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The Demands Made Upon You Now Will Cease and There Will Be NO Place For Drudgery Or Boredom. Everything Is Exciting and Continually Filling You w/Love

I thank you, all these many Guides, and Steve for all your diligent work integrating these separate channelings into this wonderfully cohesive article!

And so it is.
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Health and Wholeness will Return in the Year Ahead, Revised

The End Times and the Golden Age associated with our climb to the Fifth Dimension will see a great number of changes in our experience of our life, our health, and our bodies.

These changes will happen gradually as move through the Fourth to the Fifth Dimensions and will continue past Ascension on our endless journey back to God. Let’s review some of them.

Bodies Less Physical

One of the major differences between this Ascension and any other that has occurred before is that, in this Ascension, as Matthew Ward tells us, “the souls who accompany Earth will do so in their physical bodies.” (1)

While physicality continues to exist in some form throughout the dimensions between us and God and only ceases to exist with our return to the Formless, our bodies become increasingly refined the higher up the ladder of dimensionality we go. SaLuSa tells us that “when you reach our stage, as you eventually will, the body is much less physical.” (2)

It is less physical, SaLuSa says, because “in the higher dimensions your body will [be comprised] of matter of a much higher vibration.” (3) Not only our bodies, he says, but “everything around you will also be in a state of perfection.” (4) The changes will be gradual, SaLuSa informs us: “Allow for great changes to come with Ascension, clearly not all at once but as a process of evolution that is always taking place.” (5)

On occasion, SaLuSa suggests that majority of these changes awaits Ascension, such as here: “ That time will come when you ascend, and nothing such as disease will be able to make any difference to you.” (6) But on other occasions, he suggests that many of the changes will occur before Ascension, such as here: “If you have imperfections now such as some form of disablement, it will have been corrected before you ascend.” (7) Or here: “Even between now and the end of the cycle, you will notice quite big changes within yourselves. Harmony and balance in all things is taking place, and it will continue even until after Ascension.” (8)
Here again, SaLuSa tells us that these new healing capacities will come to us in the end times before Ascension and that healing will be instantaneous by the power of thought: “You have untold powers that will come to you as you approach the end time, and you will take these with you and advance them to even higher levels. Healing for example would become instantaneous by the power of thought.” (9)

Specifically, these changes arise because our bodies are absorbing more light and becoming more crystalline, Matthew tells us: “Souls that absorb the light, which is constantly available to all, are changing at cellular level from carbon-based third density bodies to crystalline-based bodies that can survive in the higher frequencies.” (10)

On another occasion he calls the absorption of light “your ‘travel ticket’ … that comes automatically with living in godly ways.” (11) The absorption of light will change bodies into a state that does not degenerate, he says.

“As I mentioned earlier, as Earth continues her ascension into higher vibrations, people receptive to the light continuously being beamed at them will physically travel with her into the lighter density. The absorption of light not only brings spiritual clarity, it also changes body cells into a crystalline structure that will not degenerate as do third dimensional body cells. Diseases now affecting the brain, along with all other diseases rampant in third dimensional Earth, will not exist once the planet is free from the lower frequencies.” (12)

SaLuSa agrees that the change to crystalline structure is what’s causing our restoration to more amenable conditions: “One day in the future your vibrations will have reached such a high level, that the lower energies will have absolutely no effect upon you. Already your body cells are changing and when they become crystalline you will untouchable.” (13)

Melchizedek likens these changes to a new paradigm that will transcend limitations.

“Even your physical bodies are being systematically changed and altered to accommodate more Light to enter into the very cells of your body.

“New possibilities such as reversing the aging process and eliminating disease in the physical body that were considered impossible are on the verge of transcending such limited viewpoint. You are being given the opportunity to create a new paradigm, a new pattern that will have far reaching effects that will cause profound changes within the psyche of all of Humanity who will begin to experience renewal and rebirth to untold possibilities for the benefit and highest good of All.” (14)

All limiting circumstances will be a thing of the past once we enter the higher vibrations, SaLuSa says.

