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the dark On Your World Have Taken Nearly Everything Good & Twisted It Into Things They Could Use To the Advantage Of Them and the Disadvantage Of You

"A fruitful discussion..." boy, that's an understatement! This is quite detailed, and if you're into that, I strongly encourage you to continue reading: It's most interesting and informative ...Please enjoy!

Thank you SolaRa and Wes.

And so it is.
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A Fruitful Discussion with SolaRa

The following is a communication between me and SolaRa, a soul residing on the fifth astral level of our sun who I have come to know as one of my spiritual guides.

Wes: I would now like to connect my energies with my guide SolaRa.

: Hello dear Wesley, this is SolaRa. How are you doing on this wonderful and beautiful day?

Wes: Hello SolaRa, I am doing quite well thank you. Now, I know you are my guide, but suffice to say I have not talked with you very much.

: You have talked with me more than you realize at present dear one. I am one of your ‘front and center guides’ so to speak. I am always with you if such is your wish, helping you transmute dense patterns of Living in yourself as well as helping you absorb the Loving solar energies that help to oversee the creation of your reality.

Wes: Ah, yes I was going to ask you about that. So, from what you have told me before I guess it is safe to say that you, SolaRa, are the spirit of our Sun?

: You are close dear one, but not quite. No, I am one part of a collective consciousness of immensely advanced beings who make up your Sun. We do much for Earth on a daily basis, such as regulating the energies of the sun so it can bring much physical Light to Earth as well as much energetic Light that is serving to upgrade your bodies, minds and hearts, as well as opening up your chakras further so you can receive the Loving energy we are sending you.

You see dear soul, your sun is one such stargate that we are bringing Loving energy through. As we have told you before, the Logos energy or what you like to refer to as Love, creates and maintains you reality. You have also been told by earthly sources that the sun itself helps to maintain your third dimensional earthly reality by giving you the Light and heat that your biological forms need to survive. You have been taught that the sun is not a Living entity, simply a star that has nothing special attached to it besides that it keeps you all alive. I would like to guide at this time that that is simply not true. Like all of the other suns/stars that float around the cosmos, your sun is an energy gate, a receptor of sorts of the Loving energies that create and maintain your third dimensional reality.

Many of you on Earth have begun to discover the powers you have to anchor the Divine Logos energy to the very surface and core of your Mother Earth. You can feel when you anchor this Love that it comes through your very being and fills up your entire body/spirit complex. I would like you to consider that this is what your sun is also doing at all times, and that the, what you would label ‘orange’ color of it is actually the Divine Logos energy that it is bringing through to your world. Every fabric of your third dimensional reality is maintained in the higher ethereal realms of Earth, what some would call the astral planes, and at a certain point Earth’s astral planes actually merge with the lower astral planes of the sun, and on an energetic level that is how the Logos energy that creates your reality is brought through to you.

Wes: So what you are you saying here SolaRa? Are you saying that the very Logos energy that creates and maintains our third dimensional reality, is sort of funneled through to our world from our sun, on the astral levels where this energy is then sent through to manifest on and create our 3d world?

: Precisely dear one. Your sun receives this energy in its higher astral planes, from the Source of all Creation, the Mother/Father God Source. It then funnels the energy through its lower astral planes, where this energy then meets Earths higher astral planes and comes through the veil to manifest and create the reality you all find yourselves in. Your sun is a conduit for Logos energy.

Wes: If this energy is sent through on the suns astral realms, then why can we see the sun at all? As I believe, our sun very much exists in 3d with us, as does the ‘higher dimensional ‘Light that we see coming off of it all the time. How can we see this energy if it is only brought through the astral planes?

: Well you see dear one, your sun is not a third dimensional star. Your sun does indeed exist on higher planes of reality, and for the most part you are able to perceive the Logos energy that is constantly streaming through it to your world, though to see this energy at its full resonance is too much for you to handle. Do you not notice how if you try to stare directly into the sun, the Light you are receiving in your physical eyes becomes too much and it begins to hurt them?

Wes: Indeed I have noticed that. I always thought it was because the rays were too harmful. Kind of like how one must put on sunblock or risk a sunburn if outside too long directly in the sun.

: This is because your physical eyes and physical bodies are perceiving this energy that is so awesome, so advanced and past the resonance of your 3d bodies, that you are not able to directly perceive of it. Even what you see with your sun is not the Logos energy at its highest resonance, and even what you are perceiving still seems to be too much for your eyes to stare directly at. When you all ascend to your well-deserved pristine conditions, the pure resonance of the rays your sun gives out will not be any sort of problem to you. You will be able to stare directly at your sun if you wish, and some of you may even choose to come live here with us.

