Friday, November 25, 2011

WE ARE NOT GOD. We're Messengers Of Divine Light. WE Are Not In Control of the DIVINE PLAN ...YOU ARE! It Was Agreed We May Assist In Reminding YOU

Thank you Blossom and GFL for this clarification!

And so it is.
*** gavin

[BLOSSOM GOODCHILD]: Once again I bid you a Good Morning. My friends ... out there ... up there ... somewhere ... I have been feeling a little confused over the last couple of weeks. I can only be honest in saying that I am concerned regarding our ongoing communications. I do not consider myself childish or disrespectful regarding that which I am to speak of ... yet we do need to get something very clear. We have but five weeks left until the end of the year ... call me old fashioned ... but down here upon Earth when someone promises something to someone ... it is considered polite to see that promise through. If one doesn't, then one tends to lose faith in that which has been promised and one's Trust in the 'promiser' tends to wane a little.

In MY TRUTH ... I FEEL I have done my very best to uphold my position as messenger for you. I have felt both honoured and privileged to do so and without doubt I have found your teachings have assisted me greatly along my pathway. I neither see you or hear you ... we communicate telepathically ... and our friendship and TRUST has grown deeply over the last six years since we began chatting.

I KNOW YOU KNOW of which I am to speak . Many would say 'Let it go' ... but I feel it my 'duty' to follow this through. You have spoken a few times regarding 'Pillars of Light' appearing in the sky. These pillars will contain much information and energy and they shall be undeniable in appearance ... you said. You also said that this shall take place before the year is out. Yes ... we still have five weeks and they could appear . How good would that be?

The thing is ... through my eyes chaps ... it NEEDS to be ... otherwise I will find it very difficult to carry on our conversations. I definitely do not want to stop ... why would I? I so enjoy being in touch with you and I KNOW that you have reached so many hearts in your Love. But a line needs to be drawn from where I stand. I wonder if you understand where I am coming from? Or ... from where you are ... do you see this very differently? From my perspective it is important for me, you and anyone who reads your words that what you say you will deliver .... you do. Otherwise what would be the point in saying it at all?

So much that you have said has left us soaring high. We have benefited greatly. Yet regarding such things as the Pillars of Light ... basically ... I am asking you now ... are they going to appear to us before the end of the year 2011 ... in the way that you said ... or are they not? You know how much Love I have for you ... yet if it was agreed that I be your messenger down here ... then we do need to get this matter sorted. Over to you ...

[GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT]: Over many years now we have asked much of you in the eyes of the beholder. You have diligently performed meetings with us , even when your heart was low. In order for us to BE with you ... we too have had to make sacrifices.

[BLOSSOM GOODCHILD]: In what way ?

[GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT]: We have had to see you suffer in ways that we had not determined. We have longed for our TRUTH to be given to you as it is .... IN TRUTH ... and this is our 'only way' in which we desire to be known as ... TRUTH GIVERS. And yet ... even though we come from a nowhere place ... with much at our fingertips, as you would say ... we have had to ensure the safety of those of you who reside upon planet Earth and this is our priority no matter what we may have stated .... no matter how this may change how we 'appear' to be.

What we have offered you is what we know of in Love and in TRUTH . We have no hidden agenda ... we merely desire with the most profound gesture of Love to assist you in changing your world. In lifting your planet into a place that is of difference compared to that which you have resided upon for many many years of your time.

And this I/WE have felt . That fact I am not denying. This is my dilemma. Do you not see? ALL that you have shared ... all that you have offered has taught us so much ... about ourselves. WE have been able to give ourselves hope ... because of your assistance in helping us to understand who we are. This side of the coin to me ... is undisputable. I would say that I have Unconditional Love for you. What I am asking you is about these pillars. IF THEY ARE GOING TO APPEAR then we have no problem in continuing our communications next year . If they don't appear then I would need a very good reason for it . I am not undermining you ... I am not playing games ... it is just that to me ... this is VERY IMPORTANT. Let me ask ... do you understand why I am saying what I am saying?

To a certain degree. Yet we would consider our beings to be of concern only for your well being. The 'time' factor is not something that has much status in our world of 'no time.'

Well the fact is, that in our world the 'time factor' has MUCH status ... especially regarding things that are promised to take place within a certain 'time zone'. This is perhaps where our wires are getting crossed. What I don't get is ... if you had said that these pillars were going to present themselves 'at some point' ... then fair enough .... it is the fact that you said 'before the year is out'. Do you see the GREAT difference this means to US? We are hanging on by the seat of our pants down here sometimes ... YES I KNOW WE VOLUNTEERED TO BE HERE ... but that doesn't mean we KNOW what is going on!! So ... again ... I ask you ... are there plans in place to have this 'Light show' before the year is out?



Thank you! A straightforward answer to a straightforward question . So what happened? What changed?

