Friday, November 25, 2011

If You So Demand As a Mature Civilisation & Guarantee Peaceful Understanding For Us & Yourselves, We'll Be Pleased To Be By Your side thru transition

Thank you very much, GSLXUUTUSKGU and laura for these most inspiring words!
*** gavin

Message from GSLXUUTUSKGU to Me: Conscious Love

Laura: Good day Gslxuutuskgu. Thank you for contacting me today. I wanted first to introduce you to our readers. You have identified your name as Gslxuutuskgu, you are working with the GFL, but are not GFL yourself, and are not part of it yourself. You do work however with SaLuSa and Settufeut, and are a male, non human of the God level and Christed level of consciousness. Your planet is unknown to any of us. SaLuSa and Settufeut are here with and I here also. And you wish to give a private message today. Is this information correct?

(SaLuSa and Settufeut have spelt out both their names on my TAUK chart, and have confirmed their presence in the room with me. We are four in my room today.)

: The information stated is perfectly correct. My message is short and simple. You and your friends are honouring our presence, we are stationed in the vicinity of your planet.

We wish it known that your efforts to attract and process the light energies have been most impressive. You and your group are having a huge impact on the light force. We simply wished to thank you for it. We are all here in many numbers, more than you could ever dream of at this moment.

Your Universe is an immense space, with no limits, always expanding and merging with other Universes. It is a union of love and joy, melting galaxies and universal consciousness with joy and love.

The greatest acts of love have touched the hearts of your people. Have you ever asked yourself why? Love is all that is, love has no possible lasting adversary. Love envelops your being, and you have come into existence out of unions of love.

Where you have fear and anxiety, you must heal these wounds with the greatest love possibly imaginable. Conscious Love is needed to take you to the next level of evolution. You need to transform your inner fears into Love. All that prevents you from being you, all that blocks your path, all that stands in your way, can be overcome by Concsious Love.
What do you mean by Conscious Love you are asking me, Laura? I can very well read the thoughts you are emitting in my direction, without being intrusive into what you do not wish to share.

Conscious Love begins the moment you acknowledge that you were no longer in your own sacred loving space. It begins when you see your own limitations in duality. Conscious Love is an agreement between you and your Higher Self to further the boundaries of your own Consciousness. You have accepted to put yourself through the most difficult challenges, as a species, in order to help our Creator. This is no small task.

When you feel you are no longer in alignment with yourself, this is when Conscious Love begins, for you are expanding at that very moment your boundaries, this is Conscious Love. You, humans, are always pushing your level of love and expanding it, by placing yourselves in the most difficult circumstances, in order to raise your consciousness. Accepting what you feel and see of others and of yourself is Being Love. Trust that our love for you is also limitless. This is why we are allowing for this scenario to play out. This is why we are allowing for the greatest pains and sorrows to take place on your Mother Earth. It is for love for you and your dedication for our Creator. Pain can indeed be a wonderful gift.

Because of you, humans of planet Earth, the entire Cosmos has its eyes turned in your direction.

Many times, we have wished to interfere in order to stop your many wars, and pains. Many times we had to remember that we have all agree to allow for the Earth experiment to unfold, without interference on our part.

We have agreed to let your planet to its own devices, the only times we have interfered, with great discretion, is when the very existence of your planet, herself, was threatened. As this would have ended our agreement, we could not allow this to happen. Mother Earth has agreed to be the playing ground for your duality experiment, but she needed to be saved from destructive hands on several occasions. So this, we allowed ourselves to do.

The Galactic Federation of Light has had also on several occasions the obligation to stop nuclear devastation from taking place. As this would have put an end to life on Mother Earth; including affecting and killing Mother Earth herself. Of course, nuclear detonations have impacts on many levels and dimensions. It effects are still greatly unknown to your scientific community.

The experiment of which I speak of is indeed called duality. In this experiment, your blending with a human body results in your consciousness levels being somehow considerably dimed down. Your light is, as a metaphor affected by the great density of matter of your Earth bodies. The light does not shine as strongly from a body of dimensional materiality. When you are born, your light is still very high, but as you grow through time, the light is lost progressively. It fades from your heart, from your memory, and you simply forget, in time who and what you are.

Your physical body acts as a protective shield, blocking much light from reaching your core.

Now is the time to learn to absorb and integrate Light into your bodies, now is the time to transform all that is, into Conscious Love and understanding.

We stand, near your planet, cloaked, or far out of reach. We stand ready to come near you, dear family. If you so demand as a mature civilisation and guarantee peaceful understanding on your planet for us, as well as for yourselves, we will be pleased to be by your side in this planetary transition.

We stand near you, with you in our heart. We wish you to be in a permanent state of Conscious Love.

I give you my thanks and admiration; I am GSLXUUTUSKGU, speaking for my people. We send our love to you and our limitless affection.

by Laura Tyco

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