Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Those World Leaders Who Can't Open Up Their Heart & Mind Will Be Removed From Positions of Power:ALL Get Equal Chance As Far As Ascension Is Concerned

Thank you Settufeut and Laura.
*** gavin

Message from Settufeut and Thank You

We are with you once more today to prepare you for the 11.11.11 event. On 11.11.11, the energies will be affecting you all on many levels. Stay in a balanced state no matter what your experience will be. We recommend you take that day off from your work and to remain in a safe friendly environment.

Open your heart for all possibilities on that magnificent day. Remember that you are all loved by our Creator no matter what your actions; your self-judgement is making you fear for yourself. Connect with your inner light and you will be connected with the Creator’s light always.

Distance yourself from your self, step back and have a look at the bigger picture. You are part a bigger picture. You all have a role to play in the duality adventure. Connect to Mother Earth through your heart centre. Take a moment to sense your body and its weight, its tensions in this duality you live in. Sense the air in your lungs. You are here and now, you are alive, and you are light in a physical body.

We wish to thank you for the follow up effort on your part on our message concerning world leaders. You have made an impact today, and world events are developing quicker and quicker. There is much love and good being spread throughout the dimensions of Mother Earth. This is because of your work and efforts directed at stabilizing high emotions.

Please continue your work in spreading love around you and to world leaders. Your work is opening up their minds slowly, and is stabilizing their emotions. Those of them who cannot open up their heart and mind will be removed from positions of power. We want to ensure that all get an equal chance as far as Ascension is concerned.

We leave you with our continuous love and support on this magnificent day. You have my thanks.

Be blessed. Settufeut.
by Laura Tyco

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