Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ascension Is Not An Intellectual Experience But Once Ascended, You'll Regain Full Consciousness & Understanding To the Laws Ruling Your Universe

Thank you Settufeut and Laura ...we have heard of those "soul-less" world leaders before....
*** gavin

Settufeut to Me: High Emotions

Good evening Earth friends. As many of you already know, the energies are intense this week. You have been waiting for this moment in time, as a civilisation for millennia. Some of you are experiencing a surfacing of negativity, that was deeply buried, and they have assumed it was under control. We recommend you try to do as little hurt as possible around you, as these emotions surface, like a rock appears in shallow waters.

We have always encouraged you to remain balanced and submerge yourself in love and light. Do not allow others to bring your vibrations down by throwing negativity in your direction. Shield yourself and send them love right back as they are being caught up in some distant past experience, that has not been understood, and repeat the same scenario over and over again.

Understand negativity and strong emotions are not directly towards you, but they reflect the internal state of a person. When one is in a state of love, these lower vibrations bounce right back against your light being. Of course, this does not mean we recommend you to put yourself in harms’ way. Protect yourself if you feel in a dangerous situation and once you feel safe, you may proceed with sending love to the person who is suffering and manifests their own fears in a negative attitude towards you. However, we only recommend you to do this if you are ready to forgive this person for their actions.

Karma has its own way of playing out, as those of you on the way to ascension will soon find out. The amount of knowledge you will access once ascended will be phenomenal. Know you will have full access to vast libraries of data, and records. Although Ascension is not an intellectual experience, once ascended, you will regain full consciousness and understanding to the workings of the laws ruling your universe.

Mother Nature will embrace you in the higher realms and you will reunite with the collective ascended mind. You will experience unity like never before, and all information and data will be made readily available to you in an instant. All you will need to do is to send out a request for data download, and the request will be granted within seconds. You have access already to some of this amazing data, but only when you have managed to balance your head understanding with your being’s love for all that is.

I renew my recommendation for sending love to your world leaders, as they are under much need for your support at a spiritual level. What most of them lack is a soul as their own soul was removed from their bodies.

Blessings to all, Settufeut
Laura Tyco

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