Friday, December 30, 2011

Most of You Are Far From Imagining a Place of Honor You Have For Being Incarnated Here At This Time: Excited To Tell You More About Our Common History

Thank you SaLuSa and Laura again for your inspiring words.
And so it it!
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SaLuSa to Me: 2012 Wishes
(emphasis added)

We are so glad to be here at this time to witness your awakening individually and as a Galactic Civilisation. Your connection to us is ancient and beautiful. We have been linked to you genetically and your history and ours are quite similar in a way. Perhaps the main exception is that we have always fought a known enemy, whereas you have not always been aware of who the enemy is in this instance.
The creation of the Galactic Federation was felt by the Divine as a necessity in the proper running and administrating of the Universe. We, Sirians, as a race, have always felt the necessity for such a Federation, in order to manifest divine will into being. We are so glad for this mission here, with you. Since you are so close to us, our next door neighbours, and we do have common enemies, if only due to our close proximity. Indeed for us, the distance to Earth would be the equivalent as a trip to the country side.
Soon planet Earth will have quite a central place in this Galaxy and in the Universe. Most of you are far from imagining what a place of honour you have for being incarnated here at this time. We look forward to telling you more about our common history while your memories will be returned to you. Dear friends, this moment is drawing so near and you are far from imaging it. Once you will reconnect with our culture, you will be welcome to come visit Sirius of course, and those of you who originated from there will be glad to reconnect with all their friends and family.
Very soon you will understand all, and it will all make sense as you will be walking towards Ascension. Please understand we long to reconnect with you, our long lost family, and without you, we do feel incomplete. This on a cultural level, but also on a personal level, as your absence is felt in families and for your partners who are on Sirius. The moment for Disclosure is not up to us, as you know. It lies in the hands of our Earth Allies and in your own hands --you must energetic rise to the occasion, literally.
Be assured as soon as we would feel welcome on a peaceful Earth we are more than happy to make our presence officially known. 2012 will still have challenges for you, as your civilisation is slowly restructuring. The new honest governments lead by our Earth Allies, will have our full trust and friendship. We suspect it could take as long as our Earth Allies required announcing Disclosure. We will wait until such a time when we would estimate it safe for you and for us to interact openly.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and wish you all a very full year for 2012. Our presence at your side is permanent in your knowing heart. We share your desire, longing and pain for the long awaited reunion. The Galactic Federation of Light sends our best wishes for your new year.
Thank you, SaLuSa
by Laura Tyco

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