Monday, December 5, 2011

As Long As We Work With Conscious Intention To Stay On That Course ...A Year Of Great Promise, Potential, Possibilities & Power: A Rare Time

Thank you Uriel and Jennifer.
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The Energies of December 2011

If November wasn't enough to make you wonder what is happening to your life and to the world, it isn't time to get too comfortable yet because December brings us another round of energy for completion, release and closure. Whenever a month opens with an active Mercury retrograde, between an eclipse sandwich, with a Solstice, we can expect big things. Notice I said 'big' things, not 'good' or 'happy' or 'easy' things. There is some big energy in play this month and while we still have free will, we are being pushed to make conscious choices about who we are, what want, what we are doing and where we want to go next.

Mercury retrograde ends December 13 at the degree of the November 25 eclipse point. Just before that, we have a full moon lunar eclipse on December 10, anchoring the choices and decisions made in the previous two weeks. We also have a Star of David configuration with the full moon, repeating patterns from 1996, 1997 and the Harmonic Convergence of November 2003. Is something being repeated you started or thought you had completed then? Don't be surprised if you have to re-do, re-think or re-consider a choice or decision you made as early as the beginning of November or in 1996. You may, after re-considering, decide to do something different. Be open to new and different choices now, as it is time to release ourselves from the beliefs that have limited out options to what we know is possible. The Universe often has more creative solutions, if we are open to them.

December's energies are intense and that is partly because on one hand we have been releasing so much (or it has released itself from us) that we can feel unbalanced, and on the other hand we are being separated from the energy of chaos and fear and have to make the conscious choice to be in a different energy. This can feel like we're out at sea without a boat or a paddle and in one sense we are but we're also in a powerful place of creation, where we get to choose each step on the path. It's exciting but requires our constant focus on intention. What do we want in this step, and the next, and the next?

By the end of December, we are in a rare time when every planet is in direct motion, just in time for us to usher in 2012, a year of great promise, potential, possibilities and power, as long as we work with conscious intention to stay on that course. This is the moment we have been waiting for and we have to act like we're there now, because we are. Remember your journey is part of your path, so make choices to own the joy, love, peace and abundance you want in your life. It's there for the asking, as long as you don't forget to ask, believe and then be willing to receive. Have a wonderful month.
by Jennifer Hoffman

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