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Many Of You Will Be Feeling Uncertain and Insecure. If You Can Cultivate Peace In Uncertainty, Then You Will Feel a Sense Of Connection Like Never B4

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Akashic Records for December 2011

What energy and experiences can we expect in December 2011?

This month is going to feel strange to many of you. There is a cosmic realignment occurring that will cause you to feel as if you cannot find the ground beneath your feet.

For some, this will manifest as an experience of not being able to keep track of time very well. Some of you will feel like you are not very present in what you are doing; it might be difficult to focus. Some of you will have vivid dreams or visions, and your clairvoyance might be stronger. Some of you will feel more connected to Spirit than ever before, but most of you will feel unfocused and unclear. There is no judgment or value to these different experiences. Every one of you is connected to this energy and every one of you is expanding and shifting.

There is a lot shifting in the higher dimensions and you are more capable of consciously sensing this than you ever have been before. If you are feeling ungrounded, unfocused, or lost this month do not imagine that there is something wrong with you and do not imagine that you have fallen behind. Instead, consider that you are sensing higher dimensional energy fields for the first time as a human being, and your mind does not know what to make of it yet. Consider that you have expanded your consciousness to a point where you are feeling what you do not yet understand. Allow yourself to feel it and trust you will understand later.

This is an important time to take very good care of your bodies. It is an important time to take a deep breath and slow down. If you try to rush around this month, you might find that you get into accidents and make mistakes. Because you are not very grounded, you need to be extra careful to be mindful and thoughtful about your body and the things that you say and every action that you take.

Can you tell us more about this cosmic shift that’s occurring?

Yes. The cosmic shift is occurring around the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere and the summer solstice in the southern hemisphere. The solstice is the moment in time when the sun reaches its farthest point to the south in its yearly cycle of angle toward Earth. This moment of the solstice has occurred every year, over and over again for a long, long time.

Therefore, it has created a portal. This portal was created just as a pathway through the forest, through repetition and ritual. The Earth and the Sun have created this portal in preparation for awakening at this time for humanity. The portal will be activated in December 2012 to provide resource for humanity – a new channel for cosmic energy and information to be available on Earth.

This year in 2011, every solstice of every year previous to this one is lining up so that it can be available for next year’s opening. You can imagine a series of plates being stacked and you are standing on the top plate, which represents the dimensional field of the 2011 solstice. Just like a stack of plates, just below 2011 is another disk for the solstice of 2010. Below that is the solstice of 2009 and for forth. You imagine the stack of plates goes on for so many years you could not even imagine, because the southern solstice has been occurring long before humanity ever existed on this planet. This portal has been built for millions upon millions of years. Each of those disks has held its own separate energy for millennia. And what is happening this year in December 2011 is that the energy of all of those is coming into alignment. They are still independent, yet they are lining up so they can operate as a single portal for 2012.

So that alignment, or that shift, it takes a lot of energy from you and from everything in this dimension, so you find it hard to focus. The portal it creates gives you a lot of energy, so you will find a higher sense of connection over time as this becomes integrated. It is as if the ground has shifted below your feet. There is a feeling like the Earth just shifted, like in an earthquake. That is why you are going to be feeling ungrounded. That is why it will be difficult to get a sense of where you stand. That is what we mean by multidimensional shift.

How can we find the greatest benefit from this energy?

The greatest benefit you will find is in that connection with Spirit that becomes available when things are shifting. But the only way to find that benefit is to be gentle and slow down. It is important to slow down because it is more probable that you will encounter trouble this month than it is that you will feel connected. Everything is shifting, and if you rush or try too hard, you will fall.

If you are not grounded and mindful this month, it can be easy to get into accidents, it can be easy to say things that you do not mean or that you regret later. It can also be easy to feel like you are not sure where you stand in your relationships, in your job, and in your home environment.

Many of you will be feeling uncertain and insecure. Insecurities and doubts will come to the surface this month. This is a golden opportunity for you to take a look at those and heal yourself. Consider how you have been hurt before that has led you to feel uncertain now; consider where you are being stubborn, and consider where you are being close-hearted. Take a look at how your life takes shape this month and use it as an opportunity to heal and resolve some things.

This is an important time to get used to, or become comfortable with not knowing. It is a good time to exercise your ability to live with ambiguity and to be at peace with yourself even when you have unanswered questions. If you can cultivate this sense of peace in the midst of uncertainty, then you will feel a sense of connection like never before.

That is the greatest way to find benefit during the month of December 2011.
by Jen Eramith, M.A.

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