Saturday, December 17, 2011

Eyes Are Windows To Our Soul: Through Our Own All-seeing 3rd Eye We See EVERYTHING ... Visible & Invisible, Lie & Truth, Good & Bad, Earth and Beyond

Thank you Horus ...He is one of my mentors over many lifetimes!! He has gifted me with a pendant, The Eye of Horus. Of course, I have my own personal meaning of my Eye of Horus, but it's nice to gain this additional perspective of the sacred symbol hanging around my neck!!

Thank you IsIs, Horus, Osiris and Susan!
And so it is.
*** gavin

Mystery School: Message from IsIs

Dear beloved Souls of beautiful Mother Earth

This is IsIs speaking. I am hoping you are having an adventurous and enlightening Time as we approach 2012. We are all here to help and there are no limits to what we can do, together, hand in hand. And this is my Message for this special Day: BECOME WHOLE AGAIN. You have a well-known saying, which you tell yourself or others often: Be at peace with YOURSELF.

I would like to go deeper into the spiritual Meaning of what this really means and shed some Light on a matter, that is very important to me on a personal Level as well: The so-called All-Seeing Eye, which you know from Ancient Egyptian Museums, Mythology or even modern Media more and more, as I am returning.

The All-Seeing Eye is a very ancient Symbol, which was known in other Forms before the Times of the Pharaos.

Since the Eyes are the Door/Window to your Soul, as we say today in modern Times even, the All-Seeing Eye in reality is a rare Symbol of true spiritual Mastery. It means that one sees everything, visible and invisible, Lie and Truth, Good and Bad, on Earth and Beyond. In the same time, it is a direct Symbol of God’s All-Seeing Eye, which literally sees everything in Creation, below and above, hidden and shown, action and thought.

Then, in Egyptian History, we also have another Name and Identity for this Eye, which is very interesting to be looked at closer today:

- Eye of Amun Ra

- Eye of Horus

- And the Mystery Schools of Osiris & IsIs (Horus’ Parents) were also named after one Eye from Osiris and the other Eye from IsIs

And to be quite honest, it sometimes really makes me angry, when the pure and knowledgeable History of my Country gets pulled “through the Dirt” and called “bad” and “evil.” In fact, for the Ones who read a little further into Ancient Egyptian Mythology, you will also probably have read some of the Stories from the real BAD GUYS in Ancient Egypt: And they used Fear and Attacks on, for example, Horus’ Eye to attack his spiritual Strength/Soul.

One could even simplify it more and say, when telling everyone in Town your Eyes/Soul, or a Part of it, is something negative in any way, then you attack the very belief of this Individual if you give into what they say. Further, when in Doubt about your own inner Power ...the very thought ("doubt") adversely makes your Inner Power get weaker [the "bad guys" staying in power and weakening the general populace].

This is why RE-MEMBERING becomes so important for Self-Empowerment.

Said in a harshly direct way: The Devil is SEPARATION, God is UNITY.

Re-MEMBER, Adams and Eves out there. RE-MEMBER.

With much eternal Love & Light,

by Susan Elsa

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