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Accepting You Can’t Always Do It Alone Is Very Big:We're At A Time When Working Together Is Needed For Everyone Involved w/Spiritual Development

Thank you Archangel Jophiel and Julie!
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You Are the Key to Your Own Illumination: Archangel Jophiel

Many blessings dear children of Light. I am glad to return and speak through this dear vessel once again and to all of you today.

Many of you are seeking Illumination while on their spiritual journey that leads to spiritual and personal development and growth. This Illumination you are seeking, you already have. It is in your heart dear ones. It has never strayed. The Golden Flame of Illumination is shared equally among all of you. You only need to uncover it and you will uncover as you learn more about yourself and become ONE with who you are. When you reach this ONENESS with yourself, you will find PEACE. But this is no quick fix or over night accomplishment, although it will feel as if it is. It requires PATIENCE.

The life journey you are on and the awakening to your own spiritual journey is ongoing and never ending with knowledge to be gained and wisdom shared. Finding the flame that lights up your heart, then you truly are able to acquire and share wisdom. The wisdom you will gain is found from the Illumination that resides within all of you. As you go about your daily tasks, think about what you will say, watch your judgements and opinions of others; speak from the heart and with love. Resonate with the words and actions you are about to use.

I understand how hard it is sometimes when dealing with diverse people and your patience can be tested. Remember this light and know you are a child of God, who loves you completely and unconditionally. The ones that test your patience require just as much love and light that you can muster and maybe a bit more. They come across your path to challenge you and prepare you for the next phase of your journey. Welcome the challenge as an opportunity to grow, love and shine your beautiful light.

The best thing, dear children of light is that all of you are wise. You may not see this wisdom at times and that is for many reasons, but to someone who knows less than you, you are their source of information, and you are drawn to another for further information also. Knowledge and wisdom is shared among Lightworkers, friends, family and acquaintances. It is beautiful to share as you are giving a piece of yourself, you are giving your heart; a heart that is filled with the love of God and is unconditional in its actions always.

As you move into a higher consciousness and forward along your spiritual journey you will at some point take notice on how far you have come. Amazement will enter your precious minds and love for yourself will enter your heart that is also filled with compassion. As you focus within to see the wisdom you have learned and discover more about yourself, the TRUTH of whom you really are. You will find new strengths and abilities that you may not have realized existed or confirm what you thought possible of. There is so much to learn about oneself all the time. You never stop learning and you never stop growing in all aspects of what makes you, YOU.

The light that fills each heart is shared from the Divine Source and this beautifully strong light will banish and darkness and any fear if you call on it into action. Don’t allow yourself to wander any longer than necessary in darkness if you have the light to illuminate your way out. Believe dear ones; believe in the power of yourself and in the power of your intent that is filled with unconditional love. Remain true to your Illuminated heart always. Through the darkened passage ways of life you may find yourself, stay true dear ones to your Divine self. I will not give up on you; my love for you is timeless. Remember to call out to your guides, to God, or to me, we will reach to you and comfort you.

We know you will come across self-doubt along the way, tests of your integrity and self-worth. Our nearness and other angels that work with me and your guides will help uplift you with higher light energies that will encourage a positive attitude. Sustaining this positive attitude is a great challenge and it’s okay to ask for help. You will not be a burden, we love to help you as it aids in your spiritual and personal growth. Allowing the help from us or even from fellow spiritual workers is a growth in itself. Accepting that you can’t always do it alone is very big. We are at a time when working together is needed for everyone involved with spiritual development. You will gain more confidence with asking for guidance that is non-spiritual. You will find there are people that sincerely want to help you. As they help you, they are also growing themselves.

Dear children of Light I am confident in your abilities and I see so much strength and courage every single day. You fill my heart with so much overflowing joy. I share that joy with all of you as I take my leave of our dear child today until I come back again. May love and light always guide you dear ones.

And so it is,
Archangel Jophiel
through Julie Miller

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