Wes: Ok, understood friend. So what is your role in all of this? I know you have told me there is practically an infinite amount of you up there, what do you do up there to help the sun bring the Source-energy to us?

: Very glad you asked dear one. You answered yourself a bit in your question to me – helping to direct the Logos energy is exactly what we do. The way we work is like this: we are sort of ‘split up’ into a Hierarchy; there are groups of us that work on the suns highest astral planes that receive the Logos energy directly from Source, and those who are stationed there help the sun to receive the Source energy, and then direct it to the lower astral planes of the sun. Your suns astral planes are split up into about seven main sections, but of course each astral ‘section’ has counter realms, and so on and so forth. Anyway, six more groups of us are stationed in the lower realms, and as we receive the Source energy we direct it through the level of the astral realm we are stationed at, right on through to the next, lower level. As this energy reaches the lowest astral planes of your sun, those of us who are working on that level then direct it to the higher astral planes of Earth. We have some of our own souls currently stationed in your higher astral planes for the purposes of bringing more and more and purer Logos energy through, through their advanced methods of using sound and healing tones.

Some of these souls would be what you refer to as the Hathors. They have come to us from the planet Venus to work with us on your sun. They had personally volunteered to inhabit temporarily the solar or higher astral planes of Earth, so they could receive the Source energy from us here on the sun, and direct it to your reality. They take much happiness in the work that they are doing, as do we.

Wes: Which ‘level’ of the Suns astral planes are you working on, SolaRa?

: Thank you for asking dear one. I am currently stationed on the fifth level of your suns astral planes, because this is exactly where I need to be for my growth. I have just recently graduated here from the fourth level, about a hundred years ago of your ‘time’. We know and understand that some who read this message may view our way of doing things as a hierarchy as wrong, because they would perceive that those who are on the higher levels must be somehow ‘better’ than those of us on the lower levels. I wish you to know now, that to perceive a spiritual hierarchy in that way is to assume your Ascended Masters and the extraterrestrial civilizations that are helping Earth, to be better than those of you experiencing the third dimension. Can you see how it makes little sense dear soul?

Wes: Indeed I can, but at the same time there are those ‘elites’ on our world who have used the hierarchy method to keep themselves above others.

: Yes indeed, the dark on your world have taken nearly everything that was good and twisted it into things they could use to the advantage of them and to the disadvantage of you all. They received many Divine teachings from us and other star-nations, and they took what they received and distorted it down into methods of control and into proclamations over the land and over the people that put them on top and you all on bottom. We know you do not wish to take this conversation into the direction of the dark on your world dear Wesley, so we will move on.

Wes: Thank you friend. I notice you said that when we ascend we will have the choice to go up onto the sun to Live. Would you care to explain this a bit more?

: I would Love to dear One, and we up here are very glad you are asking all of these questions. Indeed, body complexes much reach a certain resonance, certain purity before you would be able to fully perceive your sun or live on it. However, with your Earthly ascension bringing you all up to the fifth dimension and to a body complex that will be of an indestructible crystalline structure, you will have the choice to come up to your sun and see what all the fuss is about.

Wes: Sorry, just had to throw this in: I Love your sense of humor!

: Thank you dear Wesley! Anyway, as you resonate with the fifth dimension you will have the choice to Live on and with the Divine spirit that is your sun, and you will have the choice to help bring the Source energy in through the Sun and down to the many diverse 3d earth timelines, which are vast in number. There are still souls who would Love a genuinely difficult and testing 3d earth experience, and as such different timelines are created and maintained which will all eventually end in ascension for the souls on such timelines. You will have the choice to ‘enroll’ so to speak in the ‘program’ of being a part of the process your sun is going through every moment with the absorbing and sending of the Logos energy that is directed to us from Source. As you will be resonating in the fifth dimension, you would still have a ways to go before you would be able to experience the higher realms of your sun, but while you resonate in 5d the first and second ‘levels’ of reality on your sun are accessible to you.

Wes: What are these realities like?

: Oh dear soul, they are so Heavenly and Harmonious, that your physical words and mental processes fail to explain their sheer brilliance. The Light and Sound, the Colors, the Peace and Joy that pervade every single corner of existence here on your sun, it is all just so wonderful and beautiful that you will find much delight here, if such is your wish to be here. Working with your sun on these levels will serve to help you grow exponentially as you learn about the relationship between celestial bodies and the relationship between your sun and Source. As you ascend to the sixth dimension, more levels of reality on your sun become accessible, become fathomable to you. And as you ascend further, the rest of the realities will also become perceivable as you begin to resonate with the Pure Logos energy that makes up these realities.

