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Were We To Land on Earth ‘Today,' Depending Where We Landed the Collective Energy Would Be So Very Low, For Us It Would Be Like Running In Quicksand

Thank you SanJAsKa, Pleiadian Council and Wes for explaining another reason "why" Disclosure has been delayed!
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The Pleiadian High Council and SanJAsKa: "We Wish to be With You on the Ground"

Wes: I would now like to connect my energies to those of the Pleiadian High Council, the Pleiadian Council of Nine and SanJAsKa.

: We are here dear soul. What would you like to discuss on this day?

Wes: Well friends, I have been feeling the new energy, in strangely expressed ways. I am not the only one who has been feeling a bit ‘off’ these past few days since the 10.28 and the 11.1.11. Would you care to explain a bit what is going on?

: We would Love to dear Wesley. Indeed, you have all hit one of the biggest energetic dates for your evolution as a species. The 10.28 as you like to refer to it, has served to lift you all up into a new energy, an unfamiliar energy, that is causing you to feel a bit ‘off’. It can be compared to when one reaches a higher elevation through flying on a plane or driving on a mountain. You can certainly feel the higher elevation in your bodies, and it manifests for some as lightheadedness, and for others as a ‘pop’ in their ears. Just as you can all feel the energy of the heightened elevation when on a mountain or flying, many of you who are more sensitive to the increasing energies are now feeling yourselves existing in this new energy. You may feel a bit ‘blank’ but we can assure you that you are reaching the thresholds of the Heavenly realms you once knew as Home.

Wes: Thank you for explaining that friends. I know I have been feeling quite a few different symptoms. I have the allergies, the Lightheadedness when I stand, and so very much more. Something else I have been experiencing is a fogginess of the mind. Would you care to explain this as well?

: These are part of the symptoms you are experiencing with your reaching the new energy dear soul. You are finding that the energies of creativity that usually flow through your mind are now flowing through your heart to be processed and expressed emotionally. You are not alone in this dear Wesley, many are finding it increasingly harder to express how they’re feeling with physical words. Compared to how we communicate, compared to feeling, trying to express something through mind can be considered an ancient tradition. You will come to understand soon enough, that the way we communicate is through feeling and complex patterns of individual expression. It is quite difficult for us to try to express it in your linear physical terms, as again the concepts we are trying to introduce surpass that of mind. Many of you have begun to pick up on what we are speaking of, so much so that you have actually been communicating with each other through the Heavenly realms and through Earth’s astral realms.

So very many of you who have been getting together and communicating on your internet, are actually very close souls in the higher realms. Many soul groups are coming together once again and ‘meeting’ each other in your current Lives, and these are occurrences that were planned by you all in the higher realms before your current Lives on Earth. Indeed, it is difficult for a collective group of souls to survive if they are separated from each other, which is why your planet has been in such trouble. As you all play upon the illusion that is separation, naturally the state of your world and the state of your collective consciousness begins to reflect the fact that something is missing. What is missing, and what has always been missing, is unity dear souls. As you all come together and unite, this unity creates and mends an ancient energy, an energy that serves to help you heal any problems, sores and conflicts. This energy will and is uplifting you all, and with the coming together of so many soul groups, this energy is itself becoming mended, so it can once again begin to work with all of humanity.

Wes: Are the many souls involved in the various Occupy movements part of specific soul groups?

: That is the beauty of your world dear Wesley. The collective consciousness of Earth has been host to many different and individual kinds of souls; you have all come from various planets and even universes, and this is in part why Earth has been so difficult. In a lower dimensional environment, separation is both noticed and played upon as it is known that you are all (perceived to be) different, even though at heart you are all One. The perceived differences of so many have served to tear Earth apart a bit, but now you are all coming together and convening through the various occupy movements and through many other outlets. Various soul groups have in fact met up on the occupy frontlines, and even soul groups that recently would have never wished to affiliate with each other, are coming together to protest what needs to be exposed worldwide. It is a wonderful occurrence, one that represents true unity throughout the differing soul groups that make up Earth.

Wes: Thank you for that heart-felt response friends. Now, very many people have been wondering about the 11.11.11 and the many wonders that have been said to follow. At present, what can you tell us about this date?

: Well, we have already told you much (about it), but even what has been said by us and other Divine sources has not fully communicated the scope of the importance of this date. Your month November has always been important in its own respects; it has always served to open various energy gates, dense or otherwise, that have aided your civilization every single ‘year’. Though you are just now reaching the end of your various cycles, even in the middle of these cycles we were still opening energy gates that served to awaken humanity step by step. As you have begun to learn, your evolution as a collective follows a certain cycle, a Divine plan that has a Divine deadline. Past the Divine deadline are other deadlines, deadlines that absolutely have to be met.

The precious deadlines that have been mentioned have been step-back points, where if they pass with no incidents in favor of the Divine, we are then able to step-up the help we are giving you all. You have all in fact already passed through many such dates, and the energy has increased in purity on those dates as we have been able to intervene more directly in your collective Lives. We are now reaching one of the biggest deadlines with the 11.11.11, and it will be made clear that this deadline simply cannot come to pass without a major incident occurring. It will not be an incident of our doing; rather it will be etheric in nature. We have told you before of the many miracles that are to manifest at the end of this year, and the 11.11.11 will be the beginning point of those miracles manifesting.

