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Many Changes Will Be In Place By the Next New Moon So That You Will Be In a Position of Greater Clarity & Preparedness For the HUGELY Anticipated 2012

Thank you Pleiades High Council and Lauren.
*** gavin

The Arrival of Universal LOVE

“As the new-human prototypes fully activate and physically embody the frequencies of universal LOVE, mother earth receives the nourishing scalar energies needed to ease her labor pains…as do each of you.” -Seven Sisters of Pleiades

Post 11:11

It’s been three weeks since the 11:11 when, yet again, our inner-world turned inside out and our outer-world turned upside down. It always takes a good chunk of time after a major portal to get our wigs on straight, but there is so much going on in the cosmos during this very concentrated and sacred passage into a new year/era/world, that its difficult to impossible to wrap our brains around it or to figure out which end is up just yet.

One thing is certain…we are still frolicking in the post-11:11 void (and soon to be vacuumed up into the 12:12)… enduring the usual excavation period that follows any major cosmic event, and integrating the motherload of all gateways that we just exploded thru. And even tho we are currently gaining access to an entirely new realm of (heart) intelligence, and coming into contact with some new-level awarenesses, this is certainly no time for making sense out of it all (compliments of mercury retrograde). We are still so thick in the haze of transmutation that we can’t really see a foot in front of our faces…and with all the shards of lingering 3D shrapnel still flying thru the air, it’s not even advisable to try.

Also worth mentioning that we are in the midst of a powerful eclipse portal (there was a partial solar eclipse on 11/25 and another total lunar eclipse approaching on the full moon of 12/10)…and of course, right on the heels of the upcoming lunar eclipse is the 12:12 stargate, which will be soon followed by the winter solstice. Throw in a few solar flares and CME’s that are bound to grace us this month as they did so unapologetically right around Thanksgiving, and we have quite a cosmic cocktail to nurse thru our holiday parties.

So yes, even tho the pains aren’t quite as intense as they used to be, and we are able to ride the waves with more confidence, we are still heaving thru the labor of rebirth and need to surrender ourselves fully thru these remaining contractions of 2011.

“From the winter solstice to the new moon you have the opportunity to glean a whole new perspective, one that incurs real change, breakthroughs and freedom”-Seven Sisters

From what I am hearing, the hardest part is mostly over, and even tho we are all at a point where we feel we literally can’t go on a minute longer…how many times have we said that over the last 7 years?…we still have a bit more pushing to do. But we can gather our focus and pull strength from the first signs of life that are beginning to emerge as the windows of universal LOVE crack open, replete with a fresh supply of restorative adamantine particles which are blowing into our lives & bodies on the winds of change.

This the first time we (a large portion of humanity) are being reborn in this way…fully conscious…and this (re)birth moment is THE return to zero-point consciousness, a total reset & recalibration, where the feminine and masculine energies are perfectly in balance to enable us to physically ascend beyond polarity (karmic) consciousness…and in so many ways, things still suck, but the miracle in all of this is that we are being supported thru this transition in literally every.way.possible. There is no bowing out now.

Thru the last few weeks, we have all been swept out to sea by an aggressive, but purifying cosmic riptide of transformation. We are far from “business as usual”, and instead of flowing with the universal current, we have been disconnected from life and are bouncing around uncontrollably in the choppy surf of the unknown. Being thrown around like this can be unsettling if we let it, but those who remain calmly centered in faith of where the heart is leading us will notice that tho we have been cast out deep into the sea yet again, this time we are not alone here.

As the swells of the ocean temporarily lift our sights to new heights, we begin to see not only the horizon of the new world that each of us has courageously dreamed into existence, but we also notice that bobbing all around us, in the same cleansing waters, are the members of our resonant soul family joining us now in the discovery and creation of a new earth.
Once we recognize each other, all we have to do is extend a hand to regain our fortitude, resilience and strength in numbers so that together, we can swim to the shore of our brand new lives.

A sense of completion fills the air and we are refueled for the remaining miles….


