Sunday, December 4, 2011

And When You Send Love To Those Suffering, Also Send Forgiveness To the Perpetrators Who Are Suffering Greatly: They're in Denial of Their Suffering

Thank you Saul and John!
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Awakening From the Illusion Will Enable All Your Faculties

Remember by holding the Light and demonstrating love, gentleness, kindness, forgiveness, and compassion at all times, or just whenever you can spend even a moment expressing and sharing the intent to do so, you change yourselves and, as a result, you change the world. That is why you are on Earth in human form at this moment in her history – to help all to awaken into Reality. The moment for that awakening is drawing ever closer, and so the effect of your efforts strengthens and intensifies with that of the divine energy field enveloping all on Earth. This is a time of enormous and unprecedented significance for all of humanity.

Awakening from the illusion will enable all your faculties, allowing you to know and understand experientially what it means to be one with God. When that happens it will be as though a dark and enshrouding cloak had been removed, or a thick, gray mist had evaporated, disclosing the brilliance of Reality in all its glory. The exhilaration of that moment will be stupendous. You are all dearly loved, so open your hearts in acceptance, and focus on releasing the burdensome fog of personal issues that is obstructing your vision – and the improvement in how you feel will amaze you.

You are destined to return to your true, divine state where you are utterly Yourselves, living in perfect harmony with one another and with God. There is Reality, there is where you are eternally, and there is here – where you are now and in every moment – you just cannot sense it at present because your belief in and attachment to the illusion is so strong. And that is going to change!

As you wait, poised to awaken, know you are being inundated with Love, guidance, and spiritual assistance on a scale that in your human state you cannot possibly imagine. God’s Intent, and yours, is you awaken, and so you will; it is inevitable. There are signs showing up in innumerable places throughout the illusory reality which demonstrate this very clearly. Every time you become aware of something kind and loving occurring anywhere, in your own personal lives, or on the other side of the world –-give thanks. Giving thanks is a powerful and effective way to extend and share the divine energy field, thus assisting everyone in their move towards awakening.

Whenever you become aware of pain or suffering in someone you know, or in anyone anywhere, immediately intend to send them love and compassion to ease their situation. It really is very effective. As you well know, you each have a personal energy field that envelops you at all times, and when you intend to send love to anyone, not only is it effective but it also strengthens that energy field.

And when you send love to those suffering, also –-and this is very important-– send forgiveness to the perpetrators who are also suffering greatly. They are in denial of their suffering, and imagine what they are doing brings them satisfaction, and even joy. However, any of you who have observed someone operating out of hate or vindictiveness must have been aware of the intense sense of bitterness and even unadmitted self-loathing that they were experiencing. So they need your love just as desperately as those they are abusing. Many find it hard to accept that the abusers have this intense need for love, but that is because they themselves are still nursing and clinging to painful grievances.

You are all on the path to becoming fully-conscious beings, and on that path enormous healings are occurring –-healings that are an essential part of your awakening process. Forgiveness is the medication, the treatment that will heal you all, indiscriminately and without exception. It is a human virtue you must embrace. Start by forgiving small pains or offenses that have seemingly been inflicted upon you – someone cutting you out in traffic, someone being rude to you at work or in the shops – because it is not difficult for you in these kinds of situations to see that the one involved is feeling stressed and is reacting without awareness. As you allow yourselves to become aware that their action is not personally directed at you, you will find that you can forgive them quite easily. When you have done that you will notice that the stress that that event caused you has dissolved, and you will feel more at peace, and indeed you may well experience a warm glow of love for yourselves for being forgiving. Forgiveness, wherever it is directed – self, family, associates, leaders – is incredibly healing and creates and shares love, which is what everyone is seeking.

So many feel within themselves an unworthiness, a sense they do not deserve to be loved, and when someone treats them in a kindly or loving way they feel uplifted. Therefore, realize your kind or loving treatment of another is very honoring and healing. So, be kind, be loving, be forgiving, and help to awaken all into their natural fully-conscious state. It is going to happen, so pull your weight, smile lovingly, and bring it on.

With so very much love, Saul
by John Smallman

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