Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ask & Invoke the Violet Flame: Only You Will Know If Your Clearing Was Successful. You'll Feel No Anger, No Tears Will Come: You'll Sigh With Relief

Thank you El Morya and Julie.
And so it is!
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Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message Dec27 - Jan03
(emphasis added)

Before you move forward and advance even further, it is important to have dissolved any negative situation that has been causing you upset or unnecessary worry. Negative thought forms will not help your advancement but addressing them head on will. Ask and invoke the Violet Flame dear ones while you venture into past trauma or ugly situations that have not been fully dealt with. They require closure on all levels. Any amount of disharmony will fog your journey and spiritual advancement. I understand your uncertainty or possibly not being ready. You must be ready to do this. To go back into past memories that still hold much pain when you are not completely ready will only need to be repeated. Be brave dear ones, and trust in your own inner voice and intuition when the right time becomes apparent. You will not be alone when you are finally ready. Collect around you a circle of protectors that will support you, guide you and love you. This is a most difficult part of all journeyers. And sometimes this clearing gets done again throughout your life for different reasons. As you clear, you are accepting what the event is ALL about. You are looking with clear open eyes and with the aid of your pure heart. The Violet Flame, once invoked will help heal you as you go about your clearing and accepting. During your clearing is a wonderful opportunity for forgiveness dear ones. Forgive those that have harmed you and the harm you may have caused others. Find closure, this is partly what going back into past situations is for. Another part is to remove yourself from whatever blame or guilt the situation has effected you with. Close the door once all the pain can no longer effect you in the present day. Only you will know if your clearing was successful. You will be able to look back and feel no anger, no tears will come, and you sigh with relief. There are many guides surrounding you that will be with you each step of the way and many are in their physical bodies such as this child.

Your thought forms hold so much cause and effect not only on yourself but on others. It is important to think, speak and act in the way of God. Which means to think, speak and act through your heart dear ones. Be kind, compassionate and loving in all you do, no matter how menial the task is; the menial task will move faster and smoother. When you move through your daily routine from your heart and become comfortable living this way, you will find your very step is lighter. Allow your heart to soar dear ones, free yourself from the nagging worries and pressures of the past. Live your life filled with unconditional love that is to be shared with not only the dear people that make up your family, friends, co-workers, etc., but with everyone. Love is to be shared not kept to one’s self. Shine your beautiful Light onto others with every move and see their light shine back at you.

As you successfully move forward from clearing, you will be able to comfort those that are trying to change their thought forms and learn newer ways of thinking. Help others conquer their fears that has a hold on their confidence just as you had. The wisdom you have gained from your own clearing experience will be utmost beneficial to others. Yes, your experiences will differ, but you have been there, and you can help. Helping, sharing, showing compassion and kindness towards your fellow light workers, friends, family members and others within your community or across the planet is bringing ALL together to collaborate as ONE. Each of you has this potential and each of you will help another as each of you move forward and Master different parts of yourself.

Invoking the Violet Flame to aid in removing the negative thoughts, disharmony, or discord that have been caused from a past life, old memory, or from any other reality will aid in healing not only your mind, but your heart and spirit as well. The Violet Flame is a very warm and nurturing flame and is there for you when you need its healing ways. Let it surround you and envelop you within its core to wash away the clinginess that is from negative emotional situations, events or traumas. Allow the Flame to uplift you to its healing rays of pure love and light that is sent not only from me but from the heavens and moves with the Love from God.

You have the tools to heal yourself from within. USE THEM, climb forward after each succession on your journey. Hard work brings many rewards dear ones. Your rewards will bring you even closer to the Oneness with yourself and with God. Peace is not so far away and you have more peace after each time you clear. Once you are at complete Oneness with yourself and with God, you will find perfect peace that nothing before could compare. It is a worthy goal and one that is NOT too lofty. Keep up the great work. You have done well and you will continue to do well. Never lose Faith dear ones in your capabilities. Inside of you is a wealth of information that will lead you to your spiritual development and success that will also effect your personal life and where you are at. Embrace all that you have with full gratitude.

And I am embracing each of you with my whole heart, filled with perfect and unconditional love. I look forward to our next transmission which will be in the new year.

And so it is,
Ascended Master, El Morya
through Julie Miller

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