“There is a new order rising and the souls at the forefront of these changes are beginning to come together to create group resonances that will influence earth and humanity in magnanimous ways.” Seven Sisters

Not much is crystal clear about our next steps, its true, but there is one element of this recent stargate that has already begun to solidify on the other side, and in preparation for 2012…the reconnection to our soul families, our brothers & sisters from home.

You may be noticing the emergence of these soul clusters popping up around you now as either romantic/spiritual/kindred partnerships…business/purpose-driven connections that are just forming and will fortify in the new year… new opportunities to work with others of shared-interest/like-mind…the final pieces (people) to complete your collective contribution to humanity, etc.

In some cases, these connections are forming over the internet, or they may (finally) be in your physical world…either way, the coming together of these soul groups is a required step to procure the many manifestations of our heart-felt desires for the new earth. We are officially starting to come together in heart-resonance, as the new earth guardians for phase II of ascension…what the unseens refer to as the “physicalization phase.”

Like everything else, this coming together will likely be an ongoing unfolding process throughout 2012, so if your not sensing these connections yet you have plenty of “time”…whatever time means now. The sisters say that there will be a blossoming of new relationships and openings to expand beyond what is currently known, as well as a deepening of existing soul-relationships. If I am understanding this correctly, the physicalization phase and embodiment phase are simultaneous happenings…the overall period of time allotted for our ascension to become physically realized…a process that has already begun and includes the physical manifestations and applications of our wildest dreams & deepest desires…desires which stem from achieving our highest potential in LOVE.

In other words, for those capable of embodying the frequency of universal LOVE, 2012 will be about mastery of the physical domain, of physical matter…including our biology. We will be learning all kinds of new things including how to co-create with the forces of the universe thru the gateway of our magnetic (high) heart. (much more on this to come in the new year)

*NOTE: Feels important to state here that contrary to what some be-lie-ve, biological ascension is not a one-time event…it is an ongoing series of purifying waves of Source energy that spur a succession of genetic activations and advancements that lead to the embodiment of divine LOVE…a frequency that those at the forefront have been tuning into, aligning with & integrating for many, many years. We are beginning to embody our divinity, yes, and we are learning how to harness/direct our physical energy like masters, sure…but keep in mind that every-single-cell of our biology, and the DNA contained within those cells, is changing in radical ways to adapt to our new level programming…which is just a long way of saying that time and space are required for transfiguration in the physical world. Just physics.

The physics of the 3D physic-al realm governs the world of form and is by far the most dense, the least malleable, and therefore the slowest and last to change. Unfortunately, this incremental process is what it means to “bring our bodies with us” thru our ascension into 5D. Granted, physical death may be the faster route, but its not the one we signed up for. We’re on the slow train to heaven…and with lots of local stops.

I know I say this often, but there is a lot of misconception about what is physic-ally taking place within our bodies and what we should expect. This evolutionary process that we call ascension is a VERY biological one, which is why I continually draw the focus to our physical bodies in these updates. The Pleiadians add that these misconceptions are perpetuated by those who think that ascension is merely a spiritual quest…which is not only inaccurate, it’s barely scratching the surface of what’s actually entailed to truly morph our flesh into christed-beings.

Because we feel unwell does not mean that we failed at our ascension, it means that we are mutating, kicking up emotional & cellular debris, dropping density, and become more refined. Again, a p r o c e s s. It’s all leading somewhere…the destination is embodied LOVE…but we don’t just wake up this way one day on the other side of a stargate portal…we eeeeease into it. The stargates are ongoing and consecutive for a reason, each one opens us up to the “potential” to take the next, deeper step into LOVE. How could it be any other way?

{For those finding it a challenge to surrender to the embodiment process, my recent Pleiadian-guided handbook (From Suffering to Spiritual Ecstasy: simple integration techniques for sacred embodiment) will be available until 2012 as a donation-based offering and can be acquired thru paypal HERE}

“There is a period of global restructuring up ahead, one that will require some patience, but as each of you step into position as new earth guardians, these changes will speed up and gather momentum around the planet. For this reason, it is vital now that those who are being called to planetary missions of service step up and say YES to those opportunities that arise, for these are opening the doors to reunite with your resonant soul families. It is your soul family that carries the group resonance of a new humanity and the time is now to join forces, to co-create your long-held visions of heaven on earth.” -Seven Sisters

Radiance of LOVE

“There is a new understanding that is permeating your sphere with regard to LOVE, and this new understanding is the basis for all of life on the new-earth to grow, to flourish.” -Seven Sisters

As we embody the full radiance of LOVE, we are, in fact, adapting to the biological changes required for ascended mastery. The sisters have shared with me that one of the most impacting, life-altering changes initiated thru the 11:11 is that our individual cells, which make up our entire human body, are beginning to take on the resonance of the 528 Hz…one of the six core frequencies of creation, that of universal LOVE and miracles.

