those deserving your trust. They know their days are numbered thanks to your continuous efforts in order to awaken the masses to the reality of your situation. Your efforts for spreading love and light are noticed by us. We know today you feel as if though you have lost a battle. Use this disappointment to consolidate your resolve. We send our love to you all, brothers and sisters from planet Earth and we understand your sadness today. The truth will present itself in a matter of months, should you persevere with your efforts as far as Disclosure is concerned. There is no point in us forcing the issues at this stage, as this would only contribute to further unrest and cabal reprisal actions. The fact that your will is not respected by your government is well know to you, and the cabal expects you to accept the fact your wishes do not matter in the very least.

We love you dearly and understand your impatience. We will have to bring our common efforts together in the coming months and truly work together for Disclosure to take place one way or the other. We understand your growing tiredness of the cabal’s delay tactics. This work demands patience and you are very brave for having volunteered to incarnate at this time on Mother Earth. Carry on your work and duties on planet Earth, as you have for so many decades now. Remain focused on your inner Light and knowledge, remain in the present moment, for if you can do this, not even the cabal’s ill-intent can affect you. When you are in contact with your Light, there is no more impatience, no more doubts or fears. Stay with your Light, as this will be your uttermost need for Ascension. Use this delay to reaffirm your Light and begin work on your Ascension by connection to your Light in all, always. This is an extremely good deal for your training that the dark ones offer you, so make the most out of their offer for working for your Ascension beloved ones. See this as a test for your patience, for your love and trust in God. Trust the Light sees all, and always wins. Earth is a tough school and you have not been selected to incarnate lightly, at this time.

Commander Ashtar Sheran
by Laura Tyco

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