Sunday, November 6, 2011

If You Are Angry, You're In Denial and Refusing To Address Personal Issues: Ask Your Spiritual Guides For Assistance In Resolving Your Issues

"Putting your issues into words frequently brings clarifying insights quite invaluable: it is essential you address your issues which starts the process of resolution and release that enables love to fill your hearts so you can complete this process and awaken."

And so it is!

Thank you Ascended Master Christ and John.
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Taking Sides Only Divides

The moment of awakening is almost upon you as the last few preparations for your divine homecoming are completed, and you again enjoy your God-given natural state as all-loving, all-knowing, and fully alive beings of great wisdom. That is how you were created and so that is what you are because it is the divine Will, and your will is inseparable from God’s. All that remains is for you to awaken, know yourselves as you truly are, and enjoy the celebrations that have been laid on for this magnificent event.

For the short time remaining before you awaken, continue to focus your attention on maintaining loving and compassionate attitudes at all times in your daily lives as this strengthens and intensifies the divine energy field that is bringing this moment to fruition. Holding on to judgments that blame and condemn those misguided ones who have sought wealth, self-aggrandizement, influence, and power over others through their egoic agendas makes it much more difficult for you to awaken. Negative attitudes like those would cause you extreme discomfort in an environment composed of infinite unconditional Love.

Those who have attempted to control you – remember, no one controls you because you are divine sovereign beings – in your illusory world are engaged in the same game as you are, namely, pretending to be separated from God, and hiding from Reality. And in that game you have all played all the roles – master and slave, abuser and victim, persecutor and martyr, holy one and wicked one – at one time or another. And however convincing the experience has been for you, in truth it has not happened. Nevertheless, every single one of you experiencing the illusion made it their own personal choice to do so, and chose the circumstances, roles, and situations in which they find themselves. So judging and blaming is quite counterproductive as it supports and maintains the illusion as you attempt to control and direct it for either good or evil. Taking sides only divides and leads to war.

However, as you continue to experience the illusion as a firm, stable, and realistic place, behaving with love and compassion for all is extremely effective in assisting one another to release the anger, judgment, and fear essential to its maintenance and apparent survival. Those who serve in the military, the law-and-order establishments, and teachers in every field can help enormously by listening compassionately to those who for whatever reason react violently against your social and moral norms. In some instances restraint of angry people is required, but it should be carried out with absolutely the minimum force necessary to avoid injury to all and to avoid increasing the sense of anger felt by the one being restrained. People who are angry are suffering, and they need compassionate assistance, whether they are lowly employees or presidents, not punishment which only aggravates the anger and the sense of injustice they are feeling and which drives their behavior.

Those without anger are always loving. If you are angry you are in denial and refusing to address personal issues of which you may well be afraid, so take time out quietly, alone, and ask your spiritual guides for assistance in resolving your issues; or talk to someone you can and do trust who will listen to you without offering unsought advice. Putting your issues into words frequently brings clarifying insights that can be quite invaluable. Also you could try journaling, a highly recommended therapeutic practice for uncovering hidden pain and fear. In order to awaken smoothly and easily it is essential you address your issues; doing just that starts the process of resolution and release that enables love to fill your hearts so you can complete this process and awaken.

There are none among you, anywhere, who are unable to avail of the necessary spiritual assistance to enable them to move from a state of anger or resentment to a state of intending to be always loving – the state from which you can and will awaken.

Your loving brother, Jesus
by John Smallman

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