Friday, December 23, 2011

To Believe You Are ONE w/Each Other and Creator Is Comforting and Enticing, But To Know & Experience It Is Beyond Your Severely Limited Consciousness

Now that's funny: "Pop ...pop ...pop pop" as I stick my finger through the soap bubbles in my bath --oh this is FUN!!

Now I'm in the mood to grab my 4year old daughter's bottle of bubbles and go to town...! Look out honey, I'm about to chase you around the house getting bubbles in your hair --yahooey!


Thank you Saul and John.
*** gavin

The Illusion Is As Insubstantial As a Soap Bubble
(emphasis added)

Humanity is about to awaken, and you LightBearers know this. Focus on this knowing, on this certainty, because you are making it happen. It is God’s Will and yours that you awaken; consequently, that is the only possible and only available outcome. When you focus your attention on reaching your divine destination, the Light you are carrying on-high burns brightly, helping to show others the way. Living with love and acceptance in your hearts intensifies the strength of the divine energy field embracing you all and further undermines the crumbling foundations of the illusion.

Deep within every human heart lies the desire to love and to be loved. Because you were all created in Love, Love is your natural state, and the Flame of Love, placed there at the moment of your creation, is inextinguishable. You hid from it when you chose to experience the illusion of separation from your Father, but now the inadvisability of that choice and the suffering that it has caused can no longer remain hidden from you. Your ability to deny Reality is weakening, because the intensity of divine Love embracing you all is sapping your resolution to believe in your separation from God.

You have NEVER been separated from God because such a state of existence is impossible ...and DOES NOT EXIST anywhere! Without God there is nothing, because He encompasses all that exists, and there is no other place, state, or potential for existence beyond Reality, which is infinite, limitless, without beginning or end: Eternal. And because He is unconditional Love there is only joy, ecstasy, bliss –-any state other than these you experience is impermanent, transient, illusory. To awaken is to become aware of, to know, and to experience the glory of God with Whom you are eternally One. Because of this your experience of the illusion has been but momentary, even though it seems to have held you within itself for untold eons. The wonder your awakening will bring is beyond your imagination because it is beyond the littleness and isolation of the illusion, and therefore unimaginable.

Right now, in the eternal now where you always have your existence, you are fully awake in the infinite brilliance of God’s Presence. The sole reason you are not experiencing that is because you chose to build the illusion, enclose yourselves within it, and refused to come out. It is as insubstantial as a soap bubble, but the power of your thought, given to you by your Father, enables you to maintain it in a form that seems vast, solid, and substantial. But your belief in this is weakening as your science makes it clearer and clearer that nothing solid exists, that there is only energy which is constantly in motion and constantly changing. That is hard for you to accept, and very unsettling. Nevertheless, you will be unable to maintain your belief in the unreality you have built for very much longer. Deep within yourselves you are sensing this with excitement and delight. This sense, this inner knowing, is bringing brief surges of eager expectation into your awareness, seemingly for no accountable reason at all, that are uplifting and stimulating.

To believe you are ONE with each other and with your Creator is comforting, stabilizing, freeing, and enticing, but to know it and to experience it is far beyond the reach of your severely limited imaginations while you still cling helplessly and fearfully to your state of illusory unreality. That state of fearful apprehension cannot and will not last. You are starting to exercise your fingers gently and carefully in preparation for releasing your frenzied grip on something that is not there. In your dream state your finger nails are no longer digging so fiercely into your palms. Wakefulness is approaching, and the dream is to end and fade away in the stunning brightness of God’s eternal day.

With so very much love, Saul
by John Smallman

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