This radiance can be experienced in the body as a sensation-based bliss…more like waves of love-ecstasy that undulate thru the cells, releasing endorphins to create a heightened sensation of being alive…where everything around us, including the air we breathe, is charged with LOVE. This LOVE energy is a subtle, but vital intelligence that permeates everything to the point where the world just feels better and seems more, well…colorful. This may sound trippy, and honestly, it does feel to me like a very mild version of the street drug ecstasy…namely called “The Love Drug”…but sans the panicky/paranoia side effects that can accompany any psychoactive artificial high.

I now understand this feeling to be the “transference” process that the Pleiadian High Council referred to in the last update… which they define as the transfer of Source intelligence (the frequency of LOVE) to our cells…a feeling that is ultimately generated from the (high) heart center. According to the PHC, this is this feeling sensation that is actually transforming the body into light.

“Your biology will take on this resonance in waves that will permeate every cell of your bodies. This is what is meant by the term, rapture. This process results in a full-body release from density.” –Seven Sisters

We are not all able to uphold or sustain this frequency full-time yet, but some are close. Right now it is difficult to tap into these subtle sensations since we are undergoing such deep cellular restructuring, but overall the unseens say that the amount of time it takes for each of us to settle into our new biology and maintain the 528 Hz vibration of LOVE in our bodies varies for each individual and is contingent on numerous elements including soul path, the timing of incarnation, genetic/karmic clearing, cell damage and planetary missions of service. In other words, the process is perfect for each of us.

The sisters also make it clear to me that this love quotient, the 528 Hz that is taking up residence in our physical bodies, is also very present in our dwelling spaces, our homes, our work places, our communities and in our connections with others. This resonance is a palpable force of energy that others feel, see and appreciate as a sense of home now.

“You are beginning to be seen in all your glory as the radiance of divine love emanates from your heart-core.” –Seven Sisters

This radiance of love, and the path of the high-heart that will lead the way for us and humanity, is also showing up in how we are suddenly able to express ourselves as bearers of truth in that it is becoming nearly impossible to dim our lights, to hold back our inner knowing, or anything that highlights inauthenticity or provides a guiding light for others.

The truth is coming out so strongly now that it can appear to be ruthless, but this only happens where ruthless is required….and sometimes it just is. I have never been one to mince words, so for me personally, this new level of truth-telling has been really hard to tame. What I noticed thru many failed attempts is that we can apply our spiritual mastery and utilize the art of compassion by doing our best to beautify, or soften the truth & deliver it with love…but the truth is that some truth is just not soft or beautiful or graceful…even when it is delivered with love. No matter, time to tell the truth anyway. The good news is that in the past, we may have shuttered at the venomous backlash of holding a mirror up to others, but somehow, its not so scary anymore. And besides, holding back the truth is starting to feel way worse than any stink-eye ever could.

“To this we way, the time is now to unwaveringly speak your truth, to flow with your cultivated wisdoms and to allow others in to see the glimmer of hope for a new way.” -Seven Sisters

The front runners of new humanity are about to come out into the open to provide a path of choice for those who are ready and willing to embrace the radiance of LOVE. Not in the sense that we will have to summons these souls, propagate our knowledge or convince anyone of our truth, but that we will have the gift of home, of fulfillment, of purpose, of joy, of creative passion, of LOVE to share with all those who are ready to receive it.

“From our perspective, many changes will be in place by the next new moon so that you will be in a position of greater clarity and preparedness for the immensely anticipated year of 2012″ -Seven Sisters

See you thru the next gateway!
by Lauren Gorgo

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