Monday, November 21, 2011

Ego Must Be Willing To Move Into Higher Aspects Of Being, and Releasing Its Attachment To Drama By Acknowledging ...Your Desired Ascension

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Uriel's Message: Spirit Channeled Awareness

Each reality is an unconscious manifestation of karma and soul wound history so the elements needed to bring the life path's healing purpose forward can manifest. Every step on your life journey is an expression of the healing purpose, mission and promise contained within your soul contract. When a healing cycle has reached its end and there is an opportunity to experience and integrate a new vibration Spirit channels the awareness required that can allow the healing and transformation to occur. The awareness is either acknowledged or judged and the healing opportunity is then either accepted and integrated or rejected and denied.

Spirit is a constant presence on your life path, your partner in healing and in co-creating your heaven on earth. It channels the potential expressions of your highest life purpose to you at every moment but is challenged by the ego's desire to continue its purpose in your life, which is to create healing opportunities. The ego must be willing to move into higher aspects of being, which includes releasing its attachment to drama and acknowledging the completion of your healing, for the channeled awareness to connect with your soul's desire for transformation and ascension.

This is the process of aligning the ego with its highest purpose, which is to express your divinity through your humanity. With this alignment there is karmic healing and closure and you are able to create your next healing cycle with more conscious participation and less unconscious attachment to karma and your soul wounds. Each of your aspects, mind, body, emotions and spirit, work together to create your reality. All are connected and their alignment is necessary for healing, transformation and ascension into higher vibrations. The channeled awareness of Spirit reveals areas of mis-alignment, where fear is present and the ego is not participating in allowing healing to occur. The response of the ego determines whether there will be alignment with growth and alignment with a higher vibration or alignment with karma, the past and the status quo.

This choice is made in each moment and the channeled awareness of Spirit is an opening into your healing and higher vibrations. Look to all things for your healing purpose, for it is present all around you. Be open to the voice of Spirit within for it has the solution to your desire for healing, for the release of karma into the blessings of joy and peace. What do you wish to be aligned with, your karmic history and soul wounds or your higher vibration of love and unlimited potential for joy, peace and abundance? Each moment of your life is an opportunity to hear the messages spirit channels to you to move into your heaven on earth. Use them to set your intention for healing and the transformation you desire will become your new reality.
by Jennifer Hoffman

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