Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Cabal Has NO Desire To Lose Their Power Over You. They Prefer To Keep You Shielded From Your Real Star Family, In Order To Control You Better

Thank again SaLuSa and Laura for this most motivating and enlightening message!

And so it is.
*** gavin

SaLuSa to Me: To Our Ground Crew

We are so proud of our ground crew. You have supported us through thick and thin. You know in your heart we do exist, even though we are not allowed yet to respond to all your calls for love or help to us. You deserve so much more than your current situation allows for. We do have confidence in the fact many of you will reach more responsible positions on Earth in the coming future, and your true talents will be very visible and needed.

Many of you feel there is much more you would like to do in order to speed up the joining of our worlds. It is a difficult thing to do just yet, as the gap between our dimensions have not been bridged yet. In short, with your Ascension, you will be able to join us in the higher realms. You are already with us in many dimensions, however the parts that are with us, do not penetrate your brain, your intellect, your awareness.

The best way for our being together for now, is through your dream state. This is a time when you come and visit us freely, and a time when we can work on your bodies as far as downloads of information and upgrades on ethereal levels are concerned. We are touched by the level of sensitivity and alertness which allows you to make your feelings and intentions know to us, even though, for many of you, you are still in doubt regarding our existence. This we understand fully, and share a sense of frustration with you.

We too long for the day when we will be allowed to openly work with you all, to be able to help those in great need, those who feel hungry and live in daily fear. These issues are paining us greatly, as well as the treatment inflicted on Mother Earth and many other life forms on your planet. We look forward to work with you all, in a sense of joy, peace and harmony. We have been in orbit around your world for decades and do feel the serious need for our intervention. There is so much we would like to do for all of you, and so much needs to be done in order to ensure a gradual, peaceful shift for the general collective Earth consciousness.

The veil of secrecy is still very present where we are concerned. The cabal has no desire to lose their power over your world. They prefer to keep you under a virtual protective glass dome, shielded from your real star family, in order to control you better. They know that the arrival of your space family will gradually limit their activities to a full stop. You will become fully aware and awake beings, from the time they will lose their grip on your souls. Your life of fear for tomorrow, fear for money will come to an end. The life of secrecy will have no more reason for existence, when we will be acknowledged as your brothers and sisters. We feel very hopeful as we observe your consciousness grow, and we see your knowledge of the dark activities grow.

As we have said previously, there is only one end for duality, and this exist from duality goes hand in hand we our arrival among you, as well as your liberation from the duality. As you will ascend, you will also break away from the invisible chains that held you down dear friends. You will rise free from this experience, and will never have to experience such fear again. The fear you experience is the result of the lies in which you have been brought up. These lies say that you are cut off from Source, that you are separated from one another, that you are all alone in this immense universe. The days of ignorance shall soon be no more, and the knowledge and power of ascended beings will reside in your hands again.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, we are your brothers and sisters, we are one and you are and never have been alone. You are not born alone, you do not live alone, and you do not pass alone. You are always loved by our common Creator, who sends you only the most loving souls to care for you always.

Thank you, SaLuSa
Laura Tyco

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