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Many Believe Following Channeled Messages Somehow Makes Up For the Lack Of Inner-work, If So Then You Are Bound to Be Disappointed

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The Pleiadian High Council on our Disappointments, Looking Within and Giving up Lower Attachments

Our scribe has requested we no longer give updates concerning disclosure and Resumed Contact, but dear ones we give you such updates for a clear reason. We will be directly working with many of you when the time comes to heal this world, and as such we wish to establish not just a partnership, but a friendship with you. As such, we give you the updates as to what is going on to a certain extent; we share with you what we can but for the purposes of keeping confidential information away from your dark who would use such information to our dis-advantage, we must be careful in what we share. There are certain matters and developments that we must, only temporarily, keep hidden. We do not enjoy such lack of transparency, but we do what is necessary to help release you from the very tight grip of the dark on your world. The dark is not used to being told no or losing, as throughout your history they have been able to use money to get nearly anything they wanted.

Now is the time where you bring about your own release from the dark on your world, and while we are here to help you achieve such a difficult mission, we are not here to do this work for you dear ones. We are simply with you to be observers, while at the same time slowly disengage your dark so you can all feel more free and less dense; so you can all get the work done that is required to see you taking on an ascended Light body form. You will begin to feel much Lighter when the dark is fully disengaged; their mere presences away from the Earth will take with them much density that has served to keep many of you down. We do not wish to fill you with hopes of a glorious future that will ‘never’ come about, we are simply telling you what the period ahead is going to be like. Indeed, when reading of a glorious future such as we have told you about, from your current positions in the lower dimensions of struggle, it can seem that all we are speaking of to you is a fool’s dream, but dear ones it is not!

We have helped you to develop technologically along your cycles as they were planned by your heavenly Creator. If one were to do some studying on the subject, one might realize that your ‘booms’ in technology over your recorded history have not been an accident; all of your major developments have followed a specific divine plan, and you are now reaching the end of this plan that is to see you take on an ascended form if such is your wish. Many of you, even many who are currently following channeled messages and are slightly entrenched in this movement, many of you may in fact choose not to ascend this time around, and this choice will come about when you realize just all that is required for ascension. Having the intent, the desire to ascend will begin to shift your personal vibrations in the direction of the ascension pathway, and along this pathway you will see and realize things about yourselves, things you have held so dear that may be difficult to give up, and you will realize that many of these things will actually hold you back and keep you from progressing further along the ascension pathway.

These will be some of the most difficult lessons to learn, those of giving up closely held attachments, but we wish you to know that such attachments for many of you form a direct bridge to the lower dimensions and will serve to bind you further to the lower dimensions while giving you the illusion of progressing further upon your ascension path. We guide to you all now that many may rush along the ascension path only to realize that there are in fact aspects of your lower dimensions that they are not yet ready to give up. For some it may be harder than anticipated to give up fear, struggle and (the need for) conflict and while we know that those traits seem like they would be easy things to give up, many of you have yet to realize just how deep a role fear, struggle and conflict play in your lives and daily habits. Some of you, even souls who read these messages and messages from other Divine sources, have thought about how much you wish to get away from all the negativity, all the fear and the struggle, yet you do not realize that many of your patterns and habits that you are so attached to, are still rooted in fear, are still based on the fact that you Live in an dualistic third dimensional world. Many will have trouble giving up complaining and arguing, because a part of them still thrives from such low vibrational doings.

We do understand fully the difficult situation you are entrenched in on your world, and many of you who know yourselves to be starseeds or incarnate higher dimensional entities from other worlds, are beginning to feel just how difficult a situation Earth truly presents. Many of you that have begun to awaken, who are exposed to the low vibrations on a daily basis, have begun to ask yourselves ‘why did I choose to do this again?’ When we receive such thoughts and wonders from you, we cannot help but smile. We say this partly because of how ready many of you were to take on the Earth challenge, when you had been told directly how difficult it would be. Indeed, even those doing the telling still did not know fully just how difficult a planet Earth can be to grow on, and it warms our hearts to not only see you awakening to such truths, but to see you surpass such truths and progress further along your ascension paths than you ever had before, on a planet that is vastly more difficult than any planet you had Lived and grown on before.

We wish to guide to you now, to truly let yourselves see and feel past the lower dimensions of Earth. Truly let yourselves feel that despite the overbearing obstacles that are thrown in your way, seemingly every day, you are growing past such obstacles and realizing you for your Divine nature. It is now a time to connect with yourselves, to know fully and to Love yourselves, for until you can do so you will have a hard time Loving and connecting with others. This goes back to what we were saying before about the want to stick with lower dimensional habits of arguing and living in fear. Many on your world are stuck in a place where they are having trouble Loving themselves, and as such they tend to lash out at others so they can feel a bit better about themselves, so they can feel closer to themselves. Some on your world feel that if they can point out the perceived flaws of others, then it takes the heat off of them and thus they are able to feel better about themselves. It is a temporary high that never lasts, and that never proves to actually help anybody involved, especially the one doing the criticizing.

