Tuesday, December 20, 2011

dark cabal Don't Believe In God or Faith, Have No Trust In Anything Whatsoever; Don't Believe In Justice or Love--ALL Has To Be Possessed & Controlled

Thank you Allendale and Laura!
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Allendale: You Must Unlearn What You Have Learnt

A new beginning is always difficult to cope with, so be prepared for a rock and roll sweet ladies and gentlemen. The gates are opening and light is allowed in, in massive quantities. We are at and have been at war with the cabal factions for millions of years, in many galaxies. In effect, we are their conscious, their reminder, their worse enemies but also their best friends. The massive cleansing operation we are part of is sweeping this entire quadrant, this entire galaxy. The work we do for the cabal will benefit them in the long run, no doubt. They will appreciate it when they realize what we do, we do for the general transformation of dark matter, incarnated here. The cabal minions are of a different make up to yours, ladies and gentlemen. Their perspective is unique to them, they do have an entirely different approach to everything they encounter. Their psyche is wired in an entirely different way to yours.
This is an important point to get across if we are going to manage a communication bridge between your world and theirs.

Everything is a potential threat in the cabal’s mind, so the urge to control all and everybody is extremely powerful. They do not believe in God, not in faith, have no trust in anything what so ever. They do not believe in justice, in love, all has to be possessed and controlled. I hope this is helping in making you understand their frame of mind. The only religion they have is selfishness, materialism, and control. These are their only weapons. Anything outside of these norms is life threatening to them. Our mission is compassion and transformation. And I am talking about inner transformation, the kind of thing that comes from within, if you get my drift. These beings were not educated to follow their instincts, their feelings. We have no desire in harming them, our mission is to help them see their own inner light, which is extremely frightful to them.

The reason this is so frightful, is they have to look and judge themselves. Now, nobody likes that very much. Particularly not when you are a dark one. Many humans were raised in dark families or in families controlled by the cabal. Your thinking system has been toyed with, my lads. The road ahead will lead you towards unlearning what you have learnt and reprogram your self. Think of it as some kind of rehabilitation. But this can only come from within. Nobody can force anything on you. Always be yourself in all and everything, but also always question your self and your own motivations. This is enough thinking matter for today, my lads.

Will speak with you soon again.
Allendale out.
by Laura Tyco



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