Sunday, December 4, 2011

YOU Are Constantly Changing & Growing: You Are Not Meant To Stay the Same and Become Stagnant. You Are Meant To Grow, To Learn and To SHINE

Thank you Archangel Haniel and Julie!
*** gavin


There is never a bad time to share and work together especially when it’s for the greatest of good - LOVE. With the Christmas holiday upon us, working together is even more crucial dear ones. Through the many diverse people of your communities, even the fine souls that share your journey on many Internet based communities; learning to synchronize and blend spirits during such a momentous season is very heart warming. This blending of spirits and love is very commendable and admirable. It feels good to work together doesn’t it? Seeing or feeling the smiles on the faces you come into contact with; knowing you have touched their hearts with your compassionate and loving soul.

No matter where you are on your life journey and no matter if you have chosen a defined spiritual journey or just learning new values and a truer you, you are gaining vast knowledge that is aiding and will continue to aid your wisdom sharing ability. Even the newest person on their journey has something to contribute and to teach. Your lessons come from many different places and people and you embrace each one with the Grace of God that is inside each of you.

Some of you are painstakingly going through painful events from your past during this lifetime and possibly from past lives. Take these steps slowly. There are lessons from the past that will give you information and insight on your present course that is leading you into your future. You are the Creator of your future; and since that is the case it’s very important to have cleared as much or all of the negative energies that is holding you back from your full DIVINE potential. When you tell your stories, you are teaching others what you did that got you through the clearing of negative energies. No one’s story is worse or better than someone else’s dear ones. Teaching and growing through your spiritual journey is to be done without competition, but with unconditional love and compassion. When you speak from your I AM Presence you are no longer speaking with any prejudice, judgements or assumptions that are stemmed from the troublesome ego.

No matter what journey you have agreed upon before this lifetime, there is a spiritual significance even if you are not aware of this. You are becoming a new YOU because you have seen errors that you agreed to change. The mistakes you have lived have created a person who is so wise, strong, courageous, and able to see the good in people and in themselves. These mistakes have carved you into this new person. Embrace all that you are dear ones. Without the mistakes, the wisdom would not have been gained. When you look back and reflect, look at all that you have accomplished; not just the unsavoury things but EVERYTHING. Reflective moments give opportunity to ACCEPT past wrongs done by you or to you, it enables you to FORGIVE others and yourself, reflection also can bring GRATITUDE. One does not need to reflect to experience and work with these virtues; they can be carried out and expressed at any time in your life when you feel it necessary.

I, Archangel Haniel ACCEPT you as a loving spirit of love and light who has so much divine potential. I also FORGIVE all wrongdoings done to you and by you as you learned valuable lessons. I am very GRATEFUL to be speaking through this dear one and to all of you. You can do this also. It is not as difficult as it may seem to some of you. And once you are able speak either to yourself or out-loud you will feel uplifted and warm. These are very healing expressions that will be noticeable at once. A sense of relief and feeling a big weight has left not only your shoulders but your own auric field.

As you move through your journey you will find what defines TRUTH to you. It is individual and it’s also commonsense. When you are uncovering your new YOU, you will begin filtering out many beliefs you have lived with that are no longer helpful or relevant to you any longer. You are learning to find what TRULY resonates with you and what does not. It is time consuming and never-ending. How could it end when you are constantly changing and growing? You will find dear ones as you become more comfortable with not only your personal self but your spiritual self you will notice what resonated with you - maybe last year has also changed somewhat. It does happen, and it happens because of GROWTH. You are not meant to stay the same and become stagnant. You are meant to grow, learn and to SHINE.

Please call upon my presence when in need of help unifying relationships and illuminating your journey during the difficult times of facing past issues. My love for you is endless just as you are. It was joyous to be here through this dear child today. I feel her energy fading. She agreed to my transmission and entrance of her mind even though she is ill. A lovely sister you have. I remind each of you, you never walk alone on your journey. It does not matter if you cannot feel us, we are there and there will be a time when you will be more aware.

And so it is,
Archangel Haniel
through Julie Miller

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