Thursday, November 3, 2011

Let All That Holds You Down w/Heaviness of Heart Fly Away From Your Sphere. Let All Fear and Doubts Depart Your Body: Let Go Pride, Vanity & Prejudice

Thank you Archangel Michael and Laura!

And so it is.
*** gavin

Laura Tyco: Archangel Michael

I come to you today to tell you of our love for you, our brothers in light. You are light of light, light of our Creator’s consciousness. You are eternal souls in-the-making. Your growth is centre stage to the developments on your beloved planet. We are ethereal beings, we represent your future. This is the future that awaits us ALL. Your transformation into beings of light is a difficult transition at times. You shall know ups and down on the path that you have chosen. Look around you and see the light is everywhere and in everything. Can you feel it yet? Imagine being blind and having only your feelings to guide you.

My dear eternal souls, my brothers & sisters, we have created you, we have created your world. This is what you will also be doing. From time to time, we like to come and live among you, we like to share your lot and burden. We understand you better that way. You too will blend and melt among lower dimensions, once you will ascend again. We can take many forms and no form as well. We can just be with you, on your journey. Our labour of love is never ending, for we always like to be by your side. We remain impartial and are with you in your darkest hours, as the loving parents we are. Allow us to caress you and embrace you in our arms, our energy may feel like a feather on you. Let us caress your being and touch your souls again. Let us join our consciousness and melt our hearts together.

The pain you feel will fly away and be reprocessed by higher forces. Let all that holds you down with heaviness of heart fly away from your sphere. Let all fear and doubts depart your body. Let go of pride and vanity, and prejudice. We will bring you with us into the higher spheres, we will remove the stones from your heart, with our love we will heal all that remain to heal. We are here as your brothers and have volunteered to share with you our love and understanding. We are here in many numbers, as legions of light, if you will. We are here to lift you up again into the higher spheres of existence. Let us lighten your burden, and blend our love with yours. Working with you will be unique work ever-done for the upliftment of your soul.

The world you are still on is made of many illusions, illusions for your mind, illusions for your heart. With our help, you will see through the veil of confusion. We are behind you in all you do and always. Remember our love for you is ever-lasting, and we are with you when you wish our help. The calm and love that we hold you in, will support you in every step. Feel our presence when you stand still and when you meditate. Feel us cover your bodies with our light energy, imagine us embracing you in our feather-like soft embrace. Feel the warmth of our love around you. We, your future selves, are here for you, dear brothers and sisters.

I am Archangel Michael
by Laura Tyco

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