Sunday, November 27, 2011

Things Are Manifesting Into Your Reality, You Have Called For Those Wonderful Things To Manifest From Other Dimensions: Your Imagination Into Reality

Thank you SaLuSa and Laura!
*** gavin

SaLuSa to me: Manifestation from Imagination into Reality

Audio clip of channeling:

We wish you a wonderful celebration for Thanksgiving.

We give you our thanks, to you all. Today is the most wonderful day indeed. As we bring wonderful news. We are moving one step closer to you everyday. Although, you may not be aware of it, there are good news on the horizon. Yes, these are the news you wish for. Yes, these are the news of joy and happiness that you all deserve after much hard work, and suffering on Mother Earth. Yes, we are preparing you, with all our so many messages, for a grand arrival among the human kind.

This channel has accepted to carry on her work for the light, and to intensify her work with us. We look forward to knowing all of you and to give you impressions of what to expect from us. Great things are just around the corner; this is no time for pain, nor suffering. Rejoice, for all you have been suffering for is on the verge of unfolding in front of your very eyes. Things are going to develop very rapidly, and you will need to be prepared to act as a light beacon for many souls who do not know what is occurring upon Mother Earth at this time.

Your time for shining is coming at a very fast pace, so fear no more, dear friends. Rejoice on this wonderful day, and indeed give thanks for being alive on Mother Earth for these wonderful times.

We truly look forward to the times when we will be allowed being with you, uncloaked, and without any more sense of fear or secrecy. It is possible a few of you will encounter our ground team, doing survey work. They are also on Mother Earth, sent from our ships, in order to get to know you, and approach you without you knowing who they really are. So dear ones, be prepared to meet your space brothers, even though they will look and behave exactly as you.

We love you dearly, and once again, send our greatest hopes for love and joy to manifest upon your beautiful planet. Things are manifesting into your reality, you have called for those wonderful things to manifest from other dimensions, from imagination into your reality. Be happy on this most wonderful day.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and whatever is upsetting you, whatever is keeping you in fear, in anxiety, will soon dematerialize and vanish from the surface of your planet.

Thank you, SaLuSa.
by Laura Tyco

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