Wednesday, December 28, 2011

You Use Your Mind to Process the Information Coming In: You are Judging –-Good/Bad, Nice/Nasty, Beautiful/Ugly-– AND THIS SMOTHERS YOUR JOY & HOPE

Thank you Saul and John for a wonderful reminder of what is really important!
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The Old Ways are Finished!

The moment of your awakening draws inexorably closer; be joyful and open your hearts in acceptance of the abundant Love that your Father is offering you constantly to embrace and share. As His Love flows and envelops the planet, all can and are encouraged to open in acceptance of It. It is what you all seek, regardless of what you may think you desire, and It is there within you waiting for you to become aware and accepting of It so that you may enjoy the exhilarating experience of being completely at one with your Father in a constant ecstasy of delight.

Your Father’s Will for you is eternal joy. To have joy you must be free from anger, blame, judgment, bitterness, and resentment. When you harbor or hold on to those attitudes, or any similar ones, they smother the potential for joy within you. It is just not possible to be joyful when maintaining those kinds of attitudes: they depress you, and so you go into a deeper state of sleep, by having your attention narrowly focused on what is upsetting you. To be awake is to be fully open so that the inherent joy of Reality pervades your whole being and is reflected in your thoughts, words, and actions.

When you look out through your eyes, or listen with your ears, and use your mind to decide what response to make to the information coming in, you are judging – good/bad, nice/nasty, beautiful/ugly – and this smothers joy.

Joy is your natural state, fully alive and awake in each moment and at one with Reality. Any other state is of the illusion, separated, divisive, unaccepting, and confusing, and the more you try to make sense of it the more confusing it becomes because the illusion truly makes no sense. What does make sense is for you to awaken; that is your inevitable and unavoidable destiny, and you will achieve it by releasing all attitudes that are incompatible with that holy state where all are accepted and loved unconditionally.

It is difficult, after so long apparently spent struggling and sometimes fighting for your very survival in an environment that is often extremely inhospitable, to open your hearts and lovingly trust one another. However, to do just that, by letting go of personal agendas, practicing trusting others, and being utterly and uncompromisingly trustworthy yourselves, is the way forward out of the illusion and into Reality. The amount of assistance available to help you with this task is vast and unprecedented. Many of you are availing of it and changing your attitudes as you let down the defensive barriers that have divided you and kept you separated for so long – so many of you in fact, that you are approaching the tipping-point, the point at which, quite suddenly, vast numbers of you realize that there is nothing to be gained by continuing to behave in the old confrontational ways that have served you so inadequately.

The effects that these changes of attitude are having can be seen all across the planet, as more and more cooperative ventures, designed to reach out to help the unprivileged and poverty-stricken to attain a standard of living that honors and respects their dignity as beloved children of God, are set in motion. The experience of horrendous privation and suppression that they have been undergoing is to cease, because it has finally become apparent to all that there is absolutely no reason why anyone anywhere should have to live in such execrable conditions. These attitudinal changes and expansions of your awareness are the paramount tasks that you have undertaken on your path to awakening, and your increasing ability to carry them out ensures that there will be no turning back, the only possibility is for you all to move forwards towards your awakening.

As you approach the end of this journey, which has oftentimes seemed endless, interminable, perhaps even impossible to complete, look around and make a point of seeing the enormous progress you have made in just this lifetime, and if you still have doubts about your coming awakening, what you see must surely convince you that the enormous attitudinal changes that need to be made to enable you to live eternally in peace and happiness are occurring rapidly wherever you cast your gaze.

Do not focus on the old ways of war, confrontation, corruption, and betrayal that can still be seen in many places – because those ways are finished! Instead, put your attention on the marvelous results that many loving and compassionate groups and individuals are achieving everywhere. Doing that raises your spirits and intensifies the energies that are lifting you all upwards and onwards towards your fully-conscious state. It is the divine Will that you awaken into that state, and so you will. It truly is inevitable.

With so very much love, Saul
by John Smallman

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