Thursday, December 29, 2011

When You Are In Doubt or Fear, Please Remember to Go Within, and to Allow Time For You to Receive Answer From Your Higher Self: Your Beacon of Light

"The path to Ascension can be as easy or as difficult as you chose to make it for yourself. It can be as rapid or as slow as you wish, depending on your souls’ needs and desires for experiences."

And so it is!

Thank you SaLuSa and Laura for this most motivating update.
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SaLuSa to Me: Our Mission with Earth
(emphasis added)

We come to you once more with much love and best wishes. As you know, we are approaching a pivotal point in Earth’s history. Rarely has humankind been kept under so much control from the dark ones. It is with great joy and expectations we anticipate your return, as a civilisation into the purest and most vibrant light once again. You have been part of this light many times before, so there is nothing to be apprehensive about as such. You will very naturally find your way back into your old way of higher love and understanding.
We hope you are able to use this time off to replenish your energy and to make efforts in being one again. Man for many thousands of years has had many different “I's." Have you noticed within yourselves how quickly you change your mind about something? For instance you decide you will get up at 7am tomorrow and look after sorting out important chores. However, when the alarm clock rings, you keep delaying and eventually procrastinate. The reason for this is that man, for now, has no permanent “I” presence. An ordinary person can be blown away in all directions, taken by all sort of influences and suggestions. There is no permanent “I” within ordinary man or no permanent centre of gravity, if you like.
This is the part you will need to work on more. Reinforcing your I AM presence, exercising your free will and deepening your understanding of yourself and of the universal laws. The path to Ascension can be as easy or as difficult as you chose to make it for yourself. It can be as rapid or as slow as you wish, depending on your souls’ needs and desires for experiences.
In the coming year, you will witness many inner changes, along with the changes in your society. Your inner personal changes will be reflected into your outer world, therefore in your society. Of course, we are here to help you when and if necessary throughout this transition phase. This is a temporary phase for you and your planet, and our help if required should be minimal and should never leave our permanent imprint on your society’s development. This is why our preferred choice is to act behind the scenes and our direct communications so far have only been with our ground crew and with those of you who already have a level of consciousness more or less equal to our own.
We are not here to take control of your decisions as a civilisation and as a collective consciousness, you have your own power and free will and we are not here to dictate you what your choices should be. We are neither here in order to take over your beautiful planet nor to make it something close to your earthly colonises to us. You are an independent society and the future holds much joy and prosperity for Mother Earth and for you as a Galactic civilisation. Our mission is to empower you as a global and galactic civilisation, and to assist you in your evolution, should you require our advice, while removing unfair nuclear threats and other attack from our common dark enemies. With that in mind, the more you are able to achieve for yourself individually, as well as on a global level, the better it will be for your soul’s development. This is the aim of our --and your-- many incarnations: the development of our higher love, higher heart, and higher brain.
When you are in doubt, or fear, please remember to go within, and to allow time for you to receive an answer from your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is your own beacon of light, it is guiding you through these dark times, it is in perpetual contact with your ordinary self, although, you are rarely aware of it. Sometimes it makes you take detours in order to make you understand things which have escaped you previously. All the experiences of this life and of your past or parallel lives are all for your own benefit ultimately. We know this is an idea which is far from being understood by the vast majority of readers, but in time, you will come to see the benefits of what seems now to be a detour, or a long delay.
Very often the best way for learning in duality is to come across the same difficulty over and over again. While we realize this can be an extremely painful experience, our common Father Creator has designed the Universe in such a way for reasons you will come to grasp later. If one wishes to avoid hitting oneself against the same obstacles perpetually, one has to see and understand things from a different place inside of you. This is the leap of faith required for your ascension into the higher realms. This is the reason why spirituality is so vital at this point in your development.
We are here in order to help you with all aspects of spirituality, however there are on your planet many valid teachings which have survived the dark ages. We recommend you encompass and engage with these teachings. Our communication with you would be much easier once you get into the deep water for yourself. You would have a far better understanding of our respective civilisations and would be on an equal foot where understanding and conscious love is understood.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I stand looking at your planet’s awakening from a deep slumber. We are here to welcome you back among us as brothers and sisters, however the more you achieve for yourself, the quicker your ascension will be. The more you can achieve on your own, without our help, the more permanent your strength will be, the less you will have to experience similar incarnations again. It is my deepest wish for you all to make this incarnation count, so you would never have to put yourself again under such strenuous exposure to the cabal.
Once again, we wish you a wonderful Christmas Holiday.
Thank you, SaLuSa
by Laura Tyco

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