Monday, November 7, 2011

Regardless of Whatever Might Be Projected About Us Through Your Films and Media, We've Never Attacked You or Earth, or Have Any Intention of Doing So

Thank you again SaLuSa and Mike!
*** gavin

(emphasis added)

With matters moving very quickly, you need little in the way of information as to the outcome. It is becoming quite clear the European crisis is far from solved, and the debt amongst that union is so big it can bring them down. Meanwhile the people are becoming more active than any previous time, and the pressure they are applying on the governments will eventually yield results. In the background, we along with our allies are adding to it, and continue to make it clear to the dark Ones their days are numbered. There is great instability amongst them and fear of the consequences of their actions. In their arrogance they never thought they would have to answer for their crimes, but now it is becoming obvious they will.

Our allies are ready to take advantage of any opportunity to push our plan forward. We are allowed to be forceful to remove obstacles in our way, and will no longer tolerate interference. The dark Ones have been severely weakened in recent weeks, and are in retreat. We do therefore feel their resistance will be unable to stop our progress. You can expect to learn very shortly of further advances on our part. We have already removed many powerful people that have stood in our way, and will continue to do so. By now, we know ALL of the names of the Illuminati and none shall escape the net that closes in on them. We stand ready to remove governmental groups that have failed to serve the people, and once that has taken place we can be expected to announce Disclosure.

Whatever happens, we are well on our way to starting the New Year with a victory over the dark Ones. As next week approaches, two events are standing out, one is the arrival mid week of what has been incorrectly described as an asteroid. It is in fact an intelligently controlled craft, and it remains to be seen how it interacts with your Earth or Moon. On Friday, you have the eagerly awaited 11.11.11 bringing with it another great upsurge of energy, that will bring about a wonderful upliftment in your levels of consciousness. Its collective effect will be evident by a new wave of love all over your Earth. If possible, find a quiet spot where you can relax and open your self up to the energy. Bear in mind the energy is already beginning to manifest, and you can prepare yourself for it days ahead by staying calm and peaceful.

This month in many ways is the springboard for a far greater period of activity, and it will continue right through to the end of 2012. Your expectations are soon to be satisfied, and ours will be complete when First Contact has taken place. From thereon, it will be plain sailing as you see our plan unravel, and your quality of life will rise in leaps and bounds once you start to receive the benefits due to you. For a long time, the focus has been upon the West, but realize eventually the whole world will be involved with us. Also in our own time, we have approached ALL governments, and they are aware of why we are here and its importance to your civilization. We are more than a helping hand and will stay with you for the rest of the journey. It will be a joyful reunion and you will know beyond doubt that you are part of us, and learn of your divine destiny.

Keep looking to the future and let it fill your heart with joy, as it will be a truly momentous occasion unparalleled by any earlier experience in this cycle. The turn of events will surprise you at the speed they take place, and that is because they have been meticulously planned. It is a great responsibility for us but one we had no hesitation in accepting, as we have had much experience where Ascension is concerned. We find so many more of you are accepting our presence as quite normal, and looking forward to our official arrival on Earth. Regardless of whatever might be projected about us through your films and media, we have never attacked you or your Earth, or have any intention of doing so. Our mission is born out of our Love for all of the Creator's creations, regardless of form, color or size.

The Universe is full of diverse forms of life, and each Universe we travel is full of surprises. They are all like yours where life is developing and experiencing for its spiritual growth and evolution. So regardless of outer appearances you are All One, and by the time you reach a level of Christ consciousness you will have no doubts about it. Then and only then, will you be allowed to venture forth wherever you please. Part of First Contact will cover the different life forms in your own Universe, and you will be introduced to them. You will quickly learn outer form and appearance is no indication of the spiritual essence inside them. Even at your level of consciousness, you would feel the higher vibrations of Light if you were to meet an evolved Being.

Now that you are fully in transition from duality to Ascension, you will find much previously taken for granted is disappearing. Old systems that are inadequate for the New Age and do not serve those who are awakening, are breaking up and no amount of effort will re-establish them. It is allowing new ideas that are more in alignment with your needs to manifest, and there is no lack of them. Many have been suppressed to keep the old paradigm alive and where appropriate they will be soon released to you. A most prolific area is where free energy is concerned, and many small portable units can be manufactured in short time. Much will serve your purpose, while a more general approach will made to cover your needs. It will help to release you from servitude that ties you down, where you labor long hours to ensure you have the basic requirements for a normal life.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and leave you with blessings and love from the Galactic Federation. We want to see you with time on your hands to re-organize your communities into efficient groups, that can handle the changes so that they can be smoothly introduced. We will of course be overseeing the work that you do so that the changes are modeled on a new approach that is in accord with the principles of Love and Light. All old laws and regulations that breach them will be removed or re-written. Even in the short time leading to Ascension, your way of life will alter quite dramatically, to lift you up and be ready to take your place with us. You have been sufficiently advised to now know what to expect, and it should bring joy and happiness to your heart.

Thank you SaLuSa
Mike Quinsey

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