Sunday, December 11, 2011

There Might Be Some Things You Don't Like, But Looking Within Is Your Opportunity to Change That, or Else: Accept, Forgive & Love Yourself

The reason this channeling jumped out at me was because Mother Mary expounded about just how easy (and unconscious, I will add) it really is to forgot to love ourselves, while it's super easy to give, and give, and give!. Our natural desire and inclination to help others often places our own selves in a disadvantage, because we many times completely neglect our own needs.

I know I certainly do at times: Sometimes I'm so engrossed in work or a project that I forget to eat --how silly! And yet that's a perfect example of how we unconsciously forget our own well-being. This of course is due to our current energetic home here in Duality, where we have chosen to pretend we are SEPARATE FROM GOD, which is how we created this "limited consciousness" reality, instead of living in our REAL HOME in the higher dimensions fully conscious REMEMBERING OUR CONNECTION TO OUR CREATOR.

This is where our Oversoul resides, keeping an eye on us ALWAYS while we have incarnated in a human body on Earth. Our Oversoul is our IMMORTALITY. It's our God-Spark (rather our God-Flame), which is alive and well always and forever: Our (Over)soul is eternal.

It's easy to feel Mother Mary's compassion and energy while reading this article enjoy!

Thank you Mother Mary and Julie!
*** gavin

CHILDREN of GOD: Message from Ascended Master, Mother Mary

My arms are outstretched as wide as to accommodate you into a warm embrace into my loving heart and light. Dear hearts, it's wonderful to speak through this loved one and to all of you. You are all ‘loved ones’ to me, to God, and to all of the Divine.

We speak much about healing and love. It is so easy to show compassion and love to another, but it is very difficult to love yourself with just as much energy. This I see to be true for many of you. When you speak the words of love and show others compassion, you give more of your true self when you are able to love yourself with as much compassion. Being able to accept yourself for where your journey has led you and to where you are now, and to forgive yourself and to forgive others is crucial dear ones, for your own self healing. God has not forgotten you or left you at the curb side. It may seem this way only when you think in such a fashion. God has given the gift of WILL, free will is yours. It is you dear ones, that drive where you are heading. We of the Divine love you openly and support you along your journey. We know you will make choices that may not be very well thought out; we understand the pressures you live with every day. And you are loved no matter what. Through your every day living and challenges, be kind and compassionate to yourself. You will shine brighter when you are able to be at peace with all that you have been and all that you are. You are not done creating YOU. Your creation gets upgraded and changed quite a lot throughout your lifetime. Every day, you wake up to a new opportunity to making new choices and to the love of God. Every waking day is encouragement to LOVE.

Through the many ups and downs you will face and have already done so, recognizing both your female and male energies is extremely important. Both energies exist inside of you regardless which one you are. The polarities of both the male and female energies have to be balanced for you to be spiritually and psychologically whole. Self-examine yourself and determine if both energies are balanced or where you may be off at. Be in-tune with your inner self. This IN-tunement will show a calmer and more collected you. Peace is within grasp dear ones. The path to inner-peace is within your own hearts. Look inside and see what is there; see the glory of your love, God’s love and the most amazing light. That light is from the God Spark that has never left and waiting to bet set ablaze with your devotion and attention. Allow the spirit, love and light of God to enter the very central core of your heart. Welcome this love, welcome God dear hearts as God always welcomes you. Share in the light that is breathtaking and healing. There is no reason to fear dear hearts. To feel the love of God enter your heart, then body and spirit will not make you vulnerable; but strong with a power that is divinely pure of love.

The love that God will fill your heart with will help further your own nurturing spirit. Each of you, no matter if you are man or woman; all have the capacity to be nurturing. When you are touched by God’s love you will know. Some have been brought to tears with the recognition of what is happening to them as it is very profound. Words cannot express what you will experience besides AMAZING. When you are in need of understanding your own inner compassionate nature or to love yourself, please seek me out, ask for me and I will happily guide you. I will shine my own emerald light on your goodness so you can see with clarity.

What you will see when you look within yourself, within your heart is your TRUE self. There might be some things you might not like, but looking within during times of reflection is your opportunity to fix or change what you do not like. And if you cannot change what it is you do not like, then you need to accept this, forgive yourself and love yourself; then move on. Do not hang on to old ways that will only drag you down. Instead, move forward with a newer and fresher perspective that allows you to work from you heart. Follow your heart to what makes you truly happy. What you decide, you have to be able to live with, so choose well dear ones. I cannot advise enough; choose from your heart and what will bring you the greatest of good.

Your loving heart will guide you to further self-education that will bring you to more knowledge that is spiritually pleasing. You have much to give, especially after you have learned to give to yourself. You are not being selfish when you show kindness towards yourself. No, dear hearts, you are showing LOVE. Listen to those inner voices, to your intuition, your guides; they will show you and support you. You are not alone on this journey that is before you.

As I take my leave, I again reach to embrace each of you with the warmth that is filled with so much unconditional love and light. Be at peace with yourself as you are beautiful and a child of God. Know in your heart, that God does love you and is always with you.

My love is yours,
Ascended Mother Mary (Divine Mother)
through Julie Miller

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