Monday, November 14, 2011

Fear NOT, and Follow Your Heart. Be Present In Your Life. The Old World Is Imploding & Collapsing On Itself. Now There Are New Laws Which To Learn

Thank you Higher Self and Laura!
*** gavin

Message from Higher Self: New Golden Age Laws

Laura: I have mixed feelings about how are things going to evolve for me from now on. I and others seem to have somewhat lost appetite for mundane 3D things, for working just so that we can pay out our bills and survive another day. Would you have any comment for us please?

Higher Self
: What you and your friends are experiencing is typical of the Ascension symptoms. Your desire to leave duality is very great, and anything that does not contribute to making you develop and grow feels restrictive, even upsetting. You have been experiencing the situation of living in between worlds for such a long time, a struggle in order to make this marriage of convenience between your inner life and your outer life work. You had on many occasions, to play a role, pretend to be interested in something, lie to yourself, so that your heart would continue to beat, even though it would have rather given up. You pushed yourself, as did many others for the sake of your loved ones, and for your own existence.

As you are all witnessing a world in a state of transformation, you can expect a similar state to go on inside of your own life. You are a reflection of the bigger picture in a way. The wind of change sweeping Mother Earth, transforms all in its path. Your understanding, your heart’s desires are changing almost every day. It is quite normal to feel blown away by your own feelings, and longing for freedom, for oneness, for joy. You feel like you need the world to slow down for you, so that you can emerge and take a breath in, just feel at peace.

This fast pace of life will soon no longer work for most of you, as the frequencies required now are not the same as, shall I say this time last year. Unfortunately for you and your friends, the outside demands do not take frequencies, planetary influences into account, in order to draw out realistic expectations for your work and your studies at this time. It also does not take into account the time constant, which is no longer a constant for some time, but is in constant acceleration. So you find it harder to sink into a task, to focus, to concentrate, as the speed of passing time is a constant cause for worry for you.

This time constant is in a state of collapse, and will eventually hit you all very hard. Human civilisation tends to ignore irregularities, until something snaps. Then, everybody is affected in a dramatic way. What is happening in the Euro Zone is a perfect illustration of what I mean. Fear not, and follow your heart. Be present in your life as much as possible, do as much as possible during your shrinking day. These changes affect everybody, and will become evident with the increasing collapse of the economic-political institutions.

The Old World is imploding and collapsing on itself. Now there are new laws which you will all have to learn. Study what works and what does not work for you. Try to remain free from guilty and shameful feelings. Remain calm, positive and hopeful. The Golden Age is here, and it brings about a whole set of new physical and creative laws. It will take time to adapt, study this all. Remain in the middle, in the centre, in your heart. Love is the only answer to all the issues you are facing. Be patient with yourself and with others. Remember you are living in a changing world, always on the move towards the light and higher frequencies.

I am your Higher Self
by Laura Tyco

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