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A Wise Decision: You've Decided the Time For Playing Games & Hiding From God Is No Longer Appealing Or Of Interest, So You're Choosing To Awaken

Thank you Saul and John.
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In God’s Reality, Pain and Suffering Cannot Exist

The waiting is almost over as you prepare to terminate your support for the illusion and allow it to dissolve into nothingness. It was but a brief idea with which you played for a moment and is soon to be forgotten; and yet while you have entertained the idea of it, it seems to have lasted for eons, and that is what you have been experiencing. Be glad that you have chosen to awaken and withdraw your support from it. By ceasing to play games driven by fear and anxiety, you open your hearts to the divine Love field that has always been there for you and you realize that Love is everything and contains everything. You could compare It to the air that you breathe (as you occupy your bodily forms), in that It is all pervasive, but Its vastness is far beyond anything you can conceive of, and It could never be contaminated in any way because It is the perfect divine and limitless environment in which all of creation has its existence.

Because it appears to you that the illusion is very solid, very real, and very ancient, and because you have become very familiar with the pleasures and pains that it offers, your major hope has always been for an enormous improvement in the way that you experience it. You believe that if you can clean up your act by treating the environment with respect, greatly reducing pollution, ending wars, and honoring all people that you can achieve this.

Undoubtedly this is a great project, and as you release more and more of your unloving attitudes and beliefs, much can be achieved. Nevertheless, what you are presently experiencing is illusory, and when you awaken into Reality the issues and problems of your illusory world will be gone forever.

To awaken is your destiny; it cannot be avoided, and for this be thankful because what it offers you is eternal bliss. In Reality, fear, doubt, anxiety, loneliness, conflict, and the large selection of other unpleasant states that give rise to pain and suffering just do not and cannot exist because it offers them no space in which they could develop.

Reality is Heaven, Paradise, the Home of God. It is limitless, boundless, and contains all of creation, all that exists. There is nowhere and nothing else, and so, even as you experience the illusion, you have your eternal existence in this moment and in every moment permanently within God’s divine Reality as essential and inseparable parts of It; there is nowhere else that you could be. You are perfect divine beings forever ensconced in Heaven.

The nightmare of the illusion, which appears to hold you within it, is in fact something quite ephemeral you have chosen to hold within your own minds. And you are changing your minds because you have decided you no longer want or need an illusory place in which to play what are basically rather unpleasant games. You have decided the time for playing games and hiding from God is no longer appealing or of interest, and so you are choosing to awaken to experience once more your Father’s heavenly Reality. It is a very wise decision, and one you will never regret.

To awaken, after burying yourselves so deeply in the illusion, is a very demanding task, and, as in a dream, it appears to have been an extremely long and drawn out operation. Even now the illusion seems very real as you make your ways most effectively towards awakening. Refocus on releasing all unloving attitudes and behaviors, and ask for help from your enthusiastic guides and angels to embrace only attitudes and behaviors that are totally loving. In your quiet times of relaxation and meditation, put yourselves in mind of those you love and release or let go of any thoughts that distract you from this. Love is all there is, so remind yourselves of this and of how dearly loved you all are as God’s divine children, and the time until you awaken will pass easily and swiftly.

With so very much love, Saul
by John Smallman

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