The format of timelines. In that ... how do we explain?

I will help you all I can ... It doesn't help that I don't understand a lot of these things whilst being in this human form .

Outside of the human form a thought is given and all is understood and yet this is not what we are dealing with at this time. Let us give you what we can.

In your world you created time. You live by it. What the clock says is how you react. If it is your 'bed time'... you go to bed. If it is your 'lunch time' ... you eat ... etc etc. Yet around these 'times' you can be flexible. You do not always go to bed at 9pm on the dot. You do not always eat at midday. You may have the desire to ... yet 'circumstances' sometimes make this impossible. We ask you now to consider a 'time frame' on a much larger scale . We are not working within a 24 hour day ... we are working within 24,000 years or more. Therefore not everything that we plan to take place at a certain time concurs with the many thousands of other aspects involved.

When we addressed the Pillars of Light to you ... it was with every plan/etary intention that what we described WOULD be taking place within the time frame of your Earthly weeks and months that we had brought forth

So what got in the way? Oh no! ... I feel the answer is 'You did'.

And yet not in the manner you have taken that answer on board. Did you not take it personally instantly Blossom?

Yes I did. How ridiculous is that!! But then I went straight to the fact that I didn't want any of us to be the reason that they didn't arrive or that we got in the way somehow.

How differently we 'see things' from you. You went into blame mode. We know not of blame. It does not exist in our 'curriculum' of events! No-one is to 'blame'. When we say 'You got in the way' ... shall we consider another point of view?

We KNOW that one day ... in YOUR TIME ... you will say to us 'Ah! We get it now' ... Until that day we shall continue to be here for you in assistance. To aid you in anyway we can . Yet we must state ... WE ARE NOT GOD. We are messengers of Divine Light . WE are not in control of the DIVINE PLAN ... YOU ARE! YOU have been entrusted with this section of it. This section being the changing of planetary systems in a way that shall change ... the system. YOU ... each one of YOU ... KNOW your instructions ... deep inside you. You KNOW what you came here to do. You do not need us to tell you ... yet it was agreed that we may assist in reminding you of these instructions.

How each one of you ... individually ... recognize this TRUTH ... is what makes the change that you agreed to come here and change!

AT WHAT TIME YOU CHOOSE to make this change ... as individuals ... working as ONE ... makes a compound reality move from thought to existence. These Pillars of LIght that we spoke about were considered to be a thought ... strong enough to be a reality with in 'your time frame of this year of 2011'. We would say YOU are on the threshold of bringing this reality about.

Freedom of choice is law. Those that tamper with it are breaking laws that are not to be broken.

When you sit and watch a movie ... you 'take in' the story that is presented to you on that screen. You are 'taken in' by/with it. You move into that story whether or not it be fact or fiction ... for the 'time' you are engrossed in its conversation ... you become part of it ... all else around you fades into a peripheral that is not of interest 'during that time'.

However ... You take for granted that which is presented. How often do you consider ... whilst engrossed ... what went on behind the scenes to make that movie 'appear' to be the reality it is?

What you may consider to be 'real ' in some scenes is merely puppetry. What one is 'scripted' to say 'with feeling' are simply words given to be said and acted out. Yet ... one comes out of that movie theatre 'touched' by all that went on within it.

NOW it is 'time' to REALLY FEEL what is real and what is not. The more you realize and wake up to the fact that most of what you think is real is unreal ... and most of what you think of as unreal is real ... the more YOU can create the 'backdrop' for such 'TRUTHS' as these spoken of Pillars of Light to appear. Not though US 'pressing a button' ... but by YOU ... more and more of you ... realizing that you have already created these Pillars Of Light ...... long long ago ... and set them in a 'time line' to present themselves to you in this 'present moment'. Yet ...... until enough of you understand this ... you are not creating the 'energy' to manifest these pillars that hold information YOU PUT THERE!! YOU put the information that you would need NOW into your imagination of creation way back along the track.

Do you grasp this concept dearest friends? You put in place before you were of Earth and whilst you were of it in its beginning trials ... that which you are to receive from 'those'times' NOW. You sent these Pillars of Light 'out' ... ready to be received /retrieved by you 'around about NOW'.

It is only when enough of you 'remember' that YOU are the ones that need to 'bring these Pillars into your reality from whence you sent them' ... that they can be revealed to you as a reality.

Phew! Somewhere amongst all that ... when I read it back .. I know I will have my answer. And somehow ... amongst all that ... I FEEL better about it all . Yet I do need to read it all back to grasp it in its fullness. Thank you my friends for clearing this matter up. It has been on my mind as this year is rapidly coming to an end and I didn't want to start the new one with a 'Goodbye!'.

I LOVE YOU. Those of us that KNOW of you as our Truth are in so much gratitude to you for being our soul buddies . You have a great day now ya' hear?

In Love and thanks.

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