Friday, December 23, 2011

In Order To Function In Duality, This Kingdom of Heaven(of God) Had To Be Hidden From Your Sight For Millennia-Soon You'll Find Yourselves In Paradise

Thank you Settufeut and Laura!
*** gavin

Settufeut: Winter Solstice and Kingdom of Heaven

Good evening dear one. We are very happy with the way events are developing. Your work is paying off, finally. You are only able to witness the storm right now. However, please believe me once this storms clears up, you will find yourself in a brand new environment. The storm will take away all that is not grounded solidly in the new reality and vibrations of the New Earth.
Laura, you had a foretaste yesterday of what is to come ahead. The visions you have experienced were thoughts transfer from Beings living in the Higher dimensions. They have transmitted your pre-knowledge of the planet you will find yourself walking on.
Laura: Thank you for the explanation Settufeut. It was an amazing experience to see the place you live on now, high between and above the sky. I heard from one of the beings that these are the cities in the sky, made from crystal mainly, and using anti-gravitational devices. I was also shown the technology you use in order to monitor some of us and intervene in order to protect us. The sky had these amazing pink, orange, and violet shades, with the thick white clouds dispersed. Where you there? Are these white clouds your ships? Who were these beings in contact with me?
: Well, in actual fact, there were many of us around you to support you with your long drive. The energies and light of the Winter Solstice are very refined and unique. This is why ancient monuments were always built in alignment with the solstices.
You have recognized SaLuSa immediately and shortly after, you also recognized Jeshua ben Joseph. The energy of these two beings is very specific for you to recognize. I guess in your terms for you, it would be characterized as a miracle.
We were glad you enjoyed your consciousness of us and your short visit in the Kingdom. We are aware this experience was out of the ordinary for you. We also understand how grateful you are for having experienced this.
You were able to handle all the information very well, and in consequence these kind of experiences will be renewed, and will be more and more frequent. Your Higher Self protects you by not allowing these altered states of awareness to sip through into your knowledge.
These experiences are very common by many of you, however, they are filtered out, as it were, from your consciousness. You have had a glimpse of what is here and now, and all around you, and above you.
When all of humanity’s blinders will be removed, you will find yourselves very rapidly in the kingdom of Heaven. This Kingdom has always been here for you, however you were not allowed awareness of it, for your own protection.
In order to function in duality, this Kingdom of Heaven, of God had to be hidden from your sight for thousands of years. When you will all see the New Kingdom of Heaven manifest upon New Earth, you will truly find yourselves, all in paradise.
We love you very much, all of you, our beloved family currently on earth.

Your brothers & sisters from the skies.
I AM Settufeut.
by Laura Tyco


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