Saturday, November 26, 2011

Return To Your Body, Your Breath, Your Soul, Your Mission and Your Love Consciousness. Return To Your Real Self For This Is Who You Are: A GodSpark

Thank you Higher Self and Laura for these beautiful reminders of WHO we are and WHERE we as a human race are headed!
*** gavin

Message from Higher Self
(emphasis added)

This is a time for celebrations for many of you. Celebration and Joy, and especially for you, Laura. Be happy to be born and alive in this world. We know you, as well as many others, are unsatisfied with the current situation on Mother Earth. As your own consciousness is increasing, as well as the consciousness of your friends, you are finding it more and more difficult to bear the 3D limitations upon you. This is perfectly understandable, and we do never reproach anybody for feeling the weight of duality on you. The constraints upon you concerning outside obligation are felt at a very deep level by many. Many of you have a strong desire to break free from the duality world and wish to be One again.

You are on Mother Earth, as light beings to spread love and understanding. You have accepted the role a long time ago. Indeed some of you may even remember the time when you have made the agreement to return to Mother Earth, and fulfill this mission for the light. Take comfort in knowing you are all at a turning point as a civilisation. You are very aware of this by now. Don’t fear the changes ahead, as you are all catalysts in this endeavour. This is a trying time for all of you, this is the finishing line, and this is the time that really matters now. Don’t give into fear, and panic. Make plans ahead and anticipate what could happen next. Don’t fear, and be prepared. Think ahead and maintain contact with your bodies energies throughout your day.

Your energies levels are erratic, so by all means, coming back to the now moment, the here and now is all that matter. This will help you in seeing the illusions pulled in front of you. These illusions make you react in various ways, most of them make you apprehensive and anxious. Later on, you keep carrying around these negative feelings; you are hanging on to them, as if they had a real dimension. Perhaps these make you feel real? Do you need dramas in order to feel alive? Do you need fear and stress in order to be of your world? Is it hard to look into this now? Sit down and think of this: Who are you? And why are you here again?

You will need to answer these questions for yourself, with the help of your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is the light guiding you from above. Indeed I have a broad perspective from up here, although most of the time, you are unaware of me. I am however not unaware of you, and keep an eye on you, along with a few other light beings. You know them well also. You see, a certain level of stress is useful, in order to keep you going. There is a need for a balance between your outside world and your inner world. One reflects the other, and bear in mind whatever you need in order to further your consciousness and love, you will attract to you.

There is nothing wrong with being of the duality world on Earth --nothing at all. This is a perfect training ground, and it is in fact a great reward all of you have: Being part of Mother Earth’s Ascension. She has cared for all of you for so long, it is now your turn to look after her, in order to help her ascend. Just make sure to keep connected to your inner life, to your inner life forces. These forces are inside of you, inside your body, so you need to have a look at the state of your body regularly during the day. Return to your body, to your breath, to your soul, your mission and your Love consciousness. Return to your real self, for this is who you are. You are a God Spark, incarnated into a Human body. As you know, for you to truly be light on the Earth, you must inhabit your body.

Be the light you want to see, be aware of the way you affect others around you, be truthful to yourself and to others. You are all interconnected in the 3D reality, and you will make it out of it together. Yes, of course, by channelling Beings of the Christed Consciousness, this gives you the taste and impressions of being what you are exactly looking for. We are all aware of your longing for the higher realms. Do not worry, for you are with us during your sleep. Indeed you spend 1/3 of your time up here, and with us while your physical body regenerates. This is another way of looking at duality perhaps, for you. While you are with us, we are keeping you up to date with all that goes on.

The 2/3 of the remaining time is up to you to manifest what you have learnt each night during your sleep into Mother Earth’s duality world. You do find in the morning you are aware of being with us on the higher planes. You are aware of our love for you, as we are aware of your love for us. You are not dreaming, when you wake up with the feeling of having spent so much time with us, and of having all these conversations with us. The instant you wake up, you are still carrying these brief memories with you. The truth is, that even during your active life, many of you are in a state of semi-sleep, or hypnosis. With your higher being bodies travelling around the world, attending to various matters, fixing your past and looking into the future. Indeed, as multi-dimensional beings, you are doing many things at once, or as some like to put it, you are leading many lives at once.

When you are in the Here and Now, you are bringing all your other selves, from the other realms into your consciousness, into your being. You are stocking up information from all of yourselves. You are also recharging your batteries as it were. And this, my dear, is the challenge of duality. So, bear in mind while you are scattered all over the planet, in various forms and dimensions attending to various duties, you are leaking energy when you are not aware of what is going on (when you "go unconscious"). This is the result of your "attention" not being present in your waking life. Keep doing whatever it is your Higher Self is doing, as well of what your other higher bodies, for example your chakras are doing. When you will be aware of all your other parts’ activities, you will be a conscious being.

I am your Higher Self.

In peace and love with harmony.
by Laura Tyco

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