“How often do you feel tired in your physical body, or suffer pain and disability. Well, let us say that all of it will be put behind you when you rise up. Such conditions will never be repeated again, as none of the physical problems can relate to your Light body. Its vibrations are so high that nothing can manifest except it is in its perfect expression. When times get hard remind yourself of how short lived they will be, and how in next to no time they will become just distant memories.” (15)

No Death

There is no death as we know it in the Fifth Dimension. When we want to change our bodies, we simply discard the one we’re in for a new one.

“Of course when you rise up into the higher levels, you have a simple transition from one life to another without going through death. You do it through your own choosing, as you decide when it is your time to move on. You can literally step out of your old body into a new one as you desire.” (16)

Ag-Agria agrees with SaLuSa: “It is a unique time in this cycle that offers a release from duality, and death such as you understand it. Your future Self will when the necessity arises take a new body without the need to experience dying again.” (17)

Life spans, by which is meant the time between changes in bodies, are much greater in Fifth Dimensionality, as Matthew reveals: “In fourth density the bodies of aged persons will become youthful and live healthfully much longer than your current life expectancy, and life spans in fifth density can be tenfold or more than yours are now.” (18)

There will be no specific date on which a person must “die,” Matthew says.

“Yes, life spans will be much longer, but there will not be a specific ‘drop-dead’ age then any more than now—always soul growth is the decisive longevity factor; when Earth has presented all the experiencing a soul needs to move into a greatly different plane, he will leave. The splendid difference is, in the Golden Age there is the spiritual clarity that life is unending learning and growing, there is no excruciating grief and sense of loss that exists now, and all can communicate telepathically with beloved souls elsewhere in the universe.” (19)

No Sickness

In Third Dimensionality, duality and density attract impurities such as disease, SaLuSa says.

“Duality is simply the result of being in the lower vibrations, where matter is so solid and dense that it can attract what you might call the impurities. These are in the form of disease that cannot exist in the higher vibrations. The lower they become the greater the possibility exists of more deadly diseases. Conditions are not helped of course by Man’s insistence on introducing chemicals into agriculture, and into the food chain. Your body is very resilient and adaptable, but will eventually become poisoned as a result.” (20)

But our higher-vibrating bodies “will be disease free.” (21) Matthew lists some of the specific conditions that will no longer exist: “In the Golden Age all peoples regardless of age will be healed from the effects of emotional stress and environmental and food toxins; anorexia will not exist; and newborns will be perfect.” (22)

SaLuSa concurs with Matthew’s assessment: “There will eventually be a regeneration of your body cells. You are beginning to move into your Ascension bodies, and these will not carry forward any existing imperfections.” (23)

Ascension will put an end to all health concerns, Atmos says: “Your Ascension in a higher physical body puts an end to matters of health that concern you on Earth, as it is of such a vibration that it is not prone to the illnesses or disease that you now experience.” (24)

We carry the information that will make our bodies perfect in our “blueprint,” which I assume is our DNA, SaLuSa tells us:

“[Perfection] is possible because even now you carry the original blueprint of your perfect body, and it can be activated. Perhaps the most welcome change will be to find that your new body will stay in its perfect condition, and you will be forever young and in your prime.” (25)

It was in part changes to our DNA, by dark forces, that brought us into contact with so many diseases and disabilities, Matthew says: “Eons back in your time, darkly-inclined souls altered human DNA to reduce the amount of light in bodies. That allowed them to install patterning for physical weakness, illness, aging, death, and severely decreased capacity for intelligence and spiritual clarity. (26)

This restriction of our DNA caused our dumbing down, Matthew says.

“In a recent message, we spoke about the altering of DNA to ‘dumb down’ Earth humankind, and programming the cells with aging, death and linear time was part of that. Until your cellular memory is restored to its original state, which is being accomplished via light absorption, it has no capacity to comprehend the universal continuum, where everything that ever was, IS.” (27)

But the ever-increasing amounts of light being beamed to Earth are reversing these conditions, he informs us: Those limitations are being reversed by the ever-increasing intensity of light in bodies that are absorbing it.” (28)

No illness, disability of other physical imperfection can exist in the Fifth Dimension, as SaLuSa tells us:

“Along with the changes in your body cells that keep you young and healthy, you have none of the illnesses or disabling features experienced on Earth.” (29)