Wes: Ok, I have something I need to bring up. You know that I trust you one hundred percent friends, but I would just like to know if there is anything that could delay these miracles from manifesting. I mean, we have been given dates for wonderful things to happen before, and for the most part many of them have passed by without incident. How can we truly know that 11.11.11 will herald the coming of miracles?

: Well dear soul, the problem with what you wish to know is that you are looking at the 11.11.11 in linear terms. This is a very important synchronistic date, and as this date comes many different timelines will unite and come together, and these timelines are the very ones that hold the ever-expanding energy gates that will serve to bring so much more pure Logos through to your world. Because of this, miracles can’t not manifest. We do dearly wish you could understand it from our perspective, because as you will know soon enough, this whole process is very natural and from a higher perspective can in fact be grasped quite easily. The Logos is becoming more and more pure, and as so much and such pure Logos energy manifests on your world, as a natural response many higher dimensional wonders begin to also manifest, hand in hand with the Logos. We do not wish to make you think that the linear date of 11.11.11 will suddenly make appear Cities of Light; rather this date will mark the beginning of these and other miracles appearing. There may in fact be nothing at all actually ‘manifesting’ on this important date, but like other dates it will mark the beginning of the beginning, so to speak, and the beginning of the end of third dimensionality on your world. We hope we have been able to make things a bit clearer for you.

Wes: Indeed you have, thank you. I just wouldn’t want any disappointed emails from excited souls about how ‘nothing happened’ on the 11.11.11, if that is what would indeed take place.

I would now like to connect my channels solely to those of SanJAsKa. How are you doing dear friend?

: Hello Wesley, I am doing so very wonderful. I have wished for you to know for so long how very excited we are to be uniting with the many of you on Earth. We see you all getting together and uniting on your various internet forums and with the protest movements that are to bring you many Divine miracles, and we so dearly wish we could be on Earth with you. Of course we are in your atmosphere hovering around, showing ourselves to you and neutralizing pollutants, but for the most part we wish we could be doing more. Make no mistake, we have done very much to help you all and Earth to ascend, but the majority of us up here in the higher realms wish so dearly to be with you all, to be posting on your internet forums and protesting with the brave souls who do not wish to take the injustice anymore. Yes, we are to be on your ground with you after the last bit of negative energy (on Earth) that would serve to block our own awareness of the higher realms, is transmuted by you all which is happening at breakneck speed, but in the meantime we are doing everything we can to insure from our positions that the wonderful uniting of us and you happens with ease, grace, Joy and Love.

Wes: Thank you for that beautiful message SanJAsKa. I would like to ask you about something you just said. You mentioned that there is still negativity for us on the ground to transmute so you can be with us. I guess I would like to know fully about the phenomenon of negative energy that is keeping you from being with us at present.

: I would be glad to help you understand a bit better dear soul. As you have been told very many times, Earth is a planet that has held much negative energy on Her surface, due to the lower actions of humanity. It is to be expected on a third dimensional world, but for the most part the actions of you all that could be considered lower, have been especially dark. We wish not to get into all of the horrific acts that have been committed on Earth over such a long period of time, as that would be inviting negative energy into our own complexes, which we never do for good reason. In the higher realms, lower energies cannot even touch a soul, which is due in part to our refusal to shelter any lower energy. Were we to simply land on Earth ‘today’ of your time, depending on where we landed the collective energy would be so very low, that for us it would be like trying to run in quicksand. Indeed, our Light-filled complexes would not quite be able to handle the dense lower energies, and they would in fact serve to bring us down to where you are in your growth.

This is why no extraterrestrial soul simply lands on Earth to become a part of the lower dimensional experience; rather we incarnate on Earth or walk-in to the body of a soul who is ready to leave said body, but who does not want it to go to waste. Do not let the admission (that we are not able to handle the dense energies that have kept us from being with you) get you down dear souls, as even though we are not able to sustain ourselves in dense energies, the efforts of all of you on the ground in transmuting those lower energies are bringing us closer and closer to you all the time. We can promise you we are not far off, and in fact, the last of the lower energies that would bring us down considerably are about to be recycled and become higher energy that we will use to our and your Divine advantage. Worry not dear souls, as even though we are not yet on the ground with you, we are with many of you in your mental and emotional channels, and hey, this message is proof of that! Also, with the coming 11.11.11 energy gate, the last of that dense energy is to again be recycled.

Wes: Thank you for communicating with me on this day SanJAsKa. I believe you would like to give us one final message, then back to the LRC* for me!!

: I AM SanJAsKa of the Pleiadian council of Nine, and together with the Pleiadian High Council close this message in Love. We are to be with you so very shortly; please dear souls do not let yourselves think anything otherwise. We have in fact been with you at all times through your mental channels that you may refer to as your third eye chakras, and through the rest of your chakras. You are us, and we are you. As it has always been and will always be, we truly are One.

Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council, the Pleiadian Council of Nine and SanJAsKa
Channel Wes Annac


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