Friday, November 25, 2011

2012 Will Be A Year That's Remembered For a Long, Long Time To Come and Spoken About Throughout the Universe: The Fact You Have Overcome the dark ones

Thank you SaLuSa and Mike.
*** gavin

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For those of you who follow what is happening in the world, you cannot have failed to notice that our predictions as to the outcome are becoming your reality. The massive banking and financial problems are clearly heading for a crash, and there is no way to prevent it. You are living in a world that is in a state of chaos and steadily heading for an implosion. People now see what has been wrong with the old set up, but up to now have no real answers that will completely deal with the problems. A number of governments have collectively agreed to support a new approach to banking, but it remains to be seen who can galvanize them into action. This situation presents us with an opportunity to push our allies forward, who with our help can outline what is necessary to move onto a new path that will solve your problems. There is also consideration to be given to the Abundance program that will follow such changes, so we are working hard to bring some semblance of order into being. Much of what is waiting to come out is tied in with the announcement of Disclosure, and that is ready and simply waiting for a firm date to be agreed.

As each week passes, the need to get started with the changes becomes more pressing, but we do not want to jump the gun after patiently waiting for so long. There would not in fact be any gain by commencing too soon, as our action must be co-ordinated with you to ensure a path to smooth success. The Galactic Federation continues to closely monitor the activities of the dark ones, as although their set-up is in disarray, they can still be a threat. However, we have taken away from them the ability to cause a major disaster and prevented them from interfering in the Middle East. Countries there have to sort out their own problems, and as far as possible act on the demands from their people. In the past, the West has deliberately set their sights on the oil fields, and often instigated trouble and wars to weaken them and take over. Colonialism took away countries and their wealth from the natural inhabitants, and that will be addressed when peace is restored.

There has been so much that has happened to leave you in a state of imprisonment, yet pretends that you are free which is far from the truth. True freedom will be restored once we have removed the dark ones, and new governments observe the Constitution. Many laws made in recent times that were illegal will be made void and restitution made where people have been penalised or imprisoned. These changes will occur with our assistance to ensure you are re-instated as Sovereign Beings. All of these actions will prepare the way for greater things that will come with and after Ascension. So you can see a busy time lies ahead, and one that is very fulfilling.

By now, most of you who follow the various sources of reliable information including this channeler, will have grasped what a wonderful time approaches. That should make your journey more bearable during the changes, which with our technologies will run smoothly and quite quickly. Our plans are updated immediately as changes become necessary, and we are ready to go into action once the necessary preliminaries are in place. Everything is so close to completion, we know very little time is required before we can actually get going.

Be brave and stand your ground when faced with attacks on your beliefs, because when some people realise the world is changing permanently, they will be reluctant to give up what they have. They will know in their hearts they cannot stop evolution, but try to argue against change because of the fear they feel. If invited to help them understand, then go ahead without overpowering them with your knowledge --simply give as much as is required to get them over the block on their road to understanding. Some souls are here to experience Ascension at a distance, having no desire to actually be involved. However, all experience helps move you along, and often as a result seeds are set that will grow into an opportunity to acquire great knowledge.

Freewill operates whatever choices a soul makes, because it is known if there is a negative situation involved you will always bounce back. After all, your life is infinite and you are immortal, and the Creator places no demands upon you having accepted you as one who desires to experience outside of the Source. Every soul grows from the collective experience and consciousness levels rapidly increase. As above so below, and on Earth you are all lifted up by each others increasing levels of consciousness. You are as One Great Soul and with your present awakening you are able to "feel" the Oneness that you exist within. It is true what you do to one, you do to all others. When you reach this level of understanding you accept more responsibility for your thoughts and deeds, realizing you are creating energy that affects others.

With many of you preparing for the end-of-the-year festivities, it is a welcome distraction from the daily gloom the media focuses upon. Take the opportunity to enjoy a coming together, when families unite and renew the love that exits between them. Giving is good for the soul when carried out without the expectation of receiving something in return. It is a great pleasure particularly where children are concerned, and you see their expressions of joy and happiness. Normally they do not weigh up the cost involved, and often get great satisfaction from presents that are of a simple nature. Adults sometimes take a different view, but as ever it is "the thought that counts" and it should be appreciated.

Depending on your degree of awareness, this year you will have more to celebrate than usual as 2012 is almost upon you and will be quite extraordinary. It will be most unlike any other year but all for the best of reasons, and we give thanks to those of you who have come to Earth to spread the Light. It will be one that is remembered for a long, long time to come and spoken about throughout the Universe. The fact you have overcome the dark ones, and Ascension is assured is the upliftment that ensures the Universe is safe and that Ascension will be completed throughout.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and feel most privileged to work with such beautiful souls. I bless you all and send out my love to you.

Thank you SaLuSa
Mike Quinsey

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