Saturday, December 17, 2011

Meditate and Learn To Stay Focused. When a Doubting Thought Comes, Welcome It and Send It On Its Way. Choose To Refocus on Your Heart's Desire

Now this email was fun! Colleen (Sheldan's wife) explained how St Germain came in yesterday with a pertinent message: Stay focus, learn what that feeling is (being focused), and find an approach helpful in maintaining your focus!

After this quick snippet, Colleen explained there's an opportunity to attend Sheldan's next webinar THIS SUNDAY, 18TH December from 12noon - 1.30pm (Pacific Mtn Time).

Please join us on the webinar's quite educational and inspiring --not to mention the energetic activations you receive while attending the webinar, as we literally swim in the energies flooding us from above sent by our Asscended Masters, angels and archangels.

Thank you Colleen, Sheldan and St Germain!
And so it is.
*** gavin


I'm so excited. This morning (Dec 16th) I was in the office with Sheldan. I was giving a moan about timing of events and how frustrated people are because they are so anxious to see action. Then I was blessed. St. Germain came in because it was time to work with Sheldan on Sunday's webinar. He began to talk to me through Sheldan. I'll paraphrase:

"Ahhh, losing your focus once again? I know we (Ascended Masters and GF) sound like a broken record....and here we go again. What is your heart's desire? your intention? your goal? Continue to meditate and visualize and imagine every detail of your heart's desire. Meditate and learn to stay focused. When a doubting thought comes, welcome it and send it on its way. Choose to refocus on your heart's desire. FOCUS IS KEY. Become familiar with the discipline it takes to remain focused while maintaining your inner peace and Joy. It took FOCUS and discipline to become an immortal Being. Now, Sheldan, let's get refocused and get to work on your webinar."

So folks, FOCUS is the order of the times. Join us Sunday for another energy packed webinar.

The purpose of the webinars is to inform, to activate, to empower, to uplift, to inspire and to bridge. People are activated by attending the webinars. The actual activation process is a very subtle one that involves the slight lifting of your spiritual amnesia. Activation takes place through the use of various combinations and sequences of words throughout the webinar presentation. They contain a specific vibration pattern that sets up a resonance in your suppressed RNA/DNA memory. This vibration pattern then gradually helps to activate your remembrance of those past events and/or universal truths that are embedded in your cellular memory. You have suppressed them since childhood. When the time or circumstances are right, these profound memories begin to make their appearance once again. Sheldan feels fortunate to be one of those persons who has been given the gift to activate people in this wonderful manner.

The webinars offer an ongoing educational and activational process. The primary purposes of this mission are to inform you of what is happening and to aid the Galactic Federation and Ascended Masters in preparing you for the eventuality of first contact.

Selamat Ja!

To register for next webinar:
2012 ~~ We're Here...What's Next?
The Time Has Come To Release The Shackles Of Our Reality

Welcome to Webinar 22 with Sheldan Nidle....

• What's in store for us physically, politically, economically?
• What is the Galactic Federation doing now to help Gaia and humanity?
• How is Gaia preparing herself during these chaotic times?
• How will our world survive and thrive in 2012?

Due to the busy holiday schedules of so many of us this time of year, Planetary Activation Organization (PAO) is offering this webinar on Sunday only:

Sunday, December 18, 12 noon to 1:30 p.m. PDT

For your convenience~~Time Converter

Talk to Sheldan Live...simply by using your home computer.
(After the Webinar, Sheldan will answer your questions)

Seats are Limited... Register Now!

You won't want to miss it!

Cost: $15.00 U.S.

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