Sunday, November 20, 2011

God’s Love Is Infinite and Once You Choose To Open Your Hearts, You Will Move With Increasing Speed & Enthusiasm Towards the Moment Of Your Awakening

Thank you once again Christ Jesus and John!
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Essential Changes Are Being Put Into Effect With Great Rapidity

Your time of struggle is drawing to a close as the moment for your most glorious awakening draws nearer. It has been a long and painful journey that has often seemed endless, as you strove to understand the meaning that it had for you with the severely limited mental abilities you had allowed your bodies to offer you. It has indeed been confusing as you tried to make sense of the illusion which has no meaning, except to convince you that what you have experienced within it was God’s Will for you. God’s Will for you is that you have eternal joy, not the pain and suffering of the illusion! He wants you to awaken from it, He intends that you do so, and so you shall.

To awaken is your destiny, it is inevitable and unavoidable because it is impossible for you to remain permanently asleep, dreaming the illusion, when it is your Father’s Will and yours that you wake up to experience with joy and wonder the Reality of your eternal existence in Oneness with Him. When you chose to go to sleep and dream, He promised that that state would not last, and He gave you the means to awaken – the eternal Flame, burning within each one of you, to lead you Home – and the brilliance of that divine Light is being sensed and felt even by those who are most deeply asleep.

Many of you have been working with the eternal Flame through many lifetimes in the illusion to help your sisters and brothers to wake up. Those great efforts are now showing results, and soon you will come to realize what a marvelous job you have been doing in assisting them. The love you have been holding, demonstrating, and sharing, despite the efforts of some very sick and misguided ones to prevent, discourage, or discredit you has continuously strengthened and intensified over the eons to reach a peak now, as nearly all of humanity has become aware that enormous changes to your attitudes and behaviors are essential. Consequently, these essential changes are being put into effect with great rapidity all over the world. The mainstream media would still have you believe that these are isolated and unrelated instances of people behaving angrily and unreasonably, when in fact they have reached a momentum that is accelerating, is unstoppable, and is weaving together and connecting most effectively the loving and peaceful intentions of multitudes of you, all over the world.

God’s Love, which envelops all of you in every moment, is infinite in Its power, and once you choose to open your hearts to receive the abundance of motivating energy that It provides, you will move with increasing speed and enthusiasm towards the moment of your awakening. Nothing will have the power, the allure, or the capability to distract you from your intended path. You will continue to move forwards, demonstrating peace and love in action, and lighting the way brightly and clearly for all who will be drawn to follow you homewards.

All apparent obstacles to your progress will simply dissolve, disintegrate, or evaporate before the brilliance of the divine Light you are holding and displaying. You, and all who travel with you, will indeed reach your holy Destination, and on your arrival the celebrations will commence!

Your loving brother, Jesus
by John Smallman

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