Thursday, November 10, 2011

As the Experienced Souls You Are, You Will Be Needed To Travel To the Far Corners Of the Galaxy In Order To Teach Love & Light To Newer Civilisations

Thank you Laura for reminding me ...we of our Divine Essence , and of our near future of using our 13,000 year experience in Duality as mentoring guidance for other Beings across the Universe who also are scheduled to be Ascending in their Divine End-of-Times!

And so it is.
*** gavin

Message from Higher Self: Compassion

We are with you in everything you do beloved light beings. Feel the Joy and Love about to flood your world. Feel the peace spreading on the surface of your planet already. The peace that you feel exists on many levels. Peace and love will envelop your bodies and be in your every step. Inner peace is an important element of world peace.

Balance your actions and align them with your own higher self. Your Higher Self communicates with you when you are in an open mode, when your entire body resonates with love and compassion for each other. See the person that you perceive as the enemy or the attacker as another side of yourself. Remember when you were in the same position as the person who disturbs you, travel into your own past and understand that you too have had a similar role to play for someone else.

Send the person you were all the love and understanding and thank that other you for having grown into the beautiful person you now are. You are all depending on each other to grow. Your interactions are meant to make you question yourself, and to expand your consciousness. Not all of you came into Being at the same time, not all of you take the same journey towards the Light, as indeed there are many routes for the return home. We ask today and from now on you remember this. Creation is a never ending process and you are all needed for the development of newer life forms.

As the experienced souls you are, you will be needed to travel to the far corners of the Galaxy in order to teach love and light to newer civilisations. Your experience in duality will be of great value for our Creator, and you will be part of many projects for growth, expansion and love. Let us repair and spread love on Mother Earth and all life here. Keep in mind you will all be reassigned, in a short time, to new planets if you desire to continue spreading your understanding to other civilisations.

I am your Higher Self
Laura Tyco

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