Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Illusion Is Approaching the Moment Of Its Dissolution As Humanity Prepares Itself To Awaken From the Nightmare Into Reality: Eternal Existence

Thank you Christ and John!
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You Are All Perfect, Divine Beings Who Are Asleep

You are always enveloped in the divine energy field, and as you open your hearts to release unloving attitudes and behavior, and accept the abundance of God’s infinite Love for you, the field strengthens and intensifies in response to your acceptance of It. Due to this energy intensification there are only a very few who do not sense Its loving energy and are therefore unable to respond by opening to receive It. To be incarnate on Earth at this time is to take advantage of the most wonderful opportunity because everyone is invited to awaken from the nightmare into the eternal joy of Reality. For eons people have been seeking their way out of the sorrow, pain, and suffering in which it seems to enclose you, and now the effect of the divine energy field is approaching peak intensity to ensure that all who desire to awaken will do so.

All that you have to do to enable you to awaken is to accept your Father’s divine invitation; it truly is as simple as that. However, many of you may experience difficulty in accepting it because you still harbor anger and resentment against those who have hurt you, and you cannot envisage sharing Heaven with them because you still consider them too unworthy and unacceptable to be there with you – it would not be Heaven if they were there too!

Everyone who has ever had a human life has at some stage mistreated or hurt others, so when you awaken you will be surrounded by ”sinners”! The illusion provides you with a multitude of learning experiences, and the lessons you need to learn are: acceptance, forgiveness, and love – a very simple task. . . and that is all. Then you need to live them, which is when you encounter difficulties. Consequently, it is essential to keep reminding yourselves that you are manifesting an illusion, and that nothing you experience within it ever really happens. You are all perfect divine beings who are asleep, and you are only dreaming all the horrible experiences that cause you so much pain and anxiety.

Forgiveness of yourselves, and of those who have hurt you and others, is essential because unforgiving attitudes are one of the main energies supporting and maintaining the illusion. Only in the illusion is it possible to hate, resent, judge, and condemn, as these are unreal mental concepts that do not exist. Everyone seeks love – your natural state – but it is utterly incompatible with those unloving attitudes and beliefs. The more intensely people express these attitudes and beliefs, the more desperately are they calling out for love, and the only sane response is to offer it.

In your hearts, forgive those who are harsh and unloving. When you do so you will see how much they need your love and how truly loveable they are. By accepting and forgiving them you see the divine spark within them, and you come to realize there is nothing to forgive because they are just loving aspects of yourselves buried under the mountains of pain and suffering from which the illusion was built.

And now the illusion is approaching the moment of its dissolution as humanity prepares itself to awaken from the nightmare into Reality, where you all have your eternal existence. As you intensify your efforts to adopt and put into practice loving attitudes, the supports upon which the illusion depends are eroding in preparation for this wondrous event. When you finally awaken into the stunning realization of your divine heritage, and recognize yourselves and all others as beings of Light created by God to enjoy eternal happiness, the illusion will be gone and with it, all that made life an apparently losing struggle against decay and death. You are due to awaken; the moment of its occurrence is rapidly approaching; and no one will be disappointed because disappointment is impossible in Reality.

Your loving brother, Jesus
by John Smallman

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