Saturday, November 26, 2011

There Are No Enemies In the World Requiring Us To Continue Defense Spending. Most People Are Already On the March For World Peace and Freedom

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From Occupy Together to a Worldwide March of Millions

Just so you know, I submitted this article to OpEdNews. It usually takes three days to hear back from them and I had their acceptance within less than half an hour of submission. Obviously the world is ripe for a change of focus and the next step.

In every respect, we need to put humanity on the move.

Whether it’s economic equality we’re concerned about or political freedom, we need to move away from the arrangements of the past and into a new way of doing things in the future.

That new way needs to take into account the needs of the 99% as well as the needs of the 1%. It isn’t that we want one group to be deprived so that another group can live well. We want all to live equally.

In the past we’ve conceived of life as a zero-sum proposition. If some are to win, others will need to lose. And the ones who will win, we’ve thought, are those who can command the most resources – the “strongest” in the language we’ve used to understand life.

But life has never been a zero-sum affair. It has always been a constantly-expanding affair if we factor in things that have been withheld from us.

One example is in the area of energy. We have concentrated our energy production on materials that are irreplaceable, like oil. But we have had, since the middle of the last century, energy devices that run on free energy from the vacuum. These devices have already been produced and have been used by our militaries but have not been released to the general public. When they are, they will power our needs without dependence on oil or any other kind of scarce resource.

Our society has been planned to run on consumerist lines. But it has turned a blind eye to areas of social policy that require funding such as health care and education. This policy has seen our tax dollars go to matters such as defense spending which benefitted the 1% but held out no benefits for the 99%. There are no enemies in the world that require us to continue defense spending. Most people in the world are already on the march for world peace and freedom.

It’s time to switch our focus from an occupation of the unworkable to the forward march of humanity. Humanity is on the move and we’re marching for world peace, freedom, and prosperity for all.
by Steve Beckow

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