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Unrest on Mother Earth is a result of energies not being assimilated in fully: Focus on meditation, transformation and inner peace at this time

Thank you SaLuSa and Laura.
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SaLuSa to Me: Love Tsunami

Laura: Good day SaLuSa. This is a question from a French reader: “I work in the Police and I feel anger and hatred to situations of injustice crime and violence.

While I am aware that this is short I can not really share the love with these individuals! Thus I found myself in a more or less tormented preventing me from concentrating solely on to ascend.

And even if we were trained not to let any feelings show,
one can not help to feel negativity about the injustices present.

But I try to make sure not to feel involved, keeping in mind that only the golden age is in store for us.

But are all these events adding to the bad habits such as smoking? Can these add to us mentally and physically preventing us from participating in the long-awaited transition?

: We have advised indeed many times before to purify your own bodies from any source of toxins, such as alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. These provide a substitute or a temporary illusionary experience of peace, and joy. It can give you also an insight into the higher realms for a while; however, we do not recommend anybody to follow that route long term. Being in the police forces, you have a pretty good idea of the after effects drugs have on the brain and on the withdrawal symptoms. Using cigarettes as a comfort tool is yet another illusion, as in the long term it causes an ever higher state of uneasiness and dependency. So again, I would say try to cut these down as much as possible.

Concerning your question, being in the Galactic Federation, we too find ourselves in similar situations, as you describe. So we do sympathise with you. However considering the level of distress that you are experiencing, on one level, you may benefit from voicing your concerns to your colleagues, or superiors. A councillor may help you see things differently. On a more spiritual level, you also need to see perhaps that your situation is a gift, and you could use it for your own Ascension. You are a gift to your society, by helping address violent crimes. This is no small undertaking.

The way to Ascension is a challenging one still, and once you will ascend, you will find yourself in similar situations, but from behind the veil. You will no longer be able to interact in a tangible way with the aggressor, nor the aggressed. You will no longer be required to help, nor to take sides. As an ascended being, you will have the full picture and will never allow yourself to be pulled in any situation. You will be brought to understand more about the laws of karma, and attraction. We recommend that you see your current position as a training ground for your future assignments, as an ascended being.

What is required of you know, is that you try to understand, and question laws such as karma. We do not recommend you just reading about it, but actually work with your Higher Self and your guides on this through meditation mainly. If you find yourself drawn to more spiritual practices, we recommend you to go along with it. You also need to strengthen your relationship with yourself, understand yourself better and allow your Higher Self to step in. Once you will find peace in your heart on the matters that torment you, you will be in a better place as far as Ascension is concerned.

Laura: Thank you SaLuSa. I believe you wish to give us an update?

: Indeed, I do. The energy waves being sent down to Mother Earth now are more like tsunamis rather than waves. Their effect has a similar effect on your inner state and routine as a real tsunami would have on old houses, no longer needed. These energy tsunamis have for aim to brake down what is no longer required for you from now on. These energies are affecting you in a very powerful, but also in a very different way. They may first address your emotions, your karma, or your past traumas. They reshape and transform your inner being. There is nowhere to hide, dear ones, so we recommend acceptance.

What always helps, is to go outside and inhale fresh air, do some small physical activity. No need for strenuous work, or exhaustion. Indeed you will find that your energy vanishes quite rapidly throughout the day, and that your days are passing much quicker. We are aware of the fact that many of you now feel pretty inadequate emotionally and energetically to perform the tasks and duties they fulfilled previously without any difficulty. I am afraid this is not about to get any better soon, dear ones. It is you who will have to change and adapt to this situation. It may seem as a struggle now, so we would recommend meditation throughout your day, as well as at dawn and at dusk.

During meditation you are working with higher energies, you are bringing these energies consciously onto your body, which helps transcend your inner world. See meditation as you see food, it feeds parts of your being that have been starved for a very, very long time. There are many meditation practices, your main concern now, is to find out what suits you. And by this we mean, what comes naturally for you. Whatever feels forceful, unkind and tiring is an indication that it does not suit you. The aim of any meditation is to bring your light closer to you, therefore it should bring you to an inner space of peace. However they energies frequencies are changing at an imperceptible speed so do not try to forcefully maintain a state of forced inner peace. Experiencing it even for a few flighty moments would be a good start.

The unrest on Mother Earth is a result of these energies not being assimilated in the human consciousness fully. These events are perceived very strongly by Mother Earth. So this is why we emphasize on meditation, on transformation, and on inner peace at this time. Joy, fun, and happiness are the best way to process these energies, as their frequencies are in phase with the tsunami of love showering you. However, as with any wave, there are ups and downs, dangers, but it can also be much fun if you can manage to surf it and use its energetic power to go forward.

We recommend you to have as much fun, joy and love within your heart, dear ones. These huge waves will eventually transform your world, so welcome them into your life, as these are much needed for you all. Keep your inner energy frequency in phase with the cosmic frequencies through Mother Earth and through practicing conscious breathing. Close your eyes and just sense your body, its energy waves, its rhythm.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I can tell you that we admire your continuous efforts for maintaining your love and lights at peak levels in any circumstances.

Thank you, SaLuSa
Laura Tyco

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