Monday, December 19, 2011

Do What Your Heart Tells You Is Right For You and To Learn To Accept EFFORTLESSNESS Is the Way Of the Universe

Thank you Uriel and Jennifer, once again!
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Uriel's Message: Take Inspired Action

What inspires you? What moves you to take action, to focus your energy towards a specific goal? What are you so passionate about that you forget your doubts and fears and move forward with clarity of thought and purpose? Do you act only when you feel you must or are forced to and therefore react to situations? Or do you take action in order to avoid potentially difficult situations? Learning to take inspired action, to use divine timing, spiritual guidance and your own intuitive knowing will help you step into the flow of the Universe and draw you closer to your desired reality with effortless grace and ease, into a reality unfolding with peace, joy and abundance.

Inspired action is action that is taken with confidence and knowing that a particular step is the right one to take. Learning to use your guidance and intuition to decide when to take the next step and in which direction to go creates a balance between mind and spirit that utilizes the best of your learning and experience to create the possibility of a new reality. How do you know when action is inspired? When you feel calm, at peace and are not afraid. This is when the results flow and you only have to think about what you want and the opportunities present themselves effortlessly.

Moving from the mind limits action to re-action because the mind responds from its past knowing and learning, so all it can create is a replay of past experiences. Learning to recognize inspiration, where you act from the new information and knowing provided by spirit, requires that you trust in your own spiritual competence and are willing to try what is new and different, even if it is something that you have never done before. Have you asked for guidance and the answer is a step into the unknown? Trust that your guidance will always lead you to the path of highest and greatest fulfillment, and into effortless creation.

Effortlessness will be the new energy of life when you learn to take inspired action, because you act in partnership with spirit, in the direction and on the path that are perfect for you. This is life lived with divine influence, that you trust in the Universe to fulfill every need within each moment. You move from destiny to creation and act from the heart's desire for your highest good. Now is the time to take inspired action in your life, to do what your heart tells you is right for you and to learn to accept that effortlessness is the way of the Universe. Choose an area of your life you want to change, ask for guidance and commit to accepting the challenge to trust and act from the point of this inspired guidance. Be still and know that you are loved and supported, be open to receiving the blessings of joy, peace and abundance and commit to your soul's desire for wholeness and that you know your divinity. Then be in spirit and be inspired.
by Jennifer Hoffman

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