Things will be much clearer and easier once we are able to be with you, and again we do understand the frustration involved with us that has now spread to many of you. As our scribe has been guiding, we wish you to know that indeed, we never wanted you to blindly follow us or our messages. We never wanted you to become fixated on certain dates dropped, or to hang on our every word. We are just one source of many assisting Earth right now, and your ascension and the events that are leading up to your ascension are in fact decided by you, not us. We simply work with the energy that you on the ground manifest for us. When your sights are high and your moods are good, an energy is manifested that we are able to work with and use to the advantage of the Light. When you are down, upset and especially when the lower moods and energies are aimed at us, we are able to do very little and at times we must in fact leave your atmosphere if the vibrations are too low. We do not have to leave often, and we have not had to leave for some time, as for the most part the collective energy on your world has been in high spirits, with the exception of these very recent days and weeks.

Dearest ones, if it helps you than do not follow our words any longer. This is guidance that our scribe has been giving to others, and it is guidance that we have shared with him to share with you. It can be compared to the unquestioned fixation on religion; how much many of you seem to follow our words and fixate yourselves on specific dates and occurrences. We have watched many of you ignore genuine advice about how you can progress on your spiritual path in favor of a date dropped or an event said to manifest. We do understand fully that many of you wish for a sweeping miracle that is to suddenly change Life as you have known it, but this is simply not how we operate. Yes, after a certain point we will need to take over on matters because Earth and heaven wish to wait no longer, but we are not out to personally please anybody by acting upon specific standards set by you on Earth that we have nothing to do with. As we point out events that could occur, we pour a specific amount of hopeful energy into it, but never too much as we fully know and understand that the situation on Earth is constantly changing, is constantly evolving and as such sometimes matters do change.

The dark on your world are allowed as much freewill as you are, and when they plan a devious scheme we are not in fact the deciders of whether or not such scheme is to manifest successfully. The decider of that would be your collective karma, and the karma of the individuals who may be affected by such darkly-inclined events manifesting. Your dark ones do not realize it, but they are in fact directly aiding your ascension and the clearing of your collective karma as they perform their dastardly deeds. Once an event has transpired that is of a darker nature, the karma is automatically cleared by all who are experiencing such events firsthand, and as such, events of such a lower nature are never allowed to happen again. While they are kept on a tight leash, your dark still do have freewill just as you all do; it is an experience granted by our Heavenly Creator who does not judge anybody, ever. However, with every dark action that comes about, your dark ones lose the opportunity to ever perform such an action again. So with every step your dark takes, they are digging themselves deeper, so to speak.

If your collective energy is not yet high enough for the complete removal of your dark by the time the final Divine date has passed, Heaven will be directly stepping in and ordering their removal anyway. We can feel in the Heavenly realms that our Creator would feel as if your ascension process was incomplete or somehow unfinished were we to remove the dark before all of your karma is cleared and lessons are learned, but we have went very far out of our way to let those who are leading us know that the troubles you are all experiencing are just too great to keep you toiling in such difficult low vibrations any longer. We dearly wish you could know just how much we have been ‘lobbying’ so to speak for our immediate arrival and your release from the dark on your world, but we have been shown that you must bring about the exposure of the dark and the clearing of karma and learning of lessons yourselves before we can step in and inform you of your history, which is very different from what you have been led to believe.

After a certain point, the Law of Grace will come into effect and we will be able to be with you and help you to expose the dark while we help you to help yourselves be granted the prosperity and purity on your surface Earth you have desired and deserved. Our Earth allies have been quite hard at work helping to bring such prosperity about, and before too long you shall all be released from the struggles and bonds that have kept you chained to your lower dimensional patterns and habits. If you wish to, do not follow us or our messages anymore, as now is truly the time to turn within, to look yourselves in the mirror and see what aspects of yourselves are incompatible with ascension, with the higher vibrations. Many of you have felt following channeled messages somehow makes up for the lack of inner-work we dearly wish to see you doing, and we guide if you follow such hollow ascension procedures, than you are bound to be disappointed when events that are predicted do not transpire. Do you notice dear souls, how there are plenty of ascending souls on your world who are far more interested in the steps needed to progress along the ascension path, rather than when extraterrestrials will arrive on your world?

We never wished for any of you to look to our or any other channeled messages as a sole source of spirituality, rather we look for you to do the inner work that is required. Next time you are reading channeled messages, pay attention to how many are discussing date dropping and miraculous, sweeping events (and how hollow such messages seem to be) and how many are discussing what you can do in the infinite moment of NOW to progress upon your ascension paths. Growing, ascending and doing the work yourselves is what is most important, and we are simply here to help you achieve such means. At times we will give you updates but only if we can be sure there is no trickery involved or that the date may manifest, but dear souls such dates are only one small, very tiny part of the messages we give you with our hearts! Many have taken on the assumption we are out to deceive, and to those beginning to subscribe to such opinions we say to you now, if you feel we are deceptive, if our messages do not resonate with your hearts or do not feel right for some reason, any reason, than we are a source that does not match your own vibrations and as such, we would recommend turning away from our messages or any messages or messengers that do not resonate, and instead of looking outward for other sources that may resonate, turn inward to yourselves, to your own guides and your higher self, because your own personal ascended energies will always resonate, and will see you progress upon your paths as you know you should be.

Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council.
by Wes Annac

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