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Allow Yourself To See Your Sacred Heart As Spacious, Infinite, Expanded and Whole. It's Your Touchstone To Celestial & Galactic Self: Your Way Home

Thank you Team and Peggy for these wonderful techniques to practice for these are incredibly insightful and empowering --no, seriously: THIS IS WONDERFUL! Feel its power within yourself for this YOU!

And so it is.
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Heal the Wounded Heart
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We're here embracing and empowering you as you hold & anchor the new reality. You're pioneers as it were moving across the landscape of vibrations & frequencies. You're beginning to own you're truly transformers, bringers of light, energy alchemists.

As you personally as well as collectively stand strong in this knowing and in your service, holding the vision of a reality and a planet of conscious awake and aware humans, it is coming into form. More and more individuals are realizing they personally make a difference, by the power of their focused intentions, by their dedicated actions which support all life. There have been waves and waves of energy vibrations bathing your planet. This energy, these vibrations and frequencies have been triggering the incredible shift in consciousness you are experiencing; you are witnessing the changes within yourself as well as the results within the collective.

This shift within and this offering of integration is happening between your highest galactic and celestial self and the physical form you dwell in at this time. There is a merger, there is a partnership, and there is an expansion. You are feeling this in the changes in your physical body as well as in your thoughts, dreams and meditations. You are being recalibrated so to speak. You are noticing more synchronicities occurring in your life. Reality is not as solid as it once seemed.

We are once again here to support you in this expansion and in your new partnership. New doors of awareness are opening for you. As you allow and acknowledge your celestial self merging with the physical self, you step into a position of compassionate power. You begin to understand that the physical body is a tool and an interface with this dense reality. This divine partnership between your galactic self and your physical self begins to reveal your true mission and purpose. We invite you to begin to listen and ask for this to be revealed.

It is especially important now for you to own and recognize one of the most powerful tools of transformation that is available. We have shared this powerful alchemical tool with you many times, each time planting the seeds for this to be fully integrated into your awareness.

We suggest you roll up your spiritual sleeves and begin the work and allow the task to be done. You will discover it will be far easier than you could imagine. You as human are being called to release long held grief, sadness, judgments, regrets of decisions and any emotions that are dense, discordant or conflicted. It is important to allow and consciously engage in the release, healing, and transformation of dense low vibrating emotional energy that you have experienced in your physical body and life.

We continue to remind you your heart's electrical field is sixty times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by your brain. The magnetic field radiating from the heart is thousands of times more expansive in strength than the energy frequencies generated by the physical brain. Your heart is a portal; your heart is a gateway that connects you to your galactic self, to one another, to the matrix of this planet, to all dimensions and the stars. It is the intelligence of your heart that offers personal and global healing.

It is within the sacred heart the alchemical process of transformation takes place. This is where there is a merger of all that is. This is the chalice that holds truth and wisdom. As a galactic citizen, a celestial being it is important you heal, transform and release the physical human grief, sadness and regret which you are carrying in your heart. First your physical life will reflect this healing; more important, however, is that the portal of your heart will be clear and receptive to the divine connection, your divine guidance and you will radiate coherent emotions into the weaving of this planet's matrix.

This is work for ALL HUMANS, for it is the heart that makes the connection with others and with the divine. If the heart of the physical human is energetically congested with old emotions of hurt or grief or distrust, then the richer and fuller connection with divine is distorted. In some cases, the heart is energetically closed to others therefore it is closed to the divine.

It is time humanity heals their own wounded heart.

We acknowledge the feeling of emotions is wonderful, powerful, and the expansive means to connect with your true and noble self. You take for granted this sensation of feelings, of emotions. Some choose to hide their feelings or emotions from themselves as well as from others most of their life. Emotions play a very valuable and important role in the development of the human. Emotions are the language of this reality. It is emotions that motivate or halt any activity, emotions that warn of danger, and emotions that connect you to your beloved.

It is now common knowledge your feelings and emotional vibrations move through your body and your mind, triggering chemical reactions, affecting the muscle tone, heart rate, blood pressure, as well as stirring up mental pictures, thoughts, beliefs and stored programs. Emotions are frequencies; they are vibrations which are translated and interpreted by your learned beliefs about what is happening in your reality. Many times it may feel as if you are at the mercy of your emotions, rather than understanding your power of invoking a higher vibration of emotions from within yourself. You allow the outside reality to impose and trigger emotions that do not support who you truly are.

When you first arrived in physical form, everything you were exposed to made its impression. Your parents and family added emotional vibrations; the interaction with society added their strokes and frequency. There are times when you react from these emotions that have been programmed into your system by others. Remember to stop for a moment and review your reaction to any event or experience, and refresh how you respond.

