Sunday, December 25, 2011

Intend To Release Those Old Disappointments By Recalling Them, Recognizing Them (Not Reacting), and Letting Them Go: They Are Invalid and Misplaced

Thank you Saul and John for reminding us!
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Focus On the Inspiring Events Happening All Over the World
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The speed at which you are progressing along the path to your awakening is accelerating as more and more people raise up the divine Light they are carrying so others may see it and do likewise. The momentum of humanity’s intent to awaken is now so great that, as divinely intended, awakening is inevitable and cannot be prevented or delayed. It is your glorious destiny, and the moment at which it will occur is rapidly approaching.

The doubt and anxiety some of you are experiencing as you await this transformative event are generally egoic distractions that encourage you to remember and even dwell on old disappointments on which you STILL have an emotional charge --although you may believe you've already that. Intend to release those memories by recalling them, recognizing them, and letting them go. They are part of the unreality the ego holds on to, and which are invalid and misplaced. God never reneges on His promises, and never fails to deliver. Focus on the inspiring events that are happening all over the world which demonstrate very clearly humanity is moving determinedly towards awakening, and intend to be a cooperative and effective part of that awe-inspiring movement.

What is truly changing are attitudes that have been ingrained in almost all cultures and races for eons –-attitudes of fear, and the need for self-preservation at all costs. With the enormous increases in the ease of travel and communication over distances that only one hundred years ago would have seemed inconceivable, new perceptions have become widespread: for example, the meeting and mixing that has smoothed the way for learning and understanding other races and cultures; and the acceptance of strangers instead of automatic distrust of them. And so a realization has dawned on most people, even if they do not generally express it, that at the deepest level everyone has the same basic needs, and that by cooperating together for the general good, EVERYONE'S needs can be met. Such a vast change in attitudes in such a short period of time is quite amazing. And it is this change in attitudes that was required for you to awaken, experience, and delight in your oneness with all sentient beings.

Your destiny, your intention to awaken into Reality has been the force and the motivation that has driven you to invent rituals, religions, and even gods to fill the space that appeared within you when you chose to separate yourselves from your Father so very long ago. It felt empty, anguished, and sickening to be without the all-embracing Love of your Father and so you sought out (still do) muses and wise ones, in fact anyone who claimed they could offer you something of great and lasting value to fill that agonizingly empty space within you –-but to no avail. How could anything unreal and illusory possibly replace Everything?

But that apparently empty space within you has never been empty because God is always with you. You just chose NOT to be aware, not to experience His Love, because in your arrogance you thought you did not need It. To convince yourselves that you were right you entered into a state of denial about your inseparability from God and from one another. Since then you have lived in fear –-of each other, and of the imaginary all-powerful and punishing being with which you attempted to replace your Father.

He is irreplaceable, He is Reality, you are all one with Him, and your joy on awakening and recognizing this will be boundless. As loving attitudes replace your fear, you'll start letting go of your belief in sin, guilt, and punishment, and allow yourselves to remember that you are, and always have been, divinely loved and cherished, and that is the changeless Reality which is God in Whose divine embrace you are eternally held in perfect peace and contentment.

With so very much love, Saul
by John Smallman

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