Sunday, November 27, 2011

To Consciously Bring Light and Love Into the Heart Of Your Planet, While You Allow For Older Energies To Leave Planet Thru Another Energy Tube Inside

Thank you Higher Self and Laura!
*** gavin

Higher Self: You are a Magic Flute

Good evening dear friends. We are indeed your friends and we do watch over you. In fact very often you can hear our voices, blending as your own voice, coming out into your attention as your own voice. For example, we would like to ask you where would you say your so called thoughts come from? How are you forging a thought? Is a thought your own, or are you simply repeating somebody else’s thinking pattern, somebody else’s belief? Have you ever listened to your own thoughts? We think this exercise is of great value to you. Try it, without prejudice, without expectations, be entirely candid with yourself and sincerely ask yourself what are you hearing? We repeat, within the coming and going continuous flow of waves of thoughts, you may be able to recognize something from above.

Today, Laura made an interesting observation to us. She noticed it is possible to see with one’s eyes closed, and to also see with the eyes behind her head. Indeed, as ascended beings, there is no need to possess actual physical eyes. Regarding your eyes, behind your head, these eyes are always there for you to use. Whether it feels more comfortable to keep them closed for most of your active life is up to you. It is an interesting thing that you realized that these eyes allow you to have a look at what goes on behind, at what goes on in your back. These eyes can also sense the energies circulate, or being blocked in you back, and in your spine. The more you remember to set an internal alarm clock for remembering to use these eyes, the closer to the higher dimensions you will be.

We notice many of you are feeling very tired these days, and require additional sleep. Is it not wonderful how national holidays are allowing you the extra sleep when you need it the most? Know that there is very little room left for coincidence in your lives. All have been planned for a maximum impact on your awakening. The daily chores, your daily repetitive job, and all that you are struggling with, is in fact a wonderful gift from above, in order to speed up your soul’s evolution. Struggle can be a wonderful ally. All the thing that contribute pushing you questioning your set of belief system are in fact put into place for your own benefit.

Do never fall into hate of any adversary, do never allow your heart to lower itself into fear, self-pity, or hate of another being. We do know it is one of the most difficult things to do, however, it is important to respect your adversaries. We cannot ask you to love those who are violent and threatening to what you represent. You are a light representative in duality, and as such you do all constitute a danger for the darker souls. The darker souls allow themselves to hate the light, and to hate light beings. So as telepathic beings, you pick up on these strong emotions towards you. It is very natural for you to do so. However, please do not allow yourselves to react and to respond to hate with hate. Just Be in all and every situation.

Indeed your presence, as light Beings, requires you act as a light and love channel onto Mother Earth and into the very heart of Mother Earth consciously. Remember inside of you flows the divine flow of life itself. Imagine your self as a magic flute, injecting light through your spinal cord. Do you see the shower of light flowing through your back? This is why you are here. To consciously bring light and love into the heart of your planet, while you allow for older energies to leave the planet through another tube inside of you. This type of work works through other dimensions, on the vertical axis. While you are doing this work, it is necessary for you to lead a so called normal life on Earth, in this earthly dimension. This is the struggle you, as incarnated souls always need to juggle with. You need to juggle into the material world, and bring into this dense world, the light energy, the immaterial understanding and beauty.

This is a wonderful journey. I am your Higher Self.
BY Laura Tyco

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