Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Potential of Each Moment Awaits You: ALL Learning Is Done In Accordance w/Your Soul's Contract, Healing Path You've Chosen, and Total of All Lifetimes

Thank you, Uriel and Jennifer, for this brief but most full guidance!
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Uriel's Message: You Do Your Best in All Things

The present moment is more than the moment in which you are aware of yourself in your reality, it is also the total of all moments before it and the beginning of the next moment. In each moment you bring in the energies of all lifetimes, the knowing of all experiences and the highest energetic vibration that you can be at in that moment. In each moment you are the best that you can be, you do the most that you are capable of and you are at the only energetic vibration you can be at. When you feel you can do more, it is because you have connected with a different vibration whose potential is inviting you to step into transformation.

This does not make any part of your reality wrong, it simply means that you have completed your learning at that vibration, all understanding has been achieved and the experiences it holds for you have been fulfilled. The doorway to new realities often opens before the one to your existing reality has closed. So a new vibrational awareness becomes available before you have left the one you are in. Being in two different energetic levels is confusing as each pulls you in a different direction. The old energy pulls you into the past, which is known and predictable, the new one compels you to explore an unknown future. Which will you choose?

At any level of energetic vibration, what you do is what you are capable of because each level has its own lessons and learning, experience, potential, possibilities and realities. You bring all of your learning into each vibrational experience and this allows you to become the fulfillment of that experience, according to your soul's desire for healing. The divine perfection of each experience is related to your individual perfection, which is aligned with your learning, healing and transformation. There is no other path available to you. This is your experience, you do your best as you accomplish your own learning and healing. Seeking to copy others or achieve their results is not possible because your best is all you can do.

The best you can do is between you and Source; there is no expectation or desired result, all learning is done in accordance with your soul's contract, the healing path you have chosen in each lifetime and the total of all lifetime experiences. Transformation is simply a step into a new vibrational energy, a step into either the direction of karma or creation, in which you embrace past or future, according to your abilities. The potential of each moment awaits you as you choose according to your abilities and knowing. See each moment as a doorway that invites you to experience your divinity and as you embrace new potentials, an opportunity to move farther into your own heaven on earth.
by Jennifer Hoffman


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