Friday, December 30, 2011

Act With the Purest of Intent: As You Climb the Ascension Ladder and Along Your Journey Into Further Awareness, Your Path Is Filled w/Even More Light

Thank you Prince Regent and Julie for this exciting update and guidance!
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A Message from the Illuminations: The Third Order of Angels of the First Choir
(emphasis added)

Blessings dear ones. It gives me great pleasure to speak to all of you, not as the Archangel Sandalphon but as the Prince Regent of the Illuminations, which is the Third Order of Angels of the First Choir. There are 12 orders in the hierarchy of angels and there is much information given on each order. I came through this dear one a few days ago through one of her many visions to prepare her for this Earthly visit.

I have come forth on this day to speak of your great Inner Intelligence that fills every part of you very being with fantastic light that is an extension of God himself. Some of you have yet to discover this amazing light, but it is there as well as your great knowledge and wisdom. All you are to do dear ones is look, dig if you must; but you will find yourself from much reflection, meditation and from your own self love that is based from the purest of emotion, thought and intent: LOVE.

Many ask how can I study or learn under God. God is with you always, look dear ones with a clear and open heart and see all the wonders about you that is a gift from God. You are rich with so much and God works with you every time you speak HIS name. Speak HIS name with love and reverence. You do not study UNDER God, you study beside him. After all you are a child of God, and HE will teach all that you are willing to learn through your generous heart.

Each of you has within you the ability to do anything you set your mind to. You must want what it is you are trying to achieve with all your heart, and you will after much effort and work, reach what it is you are looking to attain. The wisdom you have often gets ignored. How many times have you asked yourself something, then listen to another option and wish you listened to what was inside your heart after-the-fact? That my dears is your inner voice talking to you, speaking wisdom for you act upon. Listen dear ones and listen with your heart ALWAYS.

No matter where you are at dear ones, each of you already shine with the love of God marking each step. You have awakened unto a beautiful journey, into the path of God. And God loves each of you with equal Divine love and Divine Light. This Light touches your very soul and illuminates you along your journey. Your journey will bring you into many dark corners, but the light that has become a part of your spiritual and personal existence will light your way every time. Believe this light is there; Believe with your heart dear ones and it is. When acting with the purest of Intent, you are being and responding in the way of God. And as you climb the ascension ladder and along your journey into further awareness your path becomes filled with even more light. A brilliant light it is, the brightest of white, warm and comforting with a soft glow that reaches your soul belongs to all of you.

Do not hesitate on what you can achieve until you try dear ones. Giving yourself this completely over to FULL trust of yourself and of God is a huge endeavour dear ones, and not to be taken lightly. Allow the FULL Divine Light of God and HIS Love enter your heart, and fill your body and soul as a Divine extension of Himself. Meditate upon God’s image or namesake, call to HIM and HE will answer dear ones as I will answer when you require guidance to what will aid you to rekindle the spark that you have within yourself that will show you how to guide yourself from dark situations with much confidence and zest.

You will excel all your expectations when you work from the light that lives within your heart dear ones. The Divine Light that shines from within you will guide you to discovering the knowledge you will require to succeed in all avenues. It is with you at all times dear ones. Do not doubt what you may not be able to visibly see, simply feel it dear ones. There is not a corner in your life that does not require light, and even in your spiritual journey light is required. You must pass through the darkness to reach the beautiful breathtaking light. The darkness has nothing to fear, it is a means to reaching your newly acclaimed wisdom that has been recently found from honest searching within yourself and trusting your guides and intuition.

In the darkness dear ones there is much to learn. Many of your greatest challenges and lessons came from a time when you were experiencing a dark moment that seemed to have gone on forever. Each step through a dark moment in time brought you closer to the Light and into the arms of God that enveloped you each time. Yes, God has embraced you, held your hand, and sat with you during many of your successes. HE does not look at any failures as a fail, but of a means of learning. Mistakes are made dear ones for you to learn then re-teach to others so they may gain knowledge from your wisdom. Turn any parts of your life regardless if they are past or present into positive forms of action and opportunities for spiritual and personal growth. Don’t allow them to swallow you up. Take a stand and keep the power that is filled with love and BE who are meant to be. YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD. Shine your Divine Light. Illuminate others with your Divine Wisdom. I feel this inside each of you. And it is NOW time for each of you to feel this within yourselves.

A new year --a new earth-- is approaching, giving opportunity for great changes to occur on a global scale that incorporates love, light, compassion, kindness and ALL aspects of your God-self. Take a hold of this opportunity to learn new things, to teach others what is in your heart, be part of the unity that is growing each and every day of becoming one with your many brothers and sisters and of course with God. The Oneness is spreading dear ones; it’s catching on like a wildfire. Your contributions of sharing love in all aspects of your life is aiding to this dear ones. Continue being the love guided soul you are. Do not stop. Commit yourself and your heart to an eternity of Devotion and Love to God and to ALL of mankind.

I am preparing to take leave dear ones. Coming forth today in this fashion required a great amount of energy from this child to receive me. I am merciful and thankful to her and to all of you as I love you completely and see so much good work coming from each of you in the name of LOVE.

Always shine your Light and share your Wisdom,
Prince Regent of Illuminations: the Third Order of Angels of the First Choir, Sandalphon
by Julie Miller

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