“[In the Fifth Dimension, the body is] not subject to the ills and other problems you experience that you have now. It does not age or need the degree of attention that your present one demands, even to the point that it absorbs energy rather than your need to feed it.” (30)

Missing limbs will be replaced, as Matthew indicates: “If bodies lack organs or limbs or have physical, emotional or mental disorders, farther along the ascension pathway there will be healing of all disease and replacement of missing parts until the bodies are perfected and mental and emotional health is sound.” (31)

SaLuSa points to the galactics as his demonstration of the truth of what he says: “Come on board our ships and you will find no evidence of doctors or hospitals as such. We have healing chambers, but at our level they are for balancing our energies.” (32)

No Aging

Aging slows down in the higher dimensions, SaLuSa tells us.

“Something that would not be noticed yet is, because of the higher vibrations, the aging process is slowing down. Eventually it will stop, and once you have crystalline cells the whole process can be reversed through the power of thought. The new cells will have a greater degree of consciousness than previously, and re-act to thought more quickly.” (33)

Of the galactics, SaLuSa testifies: “We are in a perfect state of health, and do not age as you do.” (34) On another occasion, he mentions that “you will soon be seeing us amongst you, and will note that we are all in our prime.” (35)

Moreover, we’ll be able to choose our preferred age, he informs us:

“Already in your Astral levels that souls pass on to after death, they have sufficient power to present themselves to you as they wish to be seen. This is clearly useful when newly arriving souls meet with others who passed over many, many years before them. In this respect when you ascend you are not really going to experience something that is completely new to you.” (36)

We’ll also be able to choose the features we want, SaLuSa says: “Through your individual powers, you will be able to change any of your features you desire.” (37)

No Moods

Another consequence of having a higher-vibrating body is that we’ll be free of moods and reside in a happy, peaceful state, like our galactic mentors and friends.

“You will find us happy and always in a totally peaceful state. We are not prone to having moods such as humans have, and certainly do not get angry or bad tempered. “We do not of course have to suffer your experiences, but even so we are always calm and peaceful.

“All these positive attributes will also become yours, and as the vibrations continue to increase around you, you too will change for the better and able to eliminate anything that is less.” (38)

No Hunger

Hunger and thirst will no longer be features of life once we enter the higher dimensions, SaLuSa says.

“In a physical body you experience hunger, but as an Ascended Being you will have a lighter body of a higher vibration, and that will no longer be your experience. Your requirements for sustenance will be largely served by the energies all around you. When you always feel vibrant and healthy, you do not stop to think about fuelling your body. However, there are occasions when light foodstuffs and liquid refreshment are taken and enjoyed.” (39)

No Fatigue

Fatigue will also disappear, SaLuSa reveals: “Most importantly you are always totally energized, and do not experience the tiredness and fatigue that is a normal part of your day-to-day life at present.” (40)

There will no longer be any need for long sleep periods:

“Because you replenish your energy as you go along, there is no need for long sleep periods as necessary on Earth. You may rest and relax but your body is of a higher vibration, and does not need long regular re-energizing.” (41)

“In the lower vibrations you become tired out very easily. Because you will be in a lighter body, unlike on Earth it does not require periods of sleep but rest is sufficient to re-energise yourself.” (42)

Life, in General

Life in general will take on an altogether different character to what it is now, SaLuSa informs us:

“Life will become entirely different to what it is now, and one continuously happy and joyful event. The demands made upon you now will cease and there will be no place for drudgery or boredom. Everything is exciting and continually filling you with Light and Love.” (43)

This process of increasing perfection will continue as we journey onwards, Ag-Agria tells us.

“Eventually the vibrations will be so high that you will be entering a state of near perfection as a Light Being. Then you will be able to be yourself, that is your Higher Self adorned with the Light of many suns, and radiate the love that knows no ending.” (44)

All in all, SaLuSa says, “you have so much to look forward to, which makes any efforts you need to make in readiness for Ascension so worthwhile.” (45)

Thus, our journey from here on forward will see us acquire increasingly better states of health. It will see aging reversed, health restored, missing limbs re-aquired, and death banished. We have so much to look forward to in our enhanced states of health and perfected moods that worry and fear could be usefully put behind us. Combined with the return of abundance and ease, these changes as we approach Ascension will revolutionize our lives.
by Steve Beckow

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