As you know dear Wesley from reading the Law of One info, the Logos energy that makes up every octave of reality is at its purest form when it is with Source, and as Source funnels this Logos energy out to the lower octaves (of reality), the purity of the Logos is dimmed to suit each octave. And so you see, as this energy is sent to your suns highest astral realities straight from Source, the beings that reside on such levels then dim the purity of the Logos a bit, before freely directing it down to the further lower levels. As this energy reaches us on the fifth level, it is already significantly dimmed to suit the reality we exist in, and we then dim it even more to fit in with the lower realities. As it reaches your higher astral planes of Earth, it is dimmed sufficiently to where it can go to and manifest your 3d Earthly reality without the energy being too much for you all to absorb.

Wes: Why does this energy need to be dimmed to reach Earth’s higher astral planes? Because one would think that the resonance of Earths highest astral planes would be able to handle a higher resonance of Logos energy.

: And one would be very right dear soul, but the 3d reality that the energy is being sent through can’t handle such pure energies. Indeed, the energy that is sent to your highest Earthly astral planes is very out of resonance with the very realms it is being sent to, which makes it all that much easier for your highest astral realms to funnel the energy through to your reality. It is a very natural process dear one. As the Logos energy does not resonate with the higher reality it is being sent to, so does the reality send this unmatched energy to a reality it will resonate with, such as yours. Once there, this Logos energy is sent though all of your spirit complexes, and is then manifested according to what you are thinking and feeling.

You have all been told every one of us is the Creator, and this is true. Source is the Creator that sends us the original pure Logos energy, your sun is the Creator that dims and funnels this energy through to your Earth, we ascended on your sun are the Creators that help dim this energy and send it through to you, your Earth is the Creator that receives these energies and sends them to you all, and you all are the Creators that have the final say-so in how this energy is manifested in your reality. The energy is sent from your astral realms through you and through every Living being on your world and in your reality. The energy is sent straight through your chakras in a flowing fashion, and depending on how opened-up you chakras are, this energy is manifested through what you are thinking and feeling. Those who are experiencing energy-knots in themselves are tangling this energy up as it is sent to them, to where instead of this energy flowing freely through them to create their reality, it is then stuck inside of them and this creates a block that serves to muck up their reality so to speak. Without the Logos energy actually leaving the spirit complex, only the hollowed out parts of it, what you may refer to as lower energies or energies of a lower vibration, is sent through while all of the powerful energy is kept inside of them in a knot. When the lower energy is sent through you and the higher energy is not, this creates difficult situations and scenarios in the Life of whoever is involved.

Wes: Wow Solara, thank you for all of this information. Honestly, I gotta say I do not want to stop this session. I truly feel like we could talk for hours and hours on end if we wished to, and I’m starting to feel like I do!

: Your body is upgrading dear Wesley, as are the bodies of all of you. As you have tuned into these energies and let them flow through your (body/spirit) complex, naturally the resonance of the energy is increasing in you and it is serving to open you up more and more. The upgrades you are experiencing are only to get better and better dear ones. Soon everybody will be exploring their mental channels, will be exploring their telepathic abilities. Soon you will all be channeling pages and pages of information from us and from many other ascended souls. Of course the majority of us will already be on Earth with you, but there is also many who will not but who will still be interested to talk with all of you through your newly opened up mental channels.

Wes: That is awesome, thank you Solara. I would like to go back to something you mentioned earlier. You were saying that there are those who are further ascended than you and the level of reality you exist on, and that they maintain the higher astral realities of the sun and help bring the Logos energy through. Are you able to perceive of these souls? And if so, are they who you would consider your further ascended guides?

: Indeed dear one, we do perceive of them, though we do not perceive the levels of reality they exist on. They do guide us at every moment, and they help us do what we are on the sun to do diligently and happily. Just as we do for you on Earth, they teach us and guide us through our own experiences with experiences they previously had when they were resonating with the realty we are resonating with. They are very much our guides, and as you all ascend they will become your guides too.

Wes: Thank you so very much for communicating with me on this day SolaRa. I would Love to continue this discussion forever, but I think we should go ahead and stop here. Thank you for speaking with me.

: Thank you for speaking with me dear Wesley, and for scribing my words for those on your world to benefit from. We cannot stress enough how important each and every soul on your world is to Earths ascension process. We are eternally grateful to every soul who is helping us get our words out to those on your world, and we thank you for giving us the opportunity to chat with you all on this day.

Thank you to SolaRa, she rocks!
Channel Wes Annac

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