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We Promote Friendship, Consciousness, Natural Order and Balance In Societies w/Mutual Understanding, Support and Love: Time To Remove Those Shackles

Oh my Goddess, this posting is so exciting for me, especially when SaLuSa admits he was ACTUALLY IN one of the spacecraft today's channeler saw in her night sky yesterday --how flippin' cool!!

Further, what I love about this article is his candid matter-of-factness and genuine connection when explaining such "common beliefs" in his world, yet are very foreign to us: 1. That THEY are our family, our "space family"; 2. repeated disappointment from constant delays; 3. the dark's "never say die" attitude and unwillingness to surrender; and 4. expounds upon the concept of Free will.

SaLuSa connects with us by relating other Universal Laws the Galactic Federation of Light must abide by, ultimately respecting our society and when WE are ready for Disclosure and First Contact: They cannot impose their agenda on our world, which feels pretty damn good and liberating knowing they have OUR BEST INTERESTS at hand --unlike our current world leaders!

Oh, I LOVE SaLuSa's wrap up: "...So we can grow and learn equally, irrelevant on the planet where one is born. Similarly as all of you cannot all be born on one continent alone, all beings cannot be all born on one planet alone. There are so many of us, that the universes are huge places to accommodate for various experiences, laws and developments."

Thank you SaLuSa and Laura for this wonderful update!
*** gavin

SaLuSa to Me: Creator has Equally Placed a Spark of Himself in All Living Beings
(emphasis added)

Laura: Thank you for your presence SaLuSa. Yesterday I have seen 2 UFOs above my house. First of all, where they both UFOs? If they were, were they your craft and were you in one of them?

: What if I say they were both our craft? Would that make you feel happy in your confirmation? We skillfully like to show ourselves to those who are ready to welcome us in this way. To those who prefer to deny our existence, we respect their free will, and cloak, or appear like just a simple star. We offer no interaction with them. With you, our crew felt like enjoying communicating their presence and support for you. I was in the second ship, we have clearly made our presence known by flashing many colors lights in your direction. It was a wonderful idea for you to use your binoculars to ensure you were not just imagining things.
Laura: Thank you for confirming this. It explains a lot to me about how I am able to receive your communications, it is just wonderful. I am looking forward to more interaction with you all, and to direct contact and to possibly coming on board your ships, whenever you feel it is appropriate.
: We would like that very much indeed. We look forward of course to meeting openly with all those who welcome us, and we feel it in their hearts that they wish to embrace us. We respond well to unconditional love, to high consciousness levels and to balanced beings. We are waiting of course for permission to land for a more direct and personal contact. We feel now many of you are ready to accept us as members of your family, which we are very glad of course. We are aware of the long waiting game, and of the feeling of repeated disappointment at constant delays. We have to ensure we are following all proper regulation here, and I am also sure you are well aware of the efforts the cabal constantly makes in order to discredit us, and to deceive you concerning Disclosure.
As you know, there simply is nothing to gain for the cabal from our arrival in your world, from opening the door for you to Ascension, to free energy and to an entire new way of thinking, which does not involve slavery and exploitation, profiteering, hidden agendas, or accumulating personal wealth. We promote friendship, consciousness, natural order and balance in societies with mutual understanding, support and love. We propose to remove those shackles, which the cabal has carefully trained you all to carry for thousands of generations.
As usual, we have no desire to impose our will on any civilization and will respect your free will in all respects. Those who do not wish our help will be able to work alone and to ignore our presence for some time at least. A few of those who do not wish our arrival at any cost have had their main presence transferred into a more suitable alternate reality and will not have dealings with us directly at any rate. There are still many opposing us openly, but they remain in this timeline for their personal growth and development for now. They will have a few personal choices to make when the time for Disclosure and First Contact is here.
As you have noticed, there are leaps made by officials towards acknowledging the possibility of advanced intelligence life in space. Dear friends, these are only the first steps toward the truth, but these are steps into the right direction nevertheless, and we are seeing the positive effect the Announcement the first planet inside the habitable zone are having on your collective consciousness. It goes without saying more official scientific Announcements will continue to point towards life existing in space. Ultimately, when we would feel free to land here and make contact with you, humanity will feel like finding their long lost space brothers. This is the desired outcome of our presence here. We are not here to contribute to any dramatic changes in your society and wish to come when you all see and understand the bigger picture naturally and on your own, without having any doubt about our peaceful intention or feeling coerced in any way to accept us.
In a way, it would feel like when the discovery of inhabited continents was made on Earth. The news surprised people, but it was well accepted ultimately. Of course, those who discovered those distant lands did not have the best intentions for the local inhabitants and sought to bring back precious goods. Of course, we are aware of your existence for thousand of years and have been under obligation to allow your free will and own karma to take its course without our making our presence officially known for a very long time. We are not here to conquer you in any way, and there is nothing to fear from us. Our Creator has created and given us all many gifts to enjoy freely without stealing from each other for survival. You will soon understand what I mean as soon as shelved technologies can be used and further developed, and industrialized in order to be used by all of you freely.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and soon we will feel among friends and family in each others' presence. We look forward to the day when you will all understand that Creator has created ALL of us with love and kindness, so we can grow and learn equally, irrelevant on the planet where one is born. Similarly as all of you cannot all be born on one continent alone, all beings cannot be all born on one planet alone. There are so many of us, that the universes are huge places to accommodate for various experiences, laws and developments. However Creator has placed a spark of Himself in all of us, very equally, and that spark is pure love and consciousness dear ones. As such, your brothers from the Galactic Federation of Light salute you and are here at your service.

Thank you, SaLuSa
by Laura Tyco

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