Realize YOU --and only you-- are the generator of all emotions, that you control your reaction to anyone and any situation; begin to see the emotions you allow to run you, the emotions that are not pleasant, and the emotions that do not support your well-being and expanded self expression. Shift those emotions as soon as possible. Generate from within a different emotion. Find an emotion that feels better; allow it to flood your experience.

With courage, consciously begin to transform any emotion that is life diminishing. Focus your awareness in the chalice of the heart, the place of true transforming alchemy. Offer whatever emotion you are intending to heal, release and transmute to be held in the energy field of your sacred heart space. Breathe into this emotion, and allow a sound to express what you are feeling and allow the vibrations to shift from an incoherent frequency to a coherent smooth vibration that is life sustaining. We support and encourage you to energetically and emotionally clean out your heart space. Polish it, shine it up, air it out and begin to live there.

Each multidimensional starhuman touches the Divine Source in the intelligent, sacred heart space. This is your power source; even though it is a physical organ that supports your life, it is also an energetic portal for divine connection. Your heartbeat and rhythm are connected to the vibrations of the planet, influenced by the solar flares and other planetary offerings. It is your mission, your purpose to consciously use this power source to radiate love and appreciation to all, every moment, every day. This is truly the highest service work that can be done.

It is the intelligence of the heart that will guide and uplift you in all your actions. Practice asking your heart before you ask your mind. Practice bridging and connecting the heart's intelligence with the brain's intelligence. Practice calling your divine self to meet you in your heart space. Envision this upon awakening and throughout your day. Practice bringing up new emotions of joy, playfulness, and lightheartedness. Practice finding those emotions of gratitude and appreciation. Practice acceptance and compassion for your neighbors, the stranger on the street, the homeless dirty individual you encounter, expand it to include all humanity in all its diverse and unique manifestations.

There are studies being done and they now have scientific proof the vibrations and frequencies of collective emotions can be sensed and measured. When tremendous fear or grief is offered by humanity, it shows up on the sensors that have been placed around the planet. This emotional wave of fear or grief truly affects the matrix. It is so important for you to realize and own when you practice heart consciousness it affects your health, your family, friends, surroundings and the global matrix.

Step into a place of power within yourself in which you are the one who chooses the emotional flavor of the experience rather than an automatic emotional response. Play with this....make sure you do a mental and emotional check with yourself...ask yourself what am I feeling right now. If your feelings are low dense vibrations of worry, concern, judgment shift them immediately, replace them with an emotion that feels better.

We invite you to begin to own this power and to practice a daily exercise; we echo this wisdom of the ancients. Make sure you are anchored into your physical body and anchored to the electromagnetic field of this planet and connected to your celestial divine source. Once you have done that, it is quite simple: place your awareness in your heart and touch your physical body in the area of your heart, which will allow your focus of attention to be there. Now just relax, take several deep breaths and then begin to find a feeling nature of gratitude and appreciation. Hold that feeling of gratitude and appreciation for several minutes; in your imagination see this vibration radiating out from your heart and encircling the planet. You will begin to notice a shift in your own physical well-being and you will be contributing to the uplifting of the energy field of humanity.

We offer another simple tool to shift your busy mind that engages in worry. You can recite these simple words given to humanity from another beloved teacher: "I am grateful, I am grateful, I am grateful with every beat of my heart and every breath I take, I am grateful." Repeat until the mind is still and you have returned to your heart.

Practice radiating unconditional love, joy, gratitude and appreciation from the heart not from the mind. Allow yourself to journey and focus within your sacred heart space; dwell there. Allow yourself to realize how powerful your heart chalice truly is. Allow yourself to see your sacred heart space as spacious, infinite, expanded and whole. It is your touchstone to your celestial and galactic self. It is your connection to the global matrix. It is your link to the cosmic grid. It is your way home.

We encourage you to reach for experiences that lighten your heart. Bring in joy, appreciation, and gratitude as often as possible; radiate that blessed emotional frequency of grace to bathe everything and everyone. It is important to love and honor yourself. It is important to forgive yourself and forgive others. It's important to step with joy and appreciation into your day. It's important to bring joy with you in all you do or offer. You are a world server ...serve with gratitude and joy. All things will follow.

We join you in the consciousness of your sacred heart. It is our honor to support and serve you in your awareness of who you truly are. You are powerful beyond measure; claim this and shine it forth.

With our deep gratitude and love the "The Team"
by Peggy Black

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