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As A Result Of Your Spiritual Growth, Others Will Seek You Out Because Your Energy Field Has Become Calm, Accepting and Welcoming

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The Focus of Your Intent Is Where You Place Your Attention

Waiting, expectantly, as you are doing, is important because it means that you are focusing on your intent to awaken into your natural and fully-conscious state. The focus of your intent is where you place your attention, and that is how you bring your desires into being. In order to do anything you have to place your attention on it, and you do want to awaken. However, many get distracted by the increasing stresses that the illusion presents to them in their daily lives, and they forget that they need to keep restating their intent to awaken. If you do not keep restating your intent it changes, which is part of the peculiarity that is the illusion. You are aware of this in your daily lives and many of you make to-do lists to help you ensure that things you consider important get done. Well, your intent to awaken needs to be placed high up on your to-do list, and not down at the bottom where it is all too easily forgotten.

A to-do list can be very helpful, but oftentimes it has far too much on it, causing sensations of overwhelm which may lead to its abandonment as procrastination sets in. Then negative self-judgment takes over and people may force themselves into action unwillingly. The way to get things done is by relieving the stress and anxiety about not getting them done – letting go of the “shoulds” and “musts” – and allowing yourselves to do them intuitively when, and for no apparent reason, the moment seems right. To be aware of your intuitive guidance you have to spend down-time, when you relax quietly without any outside distractions – companions, children, work associates, phone, TV, computer – and without filling your mind with thoughts of things that need to be done, worries, or other problems. Thoughts will occur, but do not engage with them . . . just let them pass, and as your mind quietens and becomes peaceful, you make space available within it for your intuition to offer you loving guidance, which it will.

Your intuition is a great talent that every one of you has. Many are unaware of it or refuse to believe that they have it, and others limit its use to only a few areas of their lives. However, it can and should be developed so that you are always aware of its guidance flowing gently and spontaneously within you so that your thoughts, words, and actions are wisely and compassionately directed in every moment. It does take time to develop, but when you make time available for this purpose on a regular basis you will find your levels of stress and anxiety decreasing, to be replaced by a sense of peaceful confidence.

When the sense of peaceful confidence regularly fills your mind, you will find it much easier to deal with the issues and problems with which life in the illusion presents you. You will be able to attend to your duties and chores with equanimity, and the stress and tension that the words or actions of others can lead to will be far less likely to faze you. In fact, every aspect of your life will become more balanced, more stable, almost serene, as you accept whatever occurs in the moment, in the knowledge you have all the necessary talents and abilities to cope with the flow of life.

As a result of your spiritual growth, which occurs as you develop and learn to use your intuition, others will seek you out because your energy field has become calm, accepting, and welcoming. This will therefore affect their energy fields, encouraging them to relax in the safety it provides, and then they too will start to experience a sense of the peace and confidence you demonstrate and share with all whom you encounter. These peace- sharing encounters will increase and multiply because they are part of the divine plan to assist humanity in awakening, and they form a vital and essential part of the task in which you are engaged as that wondrous moment approaches.

Your loving brother, Jesus
by John Smallman

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