Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gaia Deserves All Your Attention & Affection: Connect To Her Daily and Bear In Mind She Carries You Throughout Space & Time Asking NOTHING In Return

Thank you Settufeut and Laura!
*** gavin

Private Message from Settufeut: Our Suns

We stand ready to serve you and Mother Earth each day of our journey in your world. We have time to explore your planet on, our own during our off duty time.

It is a beautiful planet you live on, and she deserves all your attention and affection. Connect to her daily and bear in mind that she carries you throughout space and time, without asking for anything in return.

There are many great beings in the Universe. Your Sun star is another such Being. When you enjoy his rays, the light and warmth you feel comes out of the power of his love alone. He is all mighty and kind to you.

Your Sun star is undergoing a major transformation himself, as do you, dear Earthlings. His level of consciousness increases exponentially and he reflects the energies he receives towards Mother Earth, and her Solar system companions. His might reaches the far corners of the Universe.

You also have an inner solar system within your bodies. You have an inner Sun, you have an inner Earth and you have an inner Moon. You should acquaint yourself with your inner Moon. Get to know your own dark side.

Get to know what brings you in the present moment, and respect your differences. Many of you react harshly to minor upsetting events. Have you asked yourself where is your over-reaction coming from?

Is it because of your inner Moon? Is there more than you suspect behind this? Pay attention to your dark side Earthlings, as bringing that side into the light is what is required now from you.

There is much tension in your bodies, your stomach is tied up in a not, your throat is blocked and can rarely speak what would set it free, your third eye is shut off because of physical tension.

Can you feel how tense your body is? Your face and forehead are so tight. Can you feel your jaws clenched and your toes curl up? We recommend you to remain in a state of balance. Not too far in front, not too far back.

Remain in the middle by being aware of your breath, and feel the air feed your muscles and each cell of your body. This air is nourishment when taken in consciously.

It feeds your inner Sun dear friends. It is the food for the Higher Self, for your Sun God. Your Star Sun feeds your inner Sun. Your inner Sun too will grow and become a Star. By bringing consciousness to your breath, means using the Sun Star energy particles for the growth and development of your higher ethereal bodies.

I am Settufeut and wish you many blessing dear Earth friends.
by